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CNBX : Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Stock Analysis and Research Report

2017-11-14 - Asif

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. was incorporated in Nevada on September 15, 2004, under the name of Thrust Energy Corp. The Company was originally engaged in the exploration, exploitation, development and production of oil and gas projects within North America, but was unable to operate profitably. In May 2011, the Company changed its name to American Mining Corporation, suspending its oil and gas operations and changing its business to toll milling and refining, mineral exploration and mine development. On April 25, 2014, the Company experienced a change in control. Cannabics, Inc. (“Cannabics”) acquired a majority of the issued and outstanding common stock of the Company in accordance with stock purchase agreements by and between Cannabics and Thomas Mills (“Mills”). On the closing date, April 25, 2014, pursuant to the terms of the Stock Purchase Agreement, Cannabics purchased from Mills 20,500,000 shares of the Company’s outstanding restricted common stock for $198,000, repre...

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