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Battle Of The Bleeding Titans Part III: HCP, Inc. Vs. Senior Housing Properties Trust

22h seekingalpha
Part I and II of the series thoroughly evaluated Omega Healthcare Investors and Tanger Factory Outlet Centers. (40-0)

Battle Of The Bleeding Titans Part II: Omega Healthcare Vs. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers

2017-11-22 seekingalpha
Though it suffers from low tenant rent coverage and corresponding payment issues, it is proactively solving the issues and continues to execute its business model. (150-0)

Battle Of The Bleeding Titans Part 1: Omega Healthcare Vs. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc.

2017-11-22 seekingalpha
Omega Healthcare and Tanger Factory Outlets have many things in common, almost none of which their management teams are fond of. (29-0)

Omega Healthcare Investors: Does The Market Price In A Dividend Cut?

2017-11-21 seekingalpha
Omega's fixable operator troubles have led to a grotesque mispricing in the health care REIT's shares in the last three weeks. (2-1)

Omega Healthcare Investors Takes A Hit

2017-11-21 seekingalpha
Omega Healthcare Investors cut its AFFO guidance on a major tenant having continued trouble paying its rent. (4-1)

Merck, Cardinal Health Drop into Monday’s 52-Week Low Club

2017-11-20 247wallst
November 20, 2017: Here are four stocks trading with heavy volume among 64 equities making new 52-week lows in Monday’s session. On the NYSE advancers led decliners by about 3 to 2 and on the Nasdaq, advancers led decliners by about the same spread. (108-2)

Omega Healthcare Investors: 'You Won The Month'

2017-11-19 seekingalpha
Our last article on Omega Healthcare Investors generated a number of comments. Here, we address a few of the main criticisms. (98-0)

Retirement Security: Fire And Fury In Telecommunications

2017-11-18 seekingalpha
Subscribers to "Retirement: One Dividend At A Time" got an early look at this material via free instant text message trade alert and email alert. (84-0)

Lexington Realty Trust: Am I A Fool?

2017-11-17 seekingalpha
One of the most read authors on SA suggested LXP is a value trap and buyers are yield chasing. (9-0)

Analyzing Your Own Investment Behavior

2017-11-16 seekingalpha
Dividend growth investors are prone to falling into value traps and focusing too little attention on the fundamental health of a business. (58-0)

Omega Healthcare Investors: 10 Stocks You Could Have Bought Instead

2017-11-16 seekingalpha
Last month, we wrote that Omega Healthcare Investors wasn't healthy enough for us. Since then, Omega Healthcare is down 11.1%. (95-1)

Omega Healthcare: Are We Wrong About The Aging Population?

2017-11-15 seekingalpha
In this article, I intend to expand upon market trends and consumer preferences regarding how people age and how families deal with it in an effort to revisit the backbone of government-subsidized, skilled nursing facilities such as Omega Healthcare Investors (NYSE:OHI). There are numerous REITs in this space, many of which have similar characteristics, but all seem to have one in particular: longs have faith that the ever-aging boomer population will eventually lead to comfortably solvent operators and growth in operations and/or dividend. (2-0)

Intelligent REIT Investing: Dividends Are More Than Just Icing On The Cake

2017-11-15 seekingalpha
REITs help to balance the conventional common stock portfolio by reducing volatility and by providing a natural hedge against inflation. (18-0)

A Monthly Paying REIT For Rockefeller

2017-11-13 seekingalpha
“Durability implies that the firm can take a financial punch in one year and come back swinging the next.” - Josh Peters. (26-1)

Retirement Security: Tweeting About Stock Market Highs Won't Help, But This Will

2017-11-11 seekingalpha
President Donald Trump loves to tweet. Anyone not living in a cave the last two years knows that. (96-0)

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