Stock Screen Membership

This table shows the list of stock screens that contain this security.

1 1
Acquirers Multiple EV / OIBDA Revenue - (Cost of goods sold + Selling, general and administrative costs)
price pric
Magic Formula Inspired 2 A magic formula inspired screen
Net-Net Screen a screen for finding stocks that are trading below their book value
EV/EBIT < 10 Acquirer Multiple
AMEV The Acquirer's Multiple with low ev/ebit
shorts 4 short screener
AC again AC test
The Enterprise Multiple (< 5, All Stocks) The Enterprise Multiple is a metric used in valuation, equal to Enterprise Value divided by Operating Income. As it accounts for debt, the Enterprise Multiple analyzes a firm from the perspective of a would-be acquirer.
Current Liquidity Companies to short based on current liquidity needs.
AMEV Acquirer's Multiple with low EV to EBIT
AM Acquirers Multiple
Value Value investing
Short Screener 2 Screen for stocks to short
List of Companies with Activist Investors Finds all companies with an activist investor filing in the last year

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