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Can Apple And Amazon Recover From 'Key Reversal' Days?

2018-03-15 seekingalpha
Apple suffered from a ‘key reversal’ day on March 13 after setting an all-time intraday high of $183.50. (245-0)

Trade War Fears Rife: Likely ETF & Stock Winners and Losers

2018-03-15 zacks
Reinforcing his protectionist agenda, President Donald Trump sought to levy new tariffs worth up to $60 billion on China, according to Reuters. Mainly Chinese apparel, technology and telecom goods are being subjected to this tariff. This month, Trump has imposed a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% on aluminum imports. These tariffs are likely to push up costs and weigh on international sales of U. (414-1)

Broadcom Drops Qualcomm Bid Reports Earnings With Positive Technical Charts

2018-03-14 seekingalpha
Talk about corporate intrigue; Broadcom wanted to buy Qualcomm, Intel wanted to buy Broadcom with Qualcomm. (71-0)

6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Buy Semiconductor ETFs

2018-03-13 zacks
The semiconductor space remained largely unaffected by the broad market sell-off seen in early February. This is because the semiconductor industry is clearly leading the broad technology space this year on encouraging fundamentals, solid corporate earnings, strong outlook and investors’ continued appreciation of value-centric traditional stocks. The rally has strengthened courtesy of a series of consolidation, which pushed several chip stocks and ETFs to new highs. (155-1)

ETFs In Focus: Top Ideas For The Week Of 3/12/2018 - Part 2

2018-03-13 seekingalpha
Each week, I scan the ETF marketplace to identify the top ETF ideas that present opportunities you should be aware of for the upcoming week. (127-0)

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