This page shows the reported investments of GGCP, INC. in Associated Capital Group. This data is calculated from SEC filings 13D, 13G, and 13F that are made by the fund and the company.

13D/G Filings

This table shows a history of the 13D/G filings made by the investor and/or investor group. Note that the share values in this table are not directly comparable to any numbers shown in the 13F table (if any). Investors can file 13D/G forms as investor groups, which means share values can differ significantly from the shares reported in 13F filings.

FormInvestor Group (led by)SecurityPrev
Prev ValueValueChange
2017-01-04 SC 13D/A GGCP AC.WD 18,777,036 18,938,887 0.86
2015-12-10 SC 13D GGCP AC.WD 18,777,036

CUSIP: 045528106