SecurityCIT / CIT Group, Inc. (The)
InstitutionAchmea Investment Management B.V.
Value $ 872,000
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Achmea Investment Management B.V. reports 169.05% increase in ownership of CIT / CIT Group, Inc. (The)

May 15, 2018 - Achmea Investment Management B.V. has filed a 13F-HR form disclosing ownership of 16,950 shares of CIT Group, Inc. (The) (NYSE:CIT) with total holdings valued at $872,000 USD as of March 31, 2018. Achmea Investment Management B.V. had filed a previous 13F-HR on February 12, 2018 disclosing 6,300 shares of CIT Group, Inc. (The) at a value of $310,000 USD. This represents a change in shares of 169.05 percent and a change in value of 181.29 percent during the quarter.

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13F Filings

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Form Security Class CUSIP Share
Shares Change
2018-03-31 13F-HR CIT Group CIT US 125581801 50.33 16,950 169.05 872 181.29 536 26 8.40
2017-12-31 13F-HR CIT Group CIT US 125581801 6,300 310

CUSIP: 125581801