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Tesla, Inc. Model 3 Will Drive TSLA Stock to $450 a Share

2018-02-16 investorplace
Hyper growth electric vehicle company Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been stuck in neutral for the past 6 months. After running up from $200 to $370 in the first half of 2017, TSLA stock has been bouncing between $300 and $350 ever since. (48-0)

Savvy Stock Investors Know This Valuation Secret - Part I Of II

2018-02-16 seekingalpha
What makes a stock worth a certain amount? Did you know that most of the value of a stock derives from decades into the future? Yet prices often swing wildly - up or down - driven by short-term company results and fickle investor sentiment. Playing these factors off against each other significantly improves your chance of making a healthy profit from stocks. (43-1)

Bill Lerner - Supporting the Community through Volunteer Efforts

2018-02-15 accesswire
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2018 / Bill Lerner, President and CEO of iPark, is perhaps most well-known for the incredible growth he has been credited within the revolutionary parking industry in New York City, but according to the businessman and developer, there is much more than running a company in a city to make a mark on the community. (43-0)

Mall REITs: Only The Strong Shall Survive

2018-02-15 seekingalpha
The stars aligned for a blowout holiday shopping season, and it delivered. Shoppers returned to brick-and-mortar retailers, sending sales higher by 4-6% above 2016. (242-0)

Neo Lithium - Why This Advanced Lithium Explorer Is In My Portfolio

2018-02-14 seekingalpha
Asian investment continues to be deployed to secure lithium supply; strong industry specific trends supporting industry growth. (47-0)

A $1,000 Price Still Is in the Cards for Tesla Inc Stock | InvestorPlace

2018-02-14 investorplace
Last June, I discussed several reasons I thought Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) would be able to hit $1,000. In the eight months since TSLA stock has lost 10% of its value. It’s going the wrong way. (43-0)

How Long Can Tesla Struggle to Get a Deal Done in China?

2018-02-14 247wallst
Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) may be the biggest-selling electric automaker in the United States, but it continues to struggle to expand its footprint in China, the world’s largest car market. The sticking point is whether Tesla will be able to open a factory there. (43-0)

Amazon Shipping: Are FedEx's Glory Days Over?

2018-02-14 seekingalpha
Amazon is rumored to enter the shipping industry with its own delivery methods, to be specified at a later date. (133-0)

Core Exploration has Chinese backing to transform into lithium producer

Core Exploration Ltd (ASX:CXO) is developing one of Australia’s highest grade lithium resources at the Grants deposit within the Finniss Lithium Project near Darwin. (43-0)

Fiat Chrysler - Still A Compelling Opportunity

2018-02-13 seekingalpha
I've never liked the large auto companies with respect to investing for many of the same reasons Warren Buffett never liked the airlines. Every year they change models a little so people are compelled to buy the new version or get the newest gadgets. The business is very capital intensive and most auto manufacturers have enormous amounts of debt. (49-0)

5 Remarkable Revelations From Tesla's Quarterly Reporting

2018-02-13 seekingalpha
Tesla's battery cell news offers some important clues: Demand is softening for the Models S and X. (48-1)

5 "New" Tech Stocks Vulnerable to a Selloff | InvestorPlace

2018-02-12 investorplace
U.S. equities are rebounding on Monday, continuing the lift off of the S&P 500’s 200-day moving average hit on Friday. (158-1)

Testing Times: Market Turmoil And Investment Serenity

2018-02-11 seekingalpha
The last week has been a roller coaster ride, though more down than up, and investors have done what they always do during market crises. The fear factor rises, some investors sell and head for the safer pastures, some are paralyzed not knowing what to do, and some double down as contrarians, buying into the sell-off. In the last week, I found myself drawn to each of three camps, often at different points in the same day, as the market went through wild mood swings. (138-0)

Why Analysts Are Taking a Mixed Stance on Tesla

2018-02-10 247wallst
Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has been a big question mark for market analysts for years now. Most let it go that the company is far from profitable and focused more on the underlying technology that the firm was developing. But now that Tesla is becoming more of an auto company, it seems the rules may start to apply or at least that seems to be the way some analysts are voting with their ratings. (44-0)

After a Bang-Up Quarter, Nvidia Stock Will Hit $250

2018-02-09 investorplace
Admittedly, it took a while, but I came around to the bull case for Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) last year. The issue over the past few years hasn’t been Nvidia’s performance or its market opportunities. Rather, the concern has been the price of Nvidia stock. (883-2)

TSLA : Tesla Motors Stock Analysis and Research Report

Tesla Motors's mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The company design, develop, manufacture, lease and sell high-performance fully electric vehicles, solar energy generation systems and energy storage products. The company also offer maintenance, installation, operation and other services related to its products.


Tesla Motors production vehicle fleet includes Model S premium sedan and Model X sport utility vehicle, which are its highest-performance and most capable vehicles, and beginning in July 2017, its Model 3, a lower priced sedan designed for the mass market. The company continue to enhance its vehicle offerings with enhanced Autopilot options, Internet connectivity and free over-the-air software updates. The company continually deploy its internally developed software into the vehicle fleet, depending on the hardware of the vehicle, to provide additional safety and convenience features. The company are also actively working ...

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