SecurityAKER / Akers Biosciences Inc. (00973E102)
IndustryIn Vitro and In Vivo Diagnostic Substances
Institutional Owners23
Institutional Shares7,230,314 - 7.68%
Common Stock Shares Outstanding94,106,292 shares (as of 2018-06-30)
Institutional Value$ 2,832,000 USD

Institutional Stock Ownership and Shareholders()

AKER / Akers Biosciences Inc. Institutional Ownership

Akers Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:AKER) has 23 institutional investors and shareholders that have filed 13D/G or 13F forms with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). These institutions hold a total of 7,230,314 shares. Largest shareholders include Vanguard Group Inc, Susquehanna International Group, Llp, BlackRock Inc., Geode Capital Management, Llc, Citadel Advisors Llc, Virtu Financial LLC, Northern Trust Corp, Bard Associates Inc, IFP Advisors, Inc, and Royal Bank Of Canada.
Akers Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:AKER) ownership structure shows current positions in the company by institutions and funds, as well as latest changes in position size. Major shareholders can include individual investors, mutual funds, hedge funds, or institutions. The Schedule 13D indicates that the investor holds more than 5% of the company and intends to actively pursue a change in business strategy. Schedule 13G indicates a passive investment of over 5%. Green rows indicate new positions. Red rows indicate closed positions. Click the link icon to see the full transaction history.

File DateFormInvestor Opt Prev
Prev Value
Current Value
2018-08-13 13F-HR Hudson Bay Capital Management LP 50,326 0 -100.00 42 0 -100.00
2018-08-09 13F-HR BlackRock Inc. 15,410 1,315,815 8,438.71 13 509 3,815.38
2017-02-10 13F-HR BlackRock Fund Advisors 680 680 0.00 2 1 -50.00
2018-08-14 13F-HR NORTHERN TRUST CORP 154,248 154,248 0.00 128 60 -53.12
2018-05-11 13F-HR HSBC HOLDINGS PLC 31,302 26,302 -15.97 4 22 450.00
2018-08-13 13F-HR Advisor Group, Inc. 29,000 29,000 0.00 24 11 -54.17
2017-02-10 13F-HR BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 14,068 14,068 0.00 47 27 -42.55
2018-08-10 13F-HR HSBC HOLDINGS PLC 26,302 26,302 0.00 22 10 -54.55
2018-08-15 13F-HR JANE STREET GROUP, LLC 34,452 25,529 -25.90 29 10 -65.52
2018-08-14 13F-HR BANK OF AMERICA CORP /DE/ 379 379 0.00 0 0
2018-08-14 13F-HR COURAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC 360,428 0 -100.00 299 0 -100.00
2018-08-07 13F-HR IFP Advisors, Inc 111,876 111,876 0.00 93 43 -53.76
2018-08-14 13F-HR ROYAL BANK OF CANADA 64,965 64,964 -0.00 54 25 -53.70
2018-08-14 13F-HR UBS Group AG 0 9,172 0 4
2018-08-14 13F-HR/A CITADEL ADVISORS LLC 322,650 296,665 -8.05 267 115 -56.93
2018-07-30 13F-HR/A Virtu Financial LLC 0 266,886 0 103
2018-08-15 13F-HR BARD ASSOCIATES INC 121,700 116,400 -4.35 101 45 -55.45
2018-08-14 13F-HR VANGUARD GROUP INC 2,569,301 2,587,678 0.72 2,127 1,002 -52.89
2018-08-06 13F-HR SAN FRANCISCO SENTRY INVESTMENT GROUP (CA) 10,100 0 -100.00 8 0 -100.00
2018-08-14 13F-HR MORGAN STANLEY 0 684 0 0
2018-08-10 13F-HR ING GROEP NV 56,226 22
2018-08-10 13F-HR PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP, INC. 230 230 0.00 0 0
2018-08-14 13F-HR Invesco Ltd. 24,176 9
2018-08-13 13F-HR FIRST REPUBLIC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, INC. 10,000 10,000 0.00 8 4 -50.00
2018-08-14 13F-HR GEODE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 313,999 458,458 46.01 260 177 -31.92
2018-08-14 13F-HR STATE STREET CORP 29,400 29,400 0.00 24 11 -54.17

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