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'Safer' Dividend Challengers Led By Pattern, Tallgrass, Schweitzer & Simon January Target Gains

2018-01-19 seekingalpha
9 of 80 Dividend Challengers (5-9 annual dividend hikes) were tagged "safer" because they showed positive annual-returns, and free cash-flow yields greater than dividend yields 1/12/18. (20-0)

'Safer' Dividend Russell 3000 Stocks: Ellington, BG Staff, And Costamare Top January's Net Gain Survey

2018-01-11 seekingalpha
30 of 100 Russell 3000 Index stocks were deemed "safer" for dividends because they showed positive one-year returns and free cash flow yields greater than their dividend yields 1/9/18. (61-1)

Hannon Armstrong: A Power REIT

2018-01-10 seekingalpha
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital (HASI) is a real estate investment trust. It lives at the intersection of real estate and power generation. Imagine a large utility selling a hydroelectric dam to a REIT and then leasing it back to the utility. Scale that down a few notches to solar panels or a wind farm and you get an idea of one aspect of HASI's business model. HASI also finances investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. (6-0)

Dividend Sensei Positions For 2018: Something Is Always On Sale

2018-01-03 seekingalpha
My goal is to generate maximum safe yield, with fast dividend growth, and buy stocks at their most undervalued. (203-3)

The Brown Bag Portfolio Year End Review

2018-01-03 seekingalpha
The Brown Bag Portfolio started July 2016 and I began writing about it a year later. There have been a number of changes throughout that time, most having to do with my philosophy of investing. I began my investing journey with predictable results: I chased stocks and lost money. I piled up commission charges. I had no plan. (17-1)

Dividend Strategy 2018: Time To Curb Your Enthusiasm?

2017-12-31 seekingalpha
Stick with the church of what's working now, or play contrarian with the church of what's not working now. (119-0)

Utilities Dividend Stock Gains Led By Just Energy, Spark, And Top SCANA As Per December Broker Targets

2017-12-27 seekingalpha
JE and SPKE led the top ten Utilities pack per analyst targeted price gains with a combined 216.36%, while 8 others combined for 130.28%. (17-0)

Managing Expectations For Pattern Energy

2017-12-13 seekingalpha
Changes in tax code could adversely affect ability to monetize tax credits and finance new projects. (25-0)

Pattern Energy Group - Great Potential And A Great Dividend

2017-12-13 seekingalpha
Cash flow is backed by long-term contracts averaging 14 years by offtakers with favorable credit ratings. (16-0)

Dividend Sensei's Portfolio Update 12: Preparing For The Next Market Crash

2017-12-04 seekingalpha
I've been thinking about the next market downturn a lot lately, trying to formulate a plan for how to take advantage of it. (9-0)

If I Had To Build An Income Portfolio Today - Update 24

2017-12-04 seekingalpha
This article is Update 24 to my original article entitled "If I Had to Build An Income Portfolio Today". (62-0)

Turkey And Gravy: The Brown Bag Portfolio December Update

2017-12-04 seekingalpha
Before I get into the changes to the Brown Bag Portfolio in November or discuss its performance I want to thank the many readers who took the time to comment and make suggestions. One of most consistant suggestions I received from many of you was that I needed, for lack of a better word, some bedrock stocks such as JNJ, PG, or MO in my portfolio. After a lot of thought on the matter I couldn’t agree more. (10-0)

Utilities Get Most Gain From Spark Energy And Top Yield From Snam Per November Broker Targets

2017-11-29 seekingalpha
SPKE led the Utilities pack per analyst targeted price gains with 58% as remaining field combined for 51.99% as estimated 11/24/17. (17-0)

8% Yield Wind Energy Stock, Strong Growth, Pullback Presents A Buying Opportunity

2017-11-28 seekingalpha
Pattern Energy has increased its dividend every quarter since early 2014. It recently hiked its dividend, which represents its 15th consecutive quarterly dividend hike. (145-0)

Pattern Energy Rebound Still In Early Innings

2017-11-23 seekingalpha
Recent turmoil regarding the repair of the Puerto Rican power grid most likely will have no negative effects on the reconnection of Pattern Energy's (NASDAQ:PEGI) Santa Isabel wind farm, according to Investor Relations at Pattern Energy. (6-0)

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