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CSE: 2018-0110 - Reinstatement - Namaste Technologies Inc. (N)

2018-01-10 marketwired
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 10, 2018) - Effective immediately the shares of Namaste Technologies Inc. will be reinstated for trading. (2-0)

CSE: 2018-0105 - Suspension - Namaste Technologies Inc. (N)

2018-01-08 marketwired
Namaste Technologies Inc. is in default of CSE requirements. Effective immediately, Namaste Technologies will be suspended pursuant to CSE Policy 3. The suspension is considered a Regulatory Halt as defined in National Instrument 23-101 Trading Rules. (2-0)

Canadian Cannabis Stocks: 2018 Outlook

2018-01-03 seekingalpha
Canadian cannabis stocks had a positive year in 2017 with the Let's Toke Business Marijuana Composite posting a return of.21.7% and the LTB Licensed Producer Index recording a return of.46.0%. (32-4)

The BAK Portfolio: The Streets Are Paved In Green

2017-12-31 seekingalpha
I increased my exposure to the cannabis industries with the purchase of a global, online vaporizer retailer and a company providing an innovative source of funding for cannabis companies. (185-2)

Canopy Growth: DCF Analysis And Pricing

2017-12-31 seekingalpha
TWMJF and other Canadian cannabis companies should be considered as tobacco companies — not pharma companies — in the long-term perspective. (12-3)

Top-Performing Marijuana Stocks Of December

2017-12-28 seekingalpha
December has seen the culmination of at least 2 distinct catalysts propel several leading marijuana stocks much higher before the end of the year. (48-1)

Canadian Marijuana Stocks Have U.S. Investors Looking At F Stocks

2017-11-27 seekingalpha
For US investors, Canadian marijuana stocks may offer more opportunity while the US tries to figure out which path it wants to take for national legalization. (42-4)

How To Get Rich Quick: Rise Early, Work Late, Discover (Cannabis) Oil

2017-10-18 seekingalpha
In Canada, sales of cannabis oil recently exceeded sales of dried cannabis by weight for the first time. Given the negative connotations of smoking, I think this trend will continue. (28-1)

September 18th Has Passed - Expect Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Rally Now

2017-10-02 seekingalpha
For the past three weeks, I have been looking for four factors to come together as an indication the Canadian cannabis stocks are about to rally. This has happened. (28-2)

FDA Trouble Ahead For Vaporizer Stocks?

2017-09-30 seekingalpha
Of the many ways to consume cannabis (or tobacco), vaping has taken off in recent years as people seek to reduce their intake of carcinogens caused by combustion. (12-1)

Latest Health Canada Report Is Good News For Licensed Producers

2017-09-15 seekingalpha
The number of registered patients rises to 201,398 or an increase of 20% in the last three months. This is the basic industry driver for Canadian cannabis companies. (0-1)

Expect An Upturn In Canadian Cannabis Stocks After September 18th

2017-09-13 seekingalpha
The Canadian cannabis stocks have been in the doldrums for most of 2017 but a breakout may be on the horizon.

Health Canada Data Confirms Industry Trends

2017-07-14 seekingalpha
The increasing number of new medical marijuana patients in Canada continues to drive growth in the industry.

Vaping: Another Hot Cannabis Consumption Method

2017-07-10 seekingalpha
Given the rise of alternative cannabis consumption methods it’s not crazy to imagine that smoking will soon become the “alternative” versus the mainstream.

Canadian Cannabis Stocks 2017 Outlook - Updated

2017-07-05 seekingalpha
In the second quarter, the Canadian cannabis stocks as measured by the Let's Toke Business Marijuana Composite Index declined 15.5% suffering from investor fatigue.