This page shows the reported investments of Szoke Thomas Robert in ID Global Solutions. This data is calculated from SEC filings 13D, 13G, and 13F that are made by the fund and the company.

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13D/G Filings

This table shows a history of the 13D/G filings made by the investor and/or investor group. Note that the share values in this table are not directly comparable to any numbers shown in the 13F table (if any).

FormInvestor Group (led by)Security Prev
Change in Shares
2017-01-11 SC 13D Szoke Thomas Robert IDGS 38,308,801

Important Note: One of the primary uses of the 13D/G filings is to evaluate the ability of a firm to control a company (ie, the "beneficial ownership"). To that end, firms are required to report not just direct holdings in companies, but indirect holdings that they control. For investment firms, these indirect holdings can include shares in funds they manage, advisory accounts, and in the case of activist campaigns, pledged votes. Therefore, share counts listed in 13D/G filings can differ significantly than share counts listed in 13F filings.