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Why PAA Was the Biggest MLP Loser Last Week

Plains All American Pipeline (PAA) was the biggest MLP loser last week, which ended on January 19, 2018. The partnership ended the week 6.1% lower. PAA’s plunge last week’s could be mainly due to the slight decline in crude oil prices and rating downgrade. PAA’s GP (general partner), Plains GP Holdings (PAGP), was also among the biggest MLP losers last week. It fell 5.6%. PAA and PAGP have lost 27. (14-0)

Offshore Drilling After Transocean - Songa Deal

2018-01-22 seekingalpha
Recently, Transocean (RIG) shareholders gave the company green light on the acquisition of Songa Offshore, a decision which was hardly a big surprise to anyone following the offshore drilling industry. This latest news is a good chance to look at the industry’s chances of additional deals. This issue is important because despite higher oil prices, contracts in many segments come at breakeven levels with the main problem being the oversupply of rigs. (106-0)

It Is Official: Transocean And Songa Offshore Tie The Knot

2018-01-22 seekingalpha
Offshore drilling giant Transocean has received shareholders’ approval to acquire its Norway-focused rival Songa Offshore on January 18. (48-0)

Week 2: Moody’s Downgraded Ensco

On January 10, 2018, Moody’s, a leading credit rating agency, downgraded Ensco’s (ESV) senior unsecured notes to “B3” from “B2.” It maintained a negative outlook on Enso. In October 2017, Moody’s downgraded Ensco to “B2.” (2-0)

My 6 Offshore Driller Aristocrats Are Bottoming Out. Now What?

2018-01-10 seekingalpha
A complete analysis of six offshore drillers that I call "aristocrats" because they can be considered long-term investments. (95-0)

My Six Offshore Driller Aristocrats Are Bottoming Out. Now What?

2018-01-10 seekingalpha
A complete analysis of six offshore drillers that I call "aristocrats" because they can be considered long-term investments. (95-0)

Energy Recap: A New Day For Offshore Drilling

2018-01-06 seekingalpha
Every Friday, Seeking Alpha provides a roundup of insightful opinion and analysis articles in the energy sector. (29-0)

Seadrill Partners: Expectations For 2018

2018-01-05 seekingalpha
I'm positive on distribution safety in 2018, but I don't see much upside for unit prices unless oil continues to rally. (83-2)

Seadrill Partners: Bargain Valuation, Great Yield And Potential Catalyst Ahead

2018-01-03 seekingalpha
Uncertainties remain around the distribution level and the company's ability to successfully refinance its entire debtload in 2020/2021. (80-2)

41 'Safer' Dividend 10%+ Yield Stocks Jump For January

2017-12-31 seekingalpha
41 of 95 10%+ dividend stocks were tagged as "safer" for dividends because they showed positive one-year returns and free cash flow yields greater than their dividend yields as of 12/28/17. (29-1)

Non-U.S.-Listed Offshore Drillers Ahead Of 2018

2017-12-26 seekingalpha
We discuss Borr Drilling, Odfjell Drilling, Fred. Olsen Drilling, Shelf Drilling, Maersk Drilling, Northern Drilling and their impact on the industry and U.S.-listed peers. (99-0)

Vladimir Zernov Positions For 2018: A Positive Year For Energy

2017-12-23 seekingalpha
2017 was another interesting year for energy, as evidenced by the recent extension of OPEC production cuts, the challenges created by changes in political policy, technology, and the economy - the list goes on. (102-0)

Week 50: Offshore Drilling Update

2017-12-20 marketrealist
In the week ending December 15, 2017, offshore drilling stocks had mixed returns. Seadrill was the best performer, while Ensco was the worst performer. (1-0)

'Safer' Dividend Follower Favorite Top Gainer Is Dynagas; Top Yielder Orchid For December

2017-12-19 seekingalpha
November 20-December 15 Arnold dividend stock "followers" suggested 50 equities and funds in messages and comments. Some comments were about bad news, so bad news stocks mixed with favorites. (199-0)

Follower Remarks Tag Frontier, Consolidated Comm, And Energy Transfer Tops By Broker Target Gains For December

2017-12-18 seekingalpha
November 20 - December 15, Arnold dividend dog "followers" mentioned 50 equities an funds in comments and suggestions. Some lamented bad news so bad news stocks mixed in with favorites. (23-1)

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