Stock Screen Membership

This table shows the list of stock screens that contain this security.

hirailman formula > 1 hirailman formula
Short Screener 2 Screen for stocks to short
List of Companies with Activist Investors Finds all companies with an activist investor filing in the last year
Short Screener 3 Screener for stocks to short
hirail hirail
Tony's 5 Years to Debt Free 5 Years to Debt Free
shorts 4 short screener
Net-Net Screen a screen for finding stocks that are trading below their book value
nav 2 dfdfd
graham ncav
Growth Stocks Want to buy growth stocks for retiremetn
Deep Value Price To Book Value Strategy Finds companies where Price to Book Value < 1.0;
Current Liquidity Companies to short based on current liquidity needs.
shorts 5 short screener
shorts Short
Acquirers Multiple EV / OIBDA Revenue - (Cost of goods sold + Selling, general and administrative costs)
AM Acquirers Multiple
Stock Hard
AC again AC test
Growth I own various stocks from GE to Merck to CVA
My stock study
GF1 Key Stocks
Tangible Book Value > Market Cap Test
Underpriced Securities This portfolio focusses on securities where the equity value minus goodwill is higher than the current market price. The equity value implies the tangbible assets whereas the goodwill coming from former M&A transactions is deducted.
Undervalued Securities Undervalued Securities looks for securities with a price to tangible book value (= book value without tangible assets such as e.g. licences, patents and goodwill) of lower than 1 (1 would represent a match to the current market capitalization). Hence, the market does not reflect the inner value and you could buy this stock with a discount to the current market price. You will probably get one dollar for less than one dollar which shall be a good deal if the company offers a healthy business model.
EV2EBIT EV To Ebit Screen
price < book value price < book value
price pric
Michael Burry's "Rare Birds" 1. Selling at less than two-thirds of net value 2. With longstanding and stable high returns on invested capital
Magic Formula Inspired 2 A magic formula inspired screen
Acquirer's multiple EV/op. income
Acuirer's multiple Mcap>500Mil EV/opincome
F Scores F Scores
EV/EBIT < 10 Acquirer Multiple

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