SecurityBNPZY / BNP Paribas (F1058Q238)
Institutional Owners388 (385 N-Q Owners)
Institutional Shares106,938 (ex. N-Q)
Institutional Value$ 8,018,000 USD (ex. N-Q)

Institutional Stock Ownership and Shareholders

BNP Paribas (OTC:BNPZY) has 388 institutional investors and shareholders that have filed 13D/G or 13F forms with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). These institutions hold a total of 106,938 shares. Largest shareholders include Cullen Capital Management, LLC, and Schafer Cullen Capital Management Inc.

BNP Paribas (OTC:BNPZY) ownership summary shows current positions in the company by institutions and funds, as well as latest changes in position size. Major shareholders can include individual investors, mutual funds, hedge funds, or institutions. The Schedule 13D indicates that the investor holds more than 5% of the company and intends to actively pursue a change in business strategy. Schedule 13G indicates a passive investment of over 5%. Green rows indicate new positions. Red rows indicate closed positions. Click the link icon to see the full transaction history.

File DateFormInvestor Opt Prev
Prev Value
Current Value
2018-02-28 N-Q Fidelity Colchester Street Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-26 N-Q Mfs Series Trust X (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q John Hancock Investment Trust Ii (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Franklin Templeton Variable Insurance Products Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q Voya Variable Insurance Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Prudential Series Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Massmutual Premier Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-23 N-Q Master Money Llc (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Northern Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-26 N-Q Cash Account Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Fidelity Central Investment Portfolios Llc (see advisory)
2017-10-24 N-Q Flaherty & Crumrine Dynamic Preferred & Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2018-01-23 N-Q Schwab Investments (see advisory)
2017-09-26 N-Q Legg Mason Etf Investment Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Putnam Money Market Fund (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Dividend Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Delaware Investments Dividend & Income Fund, Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Bbh Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-08 N-Q Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Allianz Variable Insurance Products Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Eaton Vance Short Duration Diversified Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-12-28 N-Q Ab Sustainable Global Thematic Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-10-25 N-Q Federated World Investment Series Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Lord Abbett Series Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-10-19 N-Q General Government Securities Money Market Funds Inc (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Usaa Mutual Funds Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Goldman Sachs Trust Ii (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Fidelity Central Investment Portfolios Ii Llc (see advisory)
2017-11-20 N-Q YAHOO INC (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Virtus Variable Insurance Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Vanguard Scottsdale Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-29 N-Q Saratoga Advantage Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Prudential Investment Portfolios 3 (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Ab Unconstrained Bond Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Goldman Sachs Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q VANGUARD WORLD FUND (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Advanced Series Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Templeton Growth Fund Inc (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Putnam Investment Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-29 N-Q American Beacon Funds (see advisory)
2017-10-26 N-Q Ab Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-21 N-Q Penn Series Funds Inc (see advisory)
2017-09-20 N-Q Dreyfus Index Funds Inc (see advisory)
2018-02-23 N-Q Rbc Funds Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Charles Schwab Family Of Funds (see advisory)
2017-10-24 N-Q Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Prudential Investment Portfolios, Inc. 17 (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Fidelity Garrison Street Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-17 N-Q Lazard Global Total Return & Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Income Fund Of America (see advisory)
2017-09-20 N-Q Dreyfus Opportunity Funds (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Nuveen Preferred & Income Securities Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Lord Abbett Securities Trust (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Nuveen Preferred & Income 2022 Term Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Colorado Bondshares A Tax Exempt Fund (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Nushares Etf Trust (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Nuveen Preferred & Income Opportunities Fund (see advisory)
2017-10-24 N-Q Flaherty & Crumrine Total Return Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-12-27 N-Q Delaware Group Income Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Oppenheimer Global Multi-asset Income Fund (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Voya International High Dividend Equity Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q American Century International Bond Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Rydex Dynamic Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-24 N-Q Deutsche Global/international Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Delaware Group Equity Funds Iv (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Advisors' Inner Circle Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Doubleline Funds Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q EUROPACIFIC GROWTH FUND (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Direxion Shares Etf Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Voya Global Equity Dividend & Premium Opportunity Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Blackrock Funds (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q CAPITAL WORLD GROWTH & INCOME FUND (see advisory)
2017-12-28 N-Q Oppenheimer Ultra-short Duration Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-22 N-Q Schwab Capital Trust (see advisory)
2017-12-27 N-Q Pioneer Series Trust Iv (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Rydex Series Funds (see advisory)
2017-10-19 N-Q General Money Market Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-10-24 N-Q Dreyfus/laurel Funds Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q Ab International Growth Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Legg Mason Partners Variable Income Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q International Income Portfolio (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Oppenheimer Global Multi Strategies Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q VANGUARD HORIZON FUNDS (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Russell Investment Co (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Vanguard International Equity Index Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Bernstein Sanford C Fund Ii Inc (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Janus Investment Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Profunds (see advisory)
2017-09-21 N-Q Reality Shares Etf Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Fidelity School Street Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-19 N-Q Dreyfus Ultra Short Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-24 N-Q Transamerica Series Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-20 N-Q Dreyfus Institutional Reserves Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-26 N-Q Voya Series Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-12-20 N-Q Advisors' Inner Circle Fund Iii (see advisory)
2017-12-28 N-Q Eaton Vance Series Fund, Inc (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q First Trust Exchange-traded Alphadex Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Blackrock Strategic Global Bond Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Cullen Funds Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Franklin Templeton Etf Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q COLLEGE RETIREMENT EQUITIES FUND (see advisory)
2017-09-15 N-Q Credit Suisse Commodity Strategy Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q GABELLI EQUITY SERIES FUNDS INC (see advisory)
2017-12-28 N-Q Sei Daily Income Trust /ma/ (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Deutsche Variable Series I (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Pioneer Floating Rate Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Rydex Variable Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Universal Institutional Funds Inc (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Pimco Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-23 N-Q Blackrock Allocation Target Shares (see advisory)
2017-12-26 N-Q Morgan Stanley Us Government Money Market Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Guggenheim Funds Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q City National Rochdale Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Alliancebernstein Global High Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Inc (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Ab Cap Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Blackrock Global Allocation Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Eaton Vance Tax-advantaged Global Dividend Opportunities Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Payden & Rygel Investment Group (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Blackrock 2022 Global Income Opportunity Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Blackrock Enhanced International Dividend Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Prudential Sector Funds, Inc. (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Forum Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-25 N-Q Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Saturna Investment Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-07 13F-HR Russell Investments Group, Ltd. 220,000 0 -100.00 233 0 -100.00
2017-09-28 N-Q Vanguard Trustees' Equity Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q John Hancock Funds Iii (see advisory)
2017-11-17 N-Q Longleaf Partners Funds Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Fidelity Rutland Square Trust Ii (see advisory)
2017-09-20 N-Q Citizensselect Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Pax World Funds Series Trust Iii (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Bny Mellon Funds Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q Lazard Funds Inc (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Sei Institutional International Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Pioneer Series Trust Viii (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Vanguard Charlotte Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Fidelity Advisor Series Ii (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Government Cash Management Portfolio (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Hsbc Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Deutsche Variable Series Ii (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Vanguard Star Funds (see advisory)
2017-12-26 N-Q Deutsche Portfolio Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Old Westbury Funds Inc (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Legg Mason Partners Institutional Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q John Hancock Bond Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Amg Funds Ii (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Massmutual Select Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Nuveen Investment Funds Inc (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Blackrock Funds Ii (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Fidelity Newbury Street Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Pioneer Series Trust Vi (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Vanguard Wellington Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q John Hancock Hedged Equity & Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Tiff Investment Program (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Adviser Managed Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Variable Insurance Products Fund V (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Oppenheimer Corporate Bond Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Global Macro Portfolio (see advisory)
2018-02-15 13F-HR Cullen Capital Management, LLC 103,620 68,640 -33.76 8,359 5,131 -38.62
2017-11-20 N-Q Ohio National Fund Inc (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Ab Global Bond Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Cohen & Steers Select Preferred & Income Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Causeway Capital Management Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Brinker Capital Destinations Trust (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Nuveen Preferred & Income Term Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Pacific Select Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Global Income Builder Portfolio (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Global Macro Absolute Return Advantage Portfolio (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Principal Variable Contracts Funds Inc (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Franklin Fund Allocator Series (see advisory)
2017-10-25 N-Q Federated Managed Pool Series (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Fidelity Advisor Series Viii (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Powershares Exchange-traded Fund Trust Ii (see advisory)
2017-10-25 N-Q Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Deutsche Institutional Funds (see advisory)
2017-10-24 N-Q Federated Global Allocation Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Global Opportunities Portfolio (see advisory)
2017-09-25 N-Q Western Asset High Income Fund Ii Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Ab Institutional Funds Inc (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Ishares Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Mfs Series Trust Xv (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q NEW WORLD FUND INC (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Quantitative Master Series Llc (see advisory)
2017-12-20 N-Q Dreyfus Treasury & Agency Cash Management (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Ab Bond Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-26 N-Q Deutsche Market Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Pioneer Diversified High Income Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Eaton Vance Special Investment Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Jpmorgan Trust Ii (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Sunamerica Series Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Emerging Markets Local Income Portfolio (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Leeward Investment Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Vanguard Cmt Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-20 N-Q Dreyfus Stock Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Eaton Vance Nextshares Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Guidestone Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-25 N-Q Alpine Series Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Fidelity Revere Street Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-26 N-Q Wilmington Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-22 N-Q J.p. Morgan Exchange-traded Fund Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Prudential Investment Portfolios, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-20 N-Q Amg Funds I (see advisory)
2018-02-23 N-Q Bbif Money Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Morgan Stanley Variable Investment Series (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Domini Investment Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Mundoval Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-23 N-Q Mfs Series Trust Xiii (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Delaware Group Foundation Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-30 N-Q Shelton Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Fidelity Summer Street Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Blackrock Asian Dragon Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2018-01-24 N-Q Deutsche Income Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Deutsche Money Market Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-18 N-Q Trust For Professional Managers (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Global Macro Capital Opportunities Portfolio (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Touchstone Strategic Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-08 N-Q Calamos Global Total Return Fund (see advisory)
2018-01-29 N-Q Consulting Group Capital Markets Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Eaton Vance Tax-managed Global Diversified Equity Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-12-28 N-Q Putnam Funds Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-26 N-Q Deutsche International Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-22 N-Q Cohen & Steers Low Duration Preferred & Income Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-12-27 N-Q Delaware Group Government Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Morgan Stanley Income Securities Inc (see advisory)
2017-09-20 N-Q Bny Mellon Absolute Insight Funds, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Forethought Variable Insurance Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-23 N-Q Bif Money Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Principal Exchange-traded Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Legg Mason Global Asset Management Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q Dodge & Cox Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-23 N-Q Sterling Capital Funds (see advisory)
2017-12-28 N-Q Target Portfolio Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Fidelity Commonwealth Trust Ii (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Ashmore Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-14 N-Q New America High Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Ab Global Real Estate Investment Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-12-29 N-Q Prudential Investment Portfolios 2 (see advisory)
2017-11-20 N-Q Dreyfus Variable Investment Fund (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Delaware Group Global & International Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Blackstone Alternative Investment Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Delaware Group Limited-term Government Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Legg Mason Partners Income Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Blackrock Index Funds, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Delaware Pooled Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund Inc. (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Oppenheimer International Bond Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Cohen & Steers Reit & Preferred Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q John Hancock Collateral Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-15 13F-HR Schafer Cullen Capital Management Inc 38,293 38,298 0.01 3,089 2,863 -7.32
2018-02-26 N-Q Master Large Cap Series Llc (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Northern Lights Fund Trust Ii (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Bernstein Sanford C Fund Inc (see advisory)
2018-02-23 N-Q Destra Investment Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-29 N-Q First American Funds Inc (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Fidelity Investment Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-09 13F-HR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC 119,361 0 -100.00 8,597 0 -100.00
2017-10-27 N-Q Fidelity Phillips Street Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Delaware Group Equity Funds V (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Franklin Mutual Series Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-20 N-Q Dreyfus Investment Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-22 N-Q Nationwide Mutual Funds (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Ab Global Risk Allocation Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Lord Abbett Bond Debenture Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-09-20 N-Q Dreyfus Bny Mellon Funds, Inc. (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Seasons Series Trust (see advisory)
2017-12-27 N-Q Money Market Obligations Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Nuveen Investment Trust V (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Tax-managed International Equity Portfolio (see advisory)
2018-01-24 N-Q PRINCIPAL FUNDS INC (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Western Asset Premier Bond Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-24 N-Q Locorr Investment Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Global Dividend Income Fund (see advisory)
2018-01-02 N-Q Advisors Series Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-16 13F-HR Main Street Research LLC 134,466 0 -100.00 9,690 0 -100.00
2017-09-28 N-Q Federated Core Trust/pa (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Columbia Etf Trust I (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Ishares U.s. Etf Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-24 N-Q Pioneer Variable Contracts Trust /ma/ (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Thornburg Investment Trust (see advisory)
2017-10-24 N-Q Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Securities Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Virtus Alternative Solutions Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Eaton Vance Mutual Funds Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Templeton Institutional Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-29 N-Q Goldman Sachs Etf Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Pioneer Series Trust X (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Templeton Global Investment Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Aqr Funds (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Western Asset Investment Grade Defined Opportunity Trust Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Vanguard Variable Insurance Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Western Asset Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Prudential World Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-10-27 N-Q Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q VANGUARD WINDSOR FUNDS (see advisory)
2018-01-25 N-Q Dbx Etf Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Pioneer Strategic Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-12-21 N-Q Dreyfus Cash Management (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Vanguard Money Market Reserves (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Vanguard Malvern Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Delaware Group Equity Funds I (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Templeton Global Opportunities Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Master Bond Llc (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Oppenheimer Integrity Funds (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Alps Series Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-08 N-Q Calamos Investment Trust/il (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Cambria Etf Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Prudential Short-term Corporate Bond Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Wells Fargo Funds Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-25 N-Q Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Fund Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Pioneer Series Trust Vii (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Vanguard Bond Index Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Nuveen Global High Income Fund (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Gps Funds I (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Eaton Vance Tax-managed Global Buy-write Opportunities Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Jpmorgan Trust I (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Alger Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Putnam Variable Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-20 N-Q Mercer Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q State Street Navigator Securities Lending Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Sei Institutional Managed Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Aberdeen Asia-pacific Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Blackrock Series Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Copeland Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Oppenheimer Variable Account Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Deutsche Securities Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Blackrock Balanced Capital Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Ab High Income Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Lord Abbett Investment Trust (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Fidelity Income Fund /ma/ (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Master Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-25 N-Q Blackrock Liquidity Funds (see advisory)
2017-10-30 N-Q Delaware Group Equity Funds Ii (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Columbia Funds Variable Series Trust Ii (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Pacific Funds Series Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Putnam Asset Allocation Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Allianz Variable Insurance Products Fund Of Funds Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Ubs Funds (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q American Funds U.s. Government Money Market Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-22 N-Q Legg Mason Partners Equity Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Western Asset Funds Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty Fund Inc (see advisory)
2018-02-28 N-Q Wisdomtree Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-25 N-Q Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Templeton Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Fidelity Hereford Street Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-26 N-Q Blackrock Bond Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Cohen & Steers Preferred Securities & Income Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q American Independence Funds Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Cohen & Steers Ltd Duration Preferred & Income Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Fidelity Salem Street Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Oppenheimer Global Strategic Income Fund (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Spdr Index Shares Funds (formerly Streettracks Index Shares Funds) (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder, Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q Schwab Annuity Portfolios (see advisory)
2018-02-23 N-Q Icon Funds (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Optimum Fund Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q Voya Balanced Portfolio Inc (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q State Street Master Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q Mfs Series Trust Vi (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q Baron Select Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-25 N-Q Columbia Funds Series Trust Ii (see advisory)
2017-11-14 13F-HR DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschafts Bank, Frankfurt am Main 23 24 4.35
2018-01-26 N-Q Intermediate Bond Fund Of America (see advisory)
2017-10-24 N-Q Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund Inc (see advisory)
2017-10-25 N-Q Federated International Series Inc (see advisory)
2017-12-21 N-Q Dreyfus Government Cash Management Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-08 N-Q Parnassus Income Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-29 N-Q Oppenheimer Capital Income Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-14 N-Q Russell Investment Funds (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Scm Trust (see advisory)
2017-09-28 N-Q VANGUARD WHITEHALL FUNDS (see advisory)
2018-01-23 N-Q Mfs Series Trust Iv (see advisory)
2017-11-29 N-Q Crm Mutual Fund Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-22 N-Q Mml Series Investment Fund (see advisory)
2017-12-20 N-Q Mfs Series Trust Vii (see advisory)
2018-02-20 N-Q Dreyfus Institutional Preferred Money Market Funds (see advisory)
2017-11-28 N-Q American Balanced Fund (see advisory)
2017-11-27 N-Q Ab Variable Products Series Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-11-15 N-Q Advisorshares Trust (see advisory)
2018-02-27 N-Q Northern Lights Fund Trust (see advisory)
2017-11-17 N-Q Lazard World Dividend & Income Fund, Inc. (see advisory)
2017-12-28 N-Q Vanguard Fixed Income Securities Funds (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Jpmorgan Trust Iv (see advisory)
2017-09-29 N-Q Alger Global Growth Fund (see advisory)
2017-09-27 N-Q Blackrock Credit Allocation Income Trust (see advisory)
2018-03-01 N-Q Loomis Sayles Funds I (see advisory)
2018-01-26 N-Q Eaton Vance Growth Trust (see advisory)

Form N-Q Advisory - Experimental Feature Here!

We have recently started to include coverage of N-Q filers in our ownership database. N-Q forms are unstructured and difficult for machines to parse into accurate financial data.

However, Because of the large number of these institutions and this difficulty in tracking their positions, they represent a significant, yet hidden, market force. In an effort to widen our ownership coverage and provide greater transparency, we are testing various ways to expose these owners in an accurate manner. This early version of the crawler simply identifies mentions of companies in the N-Q forms.


  • We only list underlying securities (the ordinary shares), even though the actual security held might be a derivative or a related bond issue. For example, although the institution is shown on this security page ( BNPZY / BNP Paribas ), the institution may actually own a related security such as a preferred share or a bond. To find out the exact security, click on the institution link and then follow the link to the actual "N-Q".
  • We only list fund sponsors as institutions, even though the security might be held within a fund operated by the listed institution.. For example, the institution listed in the table as the owner is probably a sponsor of a family of ETFs or mutual funds. If so, then this security is owned by a fund or several funds within the family, and not directly owned by the listed institution. The crawler is not yet able to place these holdings within the individual funds. Atain, you must review the actual filing to see the detail.

These limitations are significant but we believe that the increased transparency outweights the limitations. Future revisions of the crawler will resolve these limitations. Use this information at your own risk!

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