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SLV Weekly: Is The Bottom In?

2018-01-18 seekingalpha
In this report, I wish to discuss mainly my views about the iShares Silver Trust (SLV). (3-0)

Gold: The Slight Correction Is Over

2018-01-10 seekingalpha
Precious metals seem to have bottomed. We should see rising prices over the next month or so. (9-0)

Victory Formation Long/Short Portfolio Update - Year End 2017

2018-01-02 seekingalpha
The model portfolio continues to generate profits above projection. Since the last update in November, gains for the long/short design have moderated a bit, but are still zigzagging higher. Absent large losses in the Twenty-First Century Fox (FOXA), AT&T (T), Verizon (VZ), Costco (COST) and Nike (NKE) short sale positions the last two months, this portfolio would be up another 3%. Nevertheless, gains in the longs and steady underperformance of the market by the other shorts have generated another 1% in total profits since my last report. (307-1)

Will The Uptrend In GLD Continue?

2017-12-24 seekingalpha
The OPEX price magnet for gold is neutral, having suggested a buying opportunity at the recent bottom. (9-0)

Sugar Looks Like It Has Printed A Hard Bottom

2017-12-21 seekingalpha
The sugar ETF (NYSEARCA:SGG) rallied almost 4% yesterday which again may bring opportunity. Why? Well there have been an array of commodities over the last while which have appeared to put in hard bottoms. Just this month, we saw the gold (NYSE:GDX) and silver mining ETFs (NYSE:SLV) rallying hard out of oversold conditions. The actual commodities themselves used the FOMC meeting to put in their respective bottoms. (4-0)

Gold: Yellow Metal Stays Firm Against A Strong Dollar

2017-12-16 seekingalpha
I wrote an article on gold (NYSE:GLD) recently where I stated that risk remained firmly in this market and that a trip down to $1,200 an ounce was definitely a possibility. Well the GLD gold ETF for example used the FOMC meeting this week to at least temporarily print a bottom. We saw the same bottoming behavior on the 12th of this month across both silver (NYSE:SLV) and the miners (NYSE:GDX). What was interesting though was that the junior miners (NYSE:GDXJ) bottomed earlier than the rest of the complex - the week before in fact on the 7th. (10-0)

Gold Starts New Search For A Fear Catalyst

2017-12-15 seekingalpha
With the dust having cleared from the breakdown under gold’s two-month trading floor, the yellow metal has returned to a position all too familiar with gold bulls. The bulls are now searching for a catalyst that would encourage safe haven purchases of the metal. While there are a couple of potential “fear factors” which could stimulate gold buying interest, nothing has materialized yet to give prices a much needed boost. (7-0)

Has Silver Found A Bottom?

2017-12-10 seekingalpha
The COT report for gold and silver was very favorable in the week ending December 5th. (3-0)

Gold And Silver - A Dynamic December Outlook

2017-12-08 seekingalpha
Tax reform legislation passage is a boon to equity capital inflows and U.S. dollar strength, but problematic for precious metals. (12-0)

Gold: Risk Remains Elevated

2017-12-07 seekingalpha
Silver (NYSE:SLV) and mining stocks (NYSE:GDX) now have clearly broken through their October lows which is significant from a cycle standpoint. I discussed in a recent article on Gold that it looked like the yellow metal was working its way down into an intermediate cycle low. For this to take place though, I mentioned that we had to break through the October lows which was gold's most recent daily cycle low. (8-0)

Gold Breaks Down In Bitcoin's Shadow

2017-12-06 seekingalpha
A return of fear and uncertainty, even short term, is desperately needed to revive interest in the metals. (7-0)

Silver: Time To Sell

2017-12-01 seekingalpha
iShares Silver Trust (SLV) is selling off amid rising interest rates and stronger equity markets. There is little demand for the precious metal as investors pile into equities, while simultaneously driving interest rates higher. With the current low volatility in silver, buying put options is a cheap way to gain short exposure to the metal. (3-0)

Gold Can't Catch A Break

2017-12-01 seekingalpha
The price of gold dropped nearly 1 percent on Thursday to end the month of November essentially unchanged. The underperformance comes against a backdrop of rising sentiment as investors increasingly focus on the rally in U.S. equities and the continued positive economic news, thus eroding gold’s safe-haven appeal. In this commentary we’ll look at what investors can likely expect from gold in December, as well as a possible scenario which could lift it out of its current malaise. (7-0)

SLV: The Bull Market Has Just Begun

2017-11-22 seekingalpha
SLV appears to be in the opening stages of a gold and silver bull market, which began in early 2016, following over 4 years of steep declines. (3-0)

Prospects Improve For Year-End Gold Rally

2017-11-20 seekingalpha
It has been a long, frustrating wait for gold bulls these last few weeks. After a seemingly interminable sideways trend, the price of gold seems finally to be ready for a breakout. Here we'll discuss gold's near-term prospects in light of the dollar's latest reversal as well as the improved outlook for commodities. (8-0)

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