SecurityENV / Envestnet, Inc. (29404K106)
Latest Market Date2018-10-12
Short Volume66,814
Market Volume 492,400
Short Percent 14%

Short Interest and Volume

ENV / Envestnet, Inc. short volume is shown in the following chart. Short Volume is a data set that can be used to understand investor sentiment. When an investor makes a short sale, they do so with the belief that a security will decline in price. If the short sale volume increases as a percentage of the total volume, then that suggests a bearish (negative) sentiment by the market. If short sale volume decreases as a percentage of total volume, then that suggests a bullish (positive) sentiment.

Short Volume
Total number of short shares traded on the major US markets each day
Short Percent
Total number of short shares traded divided by the total shares traded each day
Short Interest
Total number of open short positions of a security, divided by the total float (not shown)
Short Squeeze
When a company with a high degree of short interest increases in price, which forces short sellers to "cover" their short interest buy buying actual shares, which in turn drives the price up even further.

Note that Short Percent on this page is not the same as Short Interest. Short Interest is a measure of the number of open short positions of a security, divided by the total float. Short Percent is the daily short volume divided by the total volume. Short Interest is not available for this security at this time.

Market Date Total Volume Short Volume Short Percent
2018-10-12 492,400 66,814 13.57
2018-10-11 960,000 139,883 14.57
2018-10-10 766,200 100,362 13.10
2018-10-09 474,800 57,765 12.17
2018-10-08 377,000 44,852 11.90
2018-10-05 423,400 53,796 12.71
2018-10-04 545,000 50,793 9.32
2018-10-03 285,400 29,676 10.40
2018-10-02 501,000 44,369 8.86
2018-10-01 297,400 21,155 7.11

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CUSIP: 29404K106