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Gold Comes Come Back Into Favor As Volatility Soars In 2018

2018-02-16 seekingalpha
Don't forget forty year cycle for gold rushes we may be on the verge of the next one! (33-0)

The S-Curve Reveals It Is Early Days In The Marijuana Growth Cycle

2018-02-13 seekingalpha
I have been following the Marijuana sector since it began to surface as a new market in 2013. At the time I just followed Tweed Marijuana now known as Canopy Growth (OTCPK:TWMJF) because they were moving into the old Hershey factory in Smith Falls Ontario. At the time I lived not far away, it was making local news and the potential looked enormous. In hindsight we now know how enormous that potential became. (25-3)

Top 10 Silver Mining Stocks For 2018

2018-02-13 seekingalpha
Above are my Top 10 silver mining stocks for 2018. All of these companies have large resources and are highly undervalued based on their cash flow potential at higher silver prices. They are on this list primarily because of their upside potential. These are all producers except for one development stock (Bear Creek Mining). (33-1)

How Mining Stocks Are Moving with Their Technicals

Miners had a good start in 2018. However, they later faced a carnage, mainly due to the rising strength of the US dollar. Let’s look at the technicals of mining stocks Goldcorp (GG), Wheaton Precious Metals (SLW), Buenaventura Mining (BVN), and Hecla Mining (HL).

A Brief Look at the Silver Miners in 2018 Year-to-Date

The last few days have been choppy for precious metals and mining companies. In this article, we’ll look at the technical readings of four silver miners—First Majestic Silver (AG), Wheaton Precious Metals (SLW), Coeur Mining (CDE), and Hecla Mining (HL). The indicators that we selected for analysis include moving averages, three-month returns, and YTD returns. (17-0)

Why Miners Fell on Monday, January 29

In this part of the series, we’ll focus on miners’ moving averages and RSI (relative strength index) readings. The miners we’ve selected for analysis are Goldcorp (GG), Wheaton Precious Metals (SLW), Barrick Gold (ABX), and Kinross Gold (KGC). (38-0)

How the Latest Economic Numbers Affect Gold

The data reflecting economic activity in the US plays a significant role in influencing the US dollar, which in turn affects precious metals. In general, the sentiment in the market impacts haven bids for metals like gold and silver. These safety assets often surge during times of market unrest. (17-0)

Resource Sector Digest: Pretium Coming Undone?

2018-02-01 seekingalpha
In case you missed out on previous editions of this newsletter, simply click here, here or here to catch up. (96-1)

Gold Mining Bull: Top News And Month In Review

2018-01-31 seekingalpha
It has been a great month for gold and gold miners, but this is not all that surprising given gold's seasonal strength in January. (48-1)

What the Technical Indicators of Mining Stocks Suggest

The beginning of 2018 has been remarkably good for precious metals and their mining shares. Let’s look at the precious metal mining companies’ technical indicators—implied volatility and the RSI (relative strength index). (21-0)

Bitcoin Could Crash Another 50%, Or More, But Gold And Gold Stocks To Advance

2018-01-26 seekingalpha
Rearguard action in Bitcoin may be too little too late – the cryptocurrency  could well see another 50% decline or more! (69-2)

Reading the Performance of Mining Shares amid Surging Metals

On January 12, 2018, precious metals were once again on a rising streak, which also led to increasing prices for mining shares. In this article, we’ll look at the implied volatility and RSI readings of precious metal mining companies. We have selected B2Gold (BTG), Goldcorp (GG), Gold Fields (GFI), and Wheaton Precious Metals for our analysis. (3-0)

First Majestic Silver: Heading To 30 Million Oz Of Silver EQ Production

2018-01-17 seekingalpha
If you are looking for undervalued silver producers, then First Majestic Silver (NYSE:AG) is worth a look. They meet most of the criteria (discussed below) that I look for when analyzing a silver mining stock for large returns. There are several key criteria that I look at, although it usually comes down to risk/reward and upside potential. I especially focus on future cash flow potential versus their current market cap. (18-1)

First Majestic To Buy Primero: There Is One Real Winner

2018-01-12 seekingalpha
First Majestic Silver has announced that it will take over troubled Primero Mining in a deal valued at $320 million. (31-0)

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