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BlackRock: Momentum But Little Value

2h seekingalpha
Its size and its iShares products differentiate BlackRock, but it is not unique. It and the other $ trillion AUM companies are in a league of their own. (93-0)

Tesla Approaches Terminal Decline

2017-11-10 seekingalpha
Here we are, seven months later, and Tesla's (NASDAQ:TSLA) financial performance deteriorates at an alarming rate. Bearish macro scenarios, always just around the corner since 2011, refuse to play out and Queen TINA and King FOMO remain enthroned. The much anticipated interest rate assault by central banks is further delayed. And once it arrives, it will do so in rather piecemeal fashion, unlike the infamous macro-scaremongers suspect. (370-0)

Asset Management Stock Performance Review -- Central Fund of Canada, Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund, Northern Trust, and T. Rowe Price

2017-10-03 prnewswire
If you want a Stock Review on CEF, CLM, NTRS, or TROW then come over to and sign up for your free customized report. Asset Management institutions offer investment services along with a wide range of traditional and alternative product offerings that might not be available to the average investor. The account includes checking writing privileges, credit cards, debit cards, margin loans, the automatic sweep of cash balances into a money market fund, and brokerage services. (27-0)

3 Buy-Ranked Stocks That Just Crushed Earnings

2017-07-27 investorplace
The heart of earnings reason is upon us, as numerous companies provide updates on their firm’s performance over the past quarter. Of course, beating revenue and/or earnings estimates can positively affect a company’s financial outlook and share price, so it’s important for investors to stay tuned in right now.

Ranking The Dividend Aristocrats By Risk-Adjusted Returns

2017-07-20 seekingalpha
Investors in the accumulation phase tend to fall under the first constraint, while retired investors invest with the second criterion in mind.

Five Risk Controls For Dividend Champions

2017-07-10 seekingalpha
Constructing a portfolio around dividend champions or dividend aristocrats is a common practice among Seeking Alpha readers. If one is retired or approaching retirement, capital preservation rises in importance as saving opportunities diminish and recovery time is problematic should a market reversal occur.

T. Rowe Price: How To Collect Mutual Fund Fees Rather Than Pay Them

2017-06-16 seekingalpha
By buying shares of TROW, a DG investor can collect dividends supported by mutual fund fees.

Initiating Research Reports on Asset Management Equities -- T.Rowe Price, Ameriprise Financial, Lazard, and Northern Trust

2017-06-09 prnewswire is currently reviewing T.Rowe Price Group Inc. (NASDAQ: TROW), Ameriprise Financial Inc. (MYSE: AMP), Lazard Ltd (NYSE: LAZ), and Northern Trust Corp. (NASDAQ: NTRS). These are companies belong to the Asset Management space, which manage the financial assets of corporate, institutional, and individual clients. This morning's free research reports on the aforesaid equities are available upon registration on DailyStockTracker.

Tracking Mason Hawkins's Southeastern Asset Management Portfolio - Q1 2017 Update

2017-05-26 seekingalpha
Mason Hawkins’s 13F portfolio value decreased from $10.36B to $9.84B this quarter. The number of positions decreased from 30 to 28.

Vipshop's Growth Is Overbullish

2017-05-22 seekingalpha
Vipshop Holdings (NYSE:VIPS) is a dominant player in online discount retail. Based on e-commerce transaction value, VIPS is essentially the 3rd-largest player in China. Since its IPO in 2012, VIPS shares peaked at $30 in Apr. 2015, and it is currently trading at $13.5. Despite its relatively strong financial performance of profit-making within 18 consecutive quarters, the share price remained volatile in the past 12 months (as shown in the following chart).

April Income Update

2017-05-15 seekingalpha
My portfolio's income was up 134% y/y for the month of April. This success is in-line with my expectations.

Principal Financial Group: Still Cheap Despite The Rally

2017-05-13 seekingalpha
Principal Financial Group (NYSE:PFG) recently reported Q1 EPS of $1.27, which beat estimates by $0.06. The stock has seen a rally over the past year and is currently just 2% below its 52-week high of $65.67.

KKR: Gentleman At The Gates

2017-05-08 seekingalpha
KKR - featured in the book Barbarians At The Gates - has its own activist investor.

T. Rowe Price: A Potential Good Investment

2017-04-28 seekingalpha
The company's tenure as a dividend aristocrat is safe with its low payout ratio and lack of long term debt.

3 Dividend Aristocrats We Refuse to Buy

2017-04-25 fool
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