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Got REITs? Start With Some Dry Power

2018-01-18 seekingalpha
REITs should get a big boost in 2018 and beyond, thanks to The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that is set to generate approximately $1.5 trillion in tax savings. (104-0)

Starwood Property Trust: Strong Buy For This 9.1%-Yielding Top-Shelf REIT

2018-01-12 seekingalpha
Starwood Property Trust's shares have dropped lately, in-line with other income vehicles in the REIT sector. (10-1)

Our 2018 High Yield REIT Portfolio

2018-01-11 seekingalpha
2CHYP, our high yield REIT portfolio, is designed to maximize total return through fundamental value investing. As of 12/31/17, it has a dividend yield of 7.9% fueled by an FFO yield of 10.4% which affords a conservative payout ratio despite a yield that is more than double the index. Beyond the dividends, 2CHYP's holdings are trading substantially below intrinsic value which provides both a margin of safety and capital appreciation potential. (435-0)

A Growth REIT At A Cheap Price, 5.6% Yield, And 30% Upside

2018-01-06 seekingalpha
Industrial REITs are one of the most expensive sub-sectors of the REIT market today – trading at an average valuation of 21.6 times 2018 FFO.

Did You Have 50% Dividend Growth In 2017?  I Did.

2018-01-05 seekingalpha
I collected $5,825 in dividends in 2017, a 50% increase over the $3,901 in 2016.  That included $765 in December. How did you fare? (638-1)

Innovative Industrial Properties: Getting High

2018-01-04 seekingalpha
While there has been some positive developments, they do not seem to justify the high share price. (2-1)

Tearing It Up With Terreno

2018-01-03 seekingalpha
The secret to TRNO's success is a rather straightforward strategy, buy in markets that have a decreasing supply in industrial space and strengthening demand.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

2018-01-03 seekingalpha
It all starts with explosive growth in demand for mobile data that has had a positive impact on Cell Tower REITs. (112-0)

Dane Bowler Positions For 2018: UMH Properties - A Growth Company Trading At An Opportunistic Multiple

2017-12-29 seekingalpha
Seeking Alpha editor John Leonard, CFA recently spoke with Dane Bowler, who believes UMH is an attractive long idea as a temporary headwind created the mispricing, the stock trades at a discount to peers/NAV and is uniquely positioned to capture growth in manufactured housing. (2-0)

STAG Industrial - SWAN Or Ugly Duckling?

2017-12-26 seekingalpha
STAG Industrial (STAG) approaches portfolio management the way a fund manager does, by incorporating estimates of expected returns, volatility, and correlation. Modern Portfolio Theory tells us that we can benefit from diversification as we add assets that are not perfectly correlated, i.e., we can lower portfolio volatility without sacrificing expected return.

STAG Industrial: A Top Industrial REIT

2017-12-20 seekingalpha
Improving market conditions in the industrial/manufacturing sector will ensure healthy growth in demand for the company's properties. (89-0)

Pattern Energy Group - Great Potential And A Great Dividend

2017-12-13 seekingalpha
Cash flow is backed by long-term contracts averaging 14 years by offtakers with favorable credit ratings. (16-0)

The Young REIT Guns Were Lightning Before The Thunder

2017-12-08 seekingalpha
The lack of Wall Street coverage and investor interest can also result in shares remaining undervalued, especially in down markets, for extended periods of time.

Innovative Industrial Properties Preferred Shares: A Safer Bet On Cannabis's Rising Popularity

2017-12-06 seekingalpha
According to Pew Research Survey, 57% of American support legalizing cannabis, vs. 60% opposing the same a decade back. (2-0)

My Dividend Growth Portfolio Update - 48 Holdings, 1 Buy

2017-12-04 seekingalpha
December is poised to be an enormous month of dividends and should be a record setting month for me personally. (83-0)

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