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Major holders that have opened new positions in VODPF / Vodafone Group Plc include .

This page shows institutions, funds, and major shareholders that have increased their holdings or opened new positions in the last reporting period. Green rows indicate new positions. Click the link icon to see the full transaction history.

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File DateFormInvestor Option Prev Shares Shares Change
Prev Value
Current Value (x$1000) Change
2017‑09‑25 N‑Q Legg Mason Partners Equity Trust
2018‑01‑10 13F‑HR SIMPLEX TRADING, LLC Call 1,373 1,502 9.40 135 197 45.93
2018‑02‑23 N‑Q Icon Funds
2017‑08‑25 N‑Q Putnam Asset Allocation Funds
2018‑02‑20 N‑Q Dreyfus Investment Funds
2017‑09‑20 N‑Q Dreyfus Opportunity Funds
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Pimco Equity Series
2018‑01‑29 N‑Q Saratoga Advantage Trust
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Oppenheimer Global Multi-asset Growth Fund
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q American Funds Insurance Series
2017‑10‑27 N‑Q Saturna Investment Trust
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust
2017‑09‑22 N‑Q Bmc Fund Inc
2017‑08‑25 N‑Q Bernstein Sanford C Fund Ii Inc
2018‑01‑25 N‑Q Dbx Etf Trust
2017‑10‑24 N‑Q Federated Equity Income Fund Inc
2017‑08‑25 N‑Q Ab Global Bond Fund, Inc.
2017‑09‑25 N‑Q Horizons Etf Trust I
2017‑09‑20 N‑Q Bny Mellon Absolute Insight Funds, Inc.
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Jpmorgan Trust I
2017‑08‑28 N‑Q Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund
2017‑08‑28 N‑Q Calvert Fund
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Voya International High Dividend Equity Income Fund
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Goldman Sachs Trust Ii
2017‑09‑22 N‑Q Miller/howard High Income Equity Fund
2018‑01‑23 N‑Q Mfs Series Trust I
2017‑11‑17 N‑Q Lazard World Dividend & Income Fund, Inc.
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Deutsche Variable Series Ii
2017‑12‑29 N‑Q Income Fund Of America
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Advisors Preferred Trust
2017‑10‑25 N‑Q Lmp Capital & Income Fund Inc.
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Gabelli Global Small & Mid Cap Value Trust
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Templeton Global Investment Trust
2017‑12‑27 N‑Q Usaa Mutual Funds Trust
2017‑12‑20 N‑Q Td Asset Management Usa Funds Inc.
2017‑10‑26 N‑Q Columbia Funds Series Trust Ii
2017‑08‑25 N‑Q Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc
2017‑09‑27 N‑Q Lord Abbett Securities Trust
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Calvert Social Investment Fund
2017‑08‑28 N‑Q Northern Lights Fund Trust Iii
2017‑09‑27 N‑Q Blackrock Global Allocation Fund, Inc.
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q John Hancock Tax-advantaged Dividend Income Fund
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q John Hancock Premium Dividend Fund
2017‑12‑28 N‑Q Oppenheimer Ultra-short Duration Fund
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q John Hancock Tax-advantaged Global Shareholder Yield Fund
2018‑01‑29 N‑Q Professionally Managed Portfolios
2017‑10‑30 N‑Q John Hancock Bond Trust
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Cullen Funds Trust
2017‑09‑28 N‑Q Fidelity Investment Trust
2017‑11‑22 N‑Q Elfun International Equity Fund
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Voya Global Advantage & Premium Opportunity Fund
2017‑08‑24 N‑Q Legg Mason Global Asset Management Trust
2018‑01‑22 13F‑HR Cohen Capital Management, Inc. 0 6,418 0 205
2017‑10‑27 N‑Q Fidelity Concord Street Trust
2017‑09‑25 N‑Q Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
2018‑02‑20 13F‑HR GRIFFIN ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC. 32,000 35,000 9.38 89 108 21.35
2018‑01‑29 N‑Q Invesco Management Trust
2017‑09‑26 N‑Q Legg Mason Etf Investment Trust
2017‑11‑24 N‑Q Transamerica Series Trust
2018‑01‑30 N‑Q Shelton Funds
2017‑11‑27 N‑Q Ab Variable Products Series Fund, Inc.
2017‑09‑20 N‑Q Dreyfus Laurel Funds Trust
2017‑09‑20 N‑Q Dreyfus Growth & Income Fund Inc.
2017‑09‑01 N‑Q Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Blackrock Funds Ii
2017‑10‑24 N‑Q Federated Equity Funds
2017‑09‑26 N‑Q Deutsche Market Trust
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Gabelli Utilities Fund
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Hotchkis & Wiley Funds /de/
2017‑11‑20 N‑Q Ohio National Fund Inc
2017‑10‑30 N‑Q Oppenheimer International Equity Fund
2017‑12‑27 N‑Q Pioneer Series Trust Iv
2017‑09‑20 N‑Q Dreyfus Bny Mellon Funds, Inc.
2017‑10‑24 N‑Q Fdp Series, Inc.
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Aim Funds Group (invesco Funds Group)
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Oppenheimer Quest For Value Funds
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Oppenheimer Dividend Opportunity Fund
2017‑09‑28 N‑Q Jpmorgan Trust Ii
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Morgan Stanley Income Securities Inc
2018‑01‑23 N‑Q Mfs Series Trust Xiii
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Fidelity Commonwealth Trust Ii
2017‑09‑28 N‑Q Aberdeen Investment Funds
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Fidelity Salem Street Trust
2017‑10‑27 N‑Q North Country Funds
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Ubs Funds
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q American Beacon Funds
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Allianz Variable Insurance Products Fund Of Funds Trust
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Virtus Equity Trust
2017‑09‑26 N‑Q Pacer Funds Trust
2017‑11‑27 N‑Q Lazard Funds Inc
2017‑10‑24 N‑Q Alps Etf Trust
2017‑12‑28 N‑Q Eaton Vance Growth Trust
2017‑12‑29 N‑Q Domini Investment Trust
2018‑02‑23 N‑Q Blackrock Funds
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Wells Fargo Funds Trust
2018‑02‑09 13F‑HR GROUP ONE TRADING, L.P. Call 370,300 433,000 16.93 10,539 13,813 31.07
2017‑11‑27 N‑Q Voya Balanced Portfolio Inc
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Aim Growth Series (invesco Growth Series)
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust
2017‑12‑29 N‑Q Nuveen Investment Trust V
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q First Trust Exchange-traded Fund
2018‑02‑23 N‑Q Blackrock Allocation Target Shares
2017‑09‑26 N‑Q Morgan Stanley Global Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
2018‑01‑30 13F‑HR Baker Ellis Asset Management LLC 46,013 48,851 6.17 1,310 1,558 18.93
2017‑12‑29 N‑Q Nushares Etf Trust
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Causeway Capital Management Trust
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q American Beacon Institutional Funds Trust
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Fidelity Central Investment Portfolios Ii Llc
2017‑11‑20 N‑Q Fqf Trust
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Wells Fargo Variable Trust
2017‑09‑26 N‑Q Deutsche International Fund, Inc.
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q European Equity Fund, Inc / Md
2017‑10‑27 N‑Q Fidelity Commonwealth Trust
2018‑01‑29 N‑Q Prudential Investment Portfolios 7
2017‑09‑22 N‑Q Cohen & Steers Low Duration Preferred & Income Fund, Inc.
2017‑10‑30 N‑Q Natixis Funds Trust Ii
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Tax-managed International Equity Portfolio
2017‑11‑22 N‑Q Mml Series Investment Fund
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Centerstone Investors Trust
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Voya Global Equity Dividend & Premium Opportunity Fund
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Eaton Vance Tax-managed Global Buy-write Opportunities Fund
2017‑09‑28 N‑Q Powershares Exchange-traded Fund Trust Ii
2017‑09‑25 N‑Q Exchange Listed Funds Trust
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Gabelli Utility Trust
2017‑09‑22 N‑Q Miller/howard Funds Trust
2017‑09‑27 N‑Q Dnp Select Income Fund Inc
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Fidelity School Street Trust
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Global X Funds
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Fidelity Advisor Series Ii
2017‑08‑23 N‑Q Massmutual Premier Funds
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Northern Lights Fund Trust
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Templeton Growth Fund Inc
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Franklin Templeton Variable Insurance Products Trust
2017‑09‑20 N‑Q Advantage Funds, Inc.
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Morgan Stanley Variable Investment Series
2017‑12‑29 N‑Q Nuveen Investment Trust Ii
2017‑12‑29 N‑Q Sunamerica Series Trust
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Templeton Funds
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Aim Equity Funds (invesco Equity Funds)
2017‑12‑19 N‑Q Green Century Funds
2017‑11‑24 N‑Q Locorr Investment Trust
2018‑01‑24 13F‑HR SG Americas Securities, LLC Put 45,000 300,700 568.22 45 244 442.22
2017‑10‑26 N‑Q Ab Trust
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Fidelity Income Fund /ma/
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Fidelity Merrimack Street Trust
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Prudential Variable Contract Account 10
2017‑12‑29 N‑Q Prudential Investment Portfolios 2
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Aim Variable Insurance Funds (invesco Variable Insurance Funds)
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Templeton Institutional Funds
2017‑08‑28 N‑Q Fidelity Central Investment Portfolios Llc
2017‑09‑20 N‑Q Dreyfus Index Funds Inc
2017‑08‑25 N‑Q Northern Funds
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Allianz Variable Insurance Products Trust
2018‑01‑29 N‑Q John Hancock Funds Iii
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Sei Institutional International Trust
2017‑11‑22 N‑Q Blackrock Index Funds, Inc.
2018‑01‑23 N‑Q Mfs Series Trust Iv
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Pioneer Series Trust V
2018‑01‑24 N‑Q Deutsche Income Trust
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Prudential Variable Contract Account 2
2018‑01‑24 13F‑HR SG Americas Securities, LLC Call 0 281,300 0 297
2017‑09‑25 N‑Q Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
2017‑10‑30 N‑Q Innovator Etfs Trust
2017‑11‑17 N‑Q Osi Etf Trust
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Virtus Global Dividend & Income Fund Inc.
2017‑10‑30 N‑Q Investment Managers Series Trust Ii
2017‑08‑25 N‑Q Etf Series Solutions
2018‑02‑23 N‑Q Pfs Funds
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Lattice Strategies Trust
2017‑09‑28 N‑Q Fidelity Advisor Series Viii
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Nuveen Tax-advantaged Dividend Growth Fund
2017‑09‑28 N‑Q Jpmorgan Trust Iii
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Delaware Group Foundation Funds
2017‑09‑27 N‑Q Managed Account Series
2017‑09‑25 N‑Q Alpine Series Trust
2017‑11‑20 N‑Q Dreyfus Variable Investment Fund
2017‑10‑30 N‑Q Advisors Series Trust
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Integrity Funds
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Aim Sector Funds (invesco Sector Funds)
2017‑11‑22 N‑Q Quantitative Master Series Llc
2018‑01‑26 13F‑HR Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors, LLC 0 125 0 4
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Vanguard Scottsdale Funds
2017‑08‑28 N‑Q First Trust Exchange-traded Fund Ii
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Pax World Funds Series Trust I
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Jpmorgan Trust Iv
2017‑10‑26 N‑Q Ab Cap Fund, Inc.
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Eaton Vance Tax-advantaged Global Dividend Opportunities Fund
2017‑09‑28 N‑Q Mfs Series Trust Vi
2017‑11‑03 N‑Q Sound Shore Fund Inc
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Fidelity Rutland Square Trust Ii
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Vanguard Bond Index Funds
2017‑08‑29 N‑Q Rydex Dynamic Funds
2017‑08‑24 N‑Q Spdr Index Shares Funds (formerly Streettracks Index Shares Funds)
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Gabelli Equity Trust Inc
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Baird Funds Inc
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Putnam Variable Trust
2017‑10‑30 N‑Q Claymore Exchange-traded Fund Trust
2017‑10‑25 N‑Q State Farm Associates Funds Trusts
2018‑01‑29 N‑Q Goldman Sachs Etf Trust
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Investment Managers Series Trust
2017‑11‑17 N‑Q Third Avenue Variable Series Trust
2018‑01‑25 N‑Q Putnam Funds Trust
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Aberdeen Funds
2017‑09‑29 N‑Q Cambria Etf Trust
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Gamco Global Series Funds, Inc
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc.
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Bny Mellon Funds Trust
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Deutsche Institutional Funds
2017‑10‑30 N‑Q Claymore Exchange-traded Fund Trust 2
2017‑09‑28 N‑Q Advisors' Inner Circle Fund Iii
2018‑01‑26 N‑Q Prudential Jennison Blend Fund, Inc.
2017‑10‑26 N‑Q Northern Lights Fund Trust Ii
2017‑11‑29 N‑Q Deutsche Securities Trust
2017‑11‑28 N‑Q Franklin Mutual Series Funds
2017‑09‑27 N‑Q Third Avenue Trust

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