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Legacy Reserves: Setting The Stage For A Big Move

2018-01-06 seekingalpha
Management at Legacy announced a debt reduction plan that has reduced borrowings by more than $50 million. (6-0)

BRIEF-Mid-Con Energy Partners Announces Sale Of Southern Oklahoma Assets

2017-12-28 reuters

The Dawning Of A New Era

2017-12-19 seekingalpha
Most days are like other days. The sun shows up, on we go, and the day turns into night. Repeat. However, there are some, quite special days, that mark a transition. They are a "Day to Remember," and I mark today as one of those instances. (186-2)

Top MLP Losers in the Week Ending November 24

2017-11-28 marketrealist
Southcross Energy Partners (SXE), the midstream MLP mainly involved in natural gas gathering and processing, was the top MLP loser in the week ending November 24. It fell 7.1% during the week. The partnership has lost 11.6% in November. However, Southcross Energy Partners is still trading 25.9% above the levels at the beginning of the year. (44-0)

Last Week’s Worst-Performing MLPs

2017-11-21 marketrealist
Upstream MLPs including EV Energy Partners (EVEP), Mid-Con Energy Partners (MCEP), and Legacy Reserves (LGCY) were among the top MLP losers last week. EVEP, MCEP, and LGCY fell 15.8%, 10.9%, and 9.9%, respectively. Upstream MLPs’ fall could be due to the correction in crude oil prices. They’ve fallen 67.3%, 59.2%, and 26.9% since the beginning of this year. The survival of these upstream MLP remains uncertain, considering their weak liquidity positions amid the challenging energy price environment. (31-0)

Mid-Con Energy Partners Struggles With Declining Production

2017-11-20 seekingalpha
Mid-Con appears to have addressed its credit facility issues for the time being at the cost of selling its Southern Oklahoma assets and raising new preferred equity. (2-0)

MCEP / Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP - Stock Institutional Ownership and Shareholders -

Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP (NASDAQ:MCEP) has 31 institutional investors and shareholders that have filed 13D/G or 13F forms with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). These institutions hold a total of 8,361,614 shares. Largest shareholders include Goff John C, RR Advisors, LLC, Pointe Capital Management LLC, Oppenheimer & Co Inc, and Wedbush Securities Inc. (17-0)

Mid-Con's Q3: Covenant Violation, Credit Facility Update And Major Disposition

2017-11-15 seekingalpha
Mid-Con's Q3 financials were finally posted. Like a Swiss watch, Mid-Con may be small but there are many moving parts and little margin of error. (25-0)

Mid-Con Energy Partners LP: Q2 Analysis And Q3 Forecast

2017-11-10 seekingalpha
Mid-Con Energy Partners LP is one of few upstream master limited partnerships still in the game after years of depressed oil prices. (10-0)

EV Energy Partners Was the Top MLP Gainer Last Week

2017-11-07 marketrealist
Upstream MLPs including EV Energy Partners (EVEP), Mid-Con Energy Partners MCEP), and Legacy Reserves (LGCY) led the MLP top gainers in the week ending November 3. EV Energy Partners and Mid-Con Energy Partners were the top two MLP gainers last week. EV Energy Partners rose 82.4%, while Mid-Con Energy Partners rose 26.3%. Legacy Reserves was on the top ten list with a week-over-week gain of 4.5%. (29-0)

These Stocks Were the Biggest MLP Losers Last Week

2017-10-09 marketrealist
EV Energy Partners (EVEP) and Mid-Con Energy Partners (MCEP) were the top two MLP losers last week. EVEP and LGCY fell 11.8% and 7.8% during the week, respectively. The upstream MLPs fell due to the weakness in crude oil prices last week. Legacy Resources (LGCY), another upstream MLP, was also among the top ten MLP losers. It fell 2.0%. EVEP, MCEP, and LGCY have lost 73.2%, 59.2%, and 29.7% YTD (year-to-date), respectively. (20-0)

Linn Energy's Buyback Just Got Big

2017-10-09 seekingalpha
In this piece, I wanted to look over some recent developments involving Linn Energy, a once-bankrupt firm that has eliminated all of its debt. (4-0)

These MLPs Rose More than 6.0% in the Week Ended September 29

2017-10-03 marketrealist
Upstream MLPs EV Energy Partners (EVEP), Mid-Con Energy Partners (MCEP), and Legacy Reserves (LGCY) were the top three gainers during the week ended September 29. During the week, EVEP, MCEP, and LGCY rose 17.6%, 13.7%, and 11.8%, respectively, driven by the rally in crude oil prices. Upstream companies, which have direct commodity price exposure, typically benefit from a rise in crude oil prices. (13-0)

Top MLP Losers in the Week Ending September 22

2017-09-26 marketrealist
Ferrellgas Partners (FGP), which is involved in propane logistics and distribution, was the top MLP loser in the week ending September 22. Ferrellgas Partners fell 4.8% during the week. It has lost 21.3% YTD (year-to-date). Its peers, AmeriGas Partners (APU) and Suburban Propane Partners (SPH) have lost 10.4% and 19.0%, respectively, while Star Gas Partners (SGU) has risen 1.2%. For a comparative analysis of these propane MLPs, read APU, FGP, SPH, and SGU: Analyzing Prospects for the Propane MLPs. (28-0)

Oil Companies' Spending Plans Foretell Lower Production

2017-09-21 seekingalpha
In this article, I decided to look at some changes that have been made over the past few months among a dozen energy firms (180-0)

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