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Did You Miss Your Chance to Buy Apple Inc. Stock? | InvestorPlace

2018-02-23 investorplace
As you remember, the stock market hit its highs near the end of January and saw the bottom fall out in the first few days of February. So while Apple beat analyst expectations, it was hard to get a grasp on what Wall Street thought, given that Apple stock was under pressure amid a market-wide correction. (103-0)

Best Buy: Good Buy Or Goodbye?

2018-02-23 seekingalpha
Best Buy's stock price has exemplified a meteoric rise over the past year gaining more than 60% as the company executed on cost optimization efforts and strategic growth initiatives. (139-0)

Wayfair's Crash Is An Opportunity

2018-02-23 seekingalpha
Given that the company is still in growth mode, a single quarter's profit miss isn't the biggest concern. Wayfair is still investing in its logistics capabilities which have a long-term ramp. (182-1)

Wal-Mart Store Inc Stock Is Down, But Not Out

2018-02-22 investorplace
Wal-Mart Store Inc (NYSE:WMT) shares just suffered a two-day puke for the ages. The post-earnings plunge took the ubiquitous retailer down 11% amid big-league distribution. Is it time to abandon Walmart stock or is this a mere speedbump on the road to new heights? (8-0)

3 Retail Stocks That Could Get Big Buyout Offers | InvestorPlace

2018-02-22 investorplace
There is healthy M&A appetite out there for undervalued retail stocks. With more cash than ever being unlocked through tax cuts and repatriation, investors should expect to see more big buyout offers for retail stocks in the near future. (231-1)

Sell Walmart Inc Amid Stiff Competition and Ho-Hum Results

2018-02-22 investorplace
Four distinct forces probably contributed to Walmart Inc’s  (NYSE: WMT)  disappointing results and guidance, as well as the slowdown in the growth of its e-commerce sales. None of these forces is likely to decelerate any time in the near-term. Consequently, Walmart’s results will probably continue to be lackluster or worse going forward. (37-0)

Target Corporation Stock Weakness Is a Huge Buy Opportunity

2018-02-22 investorplace
Sometimes, sympathy sell-offs in the stock market make no sense. Retail giant Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) reported worse than expected quarterly numbers while delivering a weaker than expected 2018 profit guide. WMT stock sunk and dragged its most direct competitor, Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT) with it. This makes TGT stock a buy. (18-0)

Walmart Dives Into the Home Furniture Business

2018-02-22 247wallst
Fresh off a quarter in which its e-commerce sales slowed and its stock was pummeled, Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) announced that it would move further into the home furnishing business, particularly products sold online. It must be part of a strategy to turn around its online revenue problem, but home furnishings is a crowded field. (8-0)

6 Most Important Things In Business Today

2018-02-22 247wallst
Ford (NYSE: F) lost a key executive when its head of North American operations left due to inappropriate behavior. According to The Wall Street Journal: (15-0)

The S&P To The Rescue For Walmart

2018-02-22 seekingalpha
The 15 point drop in the S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) yesterday was mainly due to the soft earnings report from Walmart the previous day and more sustained weakness in the bond market. The market didn't like Walmart's (NYSE:WMT) slow down in eCommerce growth, although management is still guiding 40% growth in this channel in the coming fiscal year. I stated in a recent article that it is going to take Walmart some time in eCommerce before really seeing better profit margins. (104-0)

Ep. 52: Should You Be Worried About The Return Of Volatility?

2018-02-22 seekingalpha
Last week, the S&P 500 enjoyed the biggest one-week advance since 2013, gaining 4.3%. The index began 2018 with its best start to the year since 1987, followed by a 10% decline in just 9 trading days, and then proceeded to bounce off its 200-day moving average, reversing roughly half its losses in the process. (20-0)

Walmart Inc Stock Is Not a Threat to, Inc.

2018-02-22 investorplace
For over a year, analysts pounded the table for Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) stock, claiming it was coming after Amazon.Com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). Walmart stock rose 27% in the process. (108-0)

Albertson’s Buyout Is a Terrible Deal for Rite Aid Stock Owners

2018-02-21 investorplace
Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD) surged in pre-market trading Wednesday after the company announced its pending acquisition by privately-held Albertson’s LLC. As trading opened, and the financials of the deal sank in, a lot of the excitement for the sale wore off, however. (253-1)

Don’t Let Target Corporation Stock Fool You At These Prices

2018-02-21 investorplace
Long in Walmart Inc’s (NYSE:WMT) shadow, Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT) finally looks like a winner. On a year-to-date basis, Walmart shares are down roughly 5%. TGT stock? Try 11.5%, and since its July 2017 lows, the familiar big-box retailer has gained a whopping 50%. (107-0)

Daily State Of The Markets: Making The 'Call'

2018-02-21 seekingalpha
After the roller coaster rebound seen on Friday, February 9 and then the best week in more than 5 years for the S&P 500, I guess one of the easiest stock market calls was that it was probably time to "go the other way" for a while. And "go the other way" they did on Tuesday. (76-0)

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