SecurityRIG / Transocean, Inc.
InstitutionOdey Asset Management Group Ltd
Value $ 81,210,000
Related 379352AL1 / Global Marine 7% Senior Notes 6/1/28
893830BC2 / Transocean Inc
893830BD0 / Transocean Inc 2.5% 10/15/17
893830AX7 / Transocean Inc. 4.95% 11/15/15
893830BA6 / Transocean Inc. 5.05% 12/15/16
893830BB4 / Transocean Inc. 6.375% 12/15/21
893830AY5 / Transocean Inc 6.50% 11/15/20
893830AT6 / Transocean Inc. 6.8% Senior Notes 3/15/38
893830AS8 / Transocean Inc. 6% Senior Notes 3/15/18
893830AZ2 / Transocean Inc. 7.35% 12/15/41
893830AK5 / Transocean Inc 7.375% 04/15/2018
893817AA4 / Transocean Inc 7.45% 04/15/2027
893830AF6 / Transocean Inc 7.50% 4/15/2031
893817AB2 / Transocean Inc 8.00% 04/15/2027
893830AW9 / Transocean, Inc. Bond
00B3KFWW1 / Transocean, Inc. Bond
893830AA7 / Transocean, Inc. Bond

Odey Asset Management Group Ltd reports 2.70% increase in ownership of RIG / Transocean, Inc.

August 20, 2018 - Odey Asset Management Group Ltd has filed a 13F-HR/A form disclosing ownership of 6,042,430 shares of Transocean, Inc. (NYSE:RIG) with total holdings valued at $81,210,000 USD as of June 30, 2018. Odey Asset Management Group Ltd had filed a previous 13F-HR on May 15, 2018 disclosing 5,883,499 shares of Transocean, Inc. at a value of $58,247,000 USD. This represents a change in shares of 2.70 percent and a change in value of 39.42 percent during the quarter.

Other investors with positions similar to Odey Asset Management Group Ltd include Two Sigma Investments Llc, Orbis Allan Gray Ltd, Manning & Napier Group, Llc, D. E. Shaw & Co., Inc., Dimensional Fund Advisors Lp, and Van Eck Associates Corp.

Transocean, Inc. has declared a standard industrial code (sic) of 1381 which is the "Drilling Oil and Gas Wells" industry. Odey Asset Management Group Ltd's top industries are "Mining And Quarrying Of Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels" (sic 14), "Furniture And Fixtures" (sic 25), and "Primary Metal Industries" (sic 33).

13F Filings

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Form Security Class CUSIP Share
Shares Change
2018-06-30 13F-HR/A-1 TRANSOCEAN REG SHS H8817H100 11.67 6,042,430 2.70 81,210 39.42 1,855 21,108 36.24
2018-06-30 13F-HR TRANSOCEAN REG SHS H8817H100 2,991,430 40,098
2018-03-31 13F-HR TRANSOCEAN REG SHS H8817H100 10.29 5,883,499 -15.06 58,247 -21.27 -10,737 -4,996 -6.75
2017-12-31 13F-HR TRANSOCEAN REG SHS H8817H100 10.72 6,926,898 141.42 73,980 139.63 43,499 -392 -1.27
2017-09-30 13F-HR TRANSOCEAN REG SHS H8817H100 9.49 2,869,196 3,102.23 30,873 4,089.01 26,386 3,750 508.80
2017-06-30 13F-HR TRANSOCEAN REG SHS H8817H100 89,600 737

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CUSIP: H8817H100