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T-Mobile US Inc Does Great Business in a Terrible Industry

23m investorplace
Over the past few years, there’s been one clear winner in the U.S. consumer wireless industry: T-Mobile US Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS). T-Mobile stock has risen 450% in the last five years and 120% in the last three. In the entire space, TMUS stock stands alone. (148-0)

Walt Disney Co Missed Fourth-Quarter Targets… And It Doesn’t Matter!

23m investorplace
I mentioned in a previous article that Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) faced a crucial test in its next earnings report. That report came and went. Although revenue and earnings per share (EPS) missed estimates, Wall Street shrugged off the news and bought Walt Disney stock anyway. (39-0)

Calling Net Neutrality Rules ‘Heavy-Handed’ and a ‘Mistake,’ FCC Chairman Proposes Changes

1h 247wallst
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai on Tuesday released a memo revealing that he has shared with other members of the commission a draft order to replace existing net neutrality rules imposed by the Obama administration. Pai also said he would release his proposed rules on Wednesday, three weeks before the FCC has scheduled a December 14 vote on the changes. (79-0)

Why Target Corporation Stock May Never Thrive Again

2h investorplace
Last week, our very own Tom Taulli took a deeper, critical look at last quarter’s earnings report from Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT), concluding “… as for a growth story, there is little evidence here. Again, the CEO seems to be operating the company from an old playbook. In other words, do not expect many catalysts to get TGT stock back into gear.” (145-0)

Altice In Wonderland - Or, How To Trade Among Mad People

2h seekingalpha
Patrick Drahi is having a bad year. So are his public equity co-investors. The chairman and controlling shareholder of Altice NV (OTCPK:ALLVF) has suffered a $4.4 billion (or 43%) decline in personal wealth so far in 2017. Still, his loss is less than the $6.6 billion (or 51%) damage ALLVF shareholders have suffered as the company’s market cap fell to the equivalent of $15.4 billion. The reversal in fortune has become so awful that, per the graph below, the stock market is valuing the entire Altice Group within $1 billion of the $14. (138-0)

T Stock: DOJ Loses Its Mind and Sues AT&T; Buy Time Warner (TWX) Stock | InvestorPlace

3h investorplace
I don’t like to use hyperbole, but this situation with the Department of Justice regarding the merger between AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Time Warner Inc (NYSE:TWX) is so ridiculous that I can honestly say that Makan Delrahim, the DOJ’s anti-trust chief, has lost his mind. (16-0)

Tuesday’s Vital Data: Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA), Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) and AT&T Inc. (T) | InvestorPlace

5h investorplace
U.S. stock futures are headed higher amid light volume in this Thanksgiving-holiday-shortened trading week. Wall Street is gearing up for the holiday shopping season, and retailers are higher as Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, approaches. (213-0)

Dollar Marks Time

7h seekingalpha
The US dollar has largely been confined to yesterday's trading ranges against the major currencies amid light news. The North American session does not hold much hope for fresh impetus. The US reports October existing home sales, which are not typically market-moving in the best of times. Yellen does not speak until after the markets close, and even then is unlikely to sway expectations, which have priced in a rate hike next month. (16-0)

Bert's November Dividend Stock Watch List

8h seekingalpha
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are looming, folks. While others will spend hours upon hours waiting in line to capture those “Doorbusters,” I’ll be engaging in a different form of shopping. Shopping for dividend growth stocks! Each month, Lanny and I will put together a short list of stocks that have caught our attention and are strong contenders to be purchased when the timing is right. I’m hungry to add some forward dividend income to my portfolio this week, so let’s dive right in and see which stocks are on my November dividend stock watch list. (172-0)

6 Most Important Things In Business Today

8h 247wallst
The Justice Department filed a suit to block the AT&T (NYSE:T) takeover of Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) (98-0)

5 Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy for December

16h investorplace
With Thanksgiving and Black Friday nearly upon us, with 2018 lingering just beyond, it’s time for investors to consider new portfolio additions for December and the year to come. (199-0)

Stocks Push Higher as DOJ Sues to Block AT&T Deal

16h investorplace
U.S. equities pushed higher on Monday amid quiet, drama-free trading as traders largely ignored word overnight that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government could be forced to dissolve as coalition negotiations broke down. (129-0)

Synchronoss: After The Drama, The Opportunity

2017-11-20 seekingalpha
It hasn’t been a rosy year for Synchronoss (NASDAQ: SNCR) investors. The company lost 73% of its market cap during 2017 as a story of accounting problems, failing business opportunities and fleeing C-Suite unfolded before shareholders’ eyes. The price correction was due, and the company was a compelling short opportunity during the first part of the year. However, the bipolar market behavior has now brought Synchronoss into deep value territory and turned the story to the long side of the trade. (32-0)

Bitcoin: The Thing?

2017-11-20 seekingalpha
Discussion, critique, and analysis of the potential impacts on equity, bond, commodity, capital, and asset markets regarding the following: (634-1)

Long Market Rally Could End in 2018: 4 Stocks to Move to Now

2017-11-20 247wallst
What an enjoyable ride it has been: Eight years of almost non-stop gains for equity investors, and for some who were in the right technology stocks, monumental performance unlike almost any other time period. There is a problem though. Like all good things, this probably will come to an end. And while it may not be a 1987 or 2000 or even 2009 meltdown, the fantastic year-over-years gains could shrink, and shrink big time. (35-0)

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