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Headline News, Inc. Stock Is Firing on All Cylinders

2018-03-16 investorplace
With shares of, inc. (NYSE:CRM) up more than 50% over the course of the past 12 months and up 18% just since the end of last year, it’s difficult to say they’re not technically overbought. Now may be a good time to take some profits on CRM stock, just as a matter of trading discipline. (53-0)

Coca-Cola (KO) a Sell at $43.67

2018-03-16 investorplace
The Sell for Coca-Cola (KO) this week is based on the most current market intelligence, and comparative pricing of its shares. Being a component of an industry group and sector that are ranked above average in attractiveness adds a point of emphasis The Coca-Cola Company's (NYSE:KO) Sell recommendation and adds a point of emphasis. Reasons for this recommendation include a ranking in the company's sector group that is in the third quarter, a ranking in its industry group that is in the bottom eighth, a mathematical computation of risk/reward that is average, and an analytical score that is below average. (3-0)

Retirement Strategies: The Joys Of Changing Careers And A Closer Look At U.S Steel

2018-03-16 seekingalpha
World leaders, as well as Wall Street, appear concerned about President Trump’s plans to 25% tariff on steel imports and 10% on aluminum imports. As a result, Trump is sending Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to meet with members of the European Union about these tariffs. U.S. Steel (NYSE:X) might be worse off after tariffs. (72-0)

3 Naked Puts to Help You Make $1,000 Monthly

2018-03-15 investorplace
The most frequent email question that I get is “how can I generate more monthly income from my portfolio?” There are many answers to that question, and I always reply that this question cannot be answered in a vacuum. All investors must take into account their entire long-term investment goals — and more importantly, their risk profile — before making any kind of investment decision. (78-0)

At $43.78, Coca-Cola (KO) a Sell

2018-03-15 investorplace
At $43.78, Coca-Cola (KO) a Sell based on the latest comparative pricing of its shares and analysis. The Sell recommendation for The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) is significant considering it is a component of a sector and an industry group that are rated above average in attractiveness. Influencing this recommendation are a quantitative risk/reward calculation that is average, analytical scoring that is below average, and a ranking in the company's sector group that is in the third quarter, and a ranking in its industry group that is in the bottom eighth. (3-0)

Is This the Beginning of a Rough Patch for Coca-Cola Stock?

2018-03-15 investorplace
No doubt, The Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) will always remain “it” with some income-oriented, orphans and widows investors. But off and on the price chart, Coca-Cola stock has lost a bit of its fizz and is looking less secure without sensibly hedging your bet. Let me explain. (3-0)

Constructing A Dividend Growth Portfolio

2018-03-13 seekingalpha
DGI is not the get rich quick method, but if done correctly, it could pay massive dividends towards your financial freedom, literraly. (164-0)

3 Rules You Need for Picking Dividend Stocks | InvestorPlace

2018-03-13 investorplace
John D. Rockefeller once noted: “Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.” (30-0)

National Beverage: Upgrading To Strong Buy

2018-03-13 seekingalpha
I am upgrading my fair value range to $115-134 based on tax reform and lower views of the competition after sampling their products. (9-0)

Carter's: A Company For The Next 100 Years

2018-03-13 seekingalpha
On May 31 of last year I published an article about Carter's Inc. (CRI), a manufacturer and retailer of children's clothing and accessories. Please take the time to read it here, as it explains my initial long thesis and will provide context for this article. Had you invested in Carter's on that day, you would now have a 38% return, before dividends. My intent today is to discuss some recent developments from their full year conference call and associated 10-K, and how that strengthens the case for Carter's as one of the best investments for the next 100 years. (5-0)

March To Freedom Fund Update: Income Grew 37% In February

2018-03-12 seekingalpha
The S&P 500 lost 3.9%, the Dow Jones lost 4.28% and the March to Freedom Fund lost 3.8% in the month of February. (594-1)

Cleveland Scout Club hall destroyed by 'suspicious fire': police

Police are investigating after a fire ripped through a scout hall in Cleveland early Sunday morning. (3-0)

5 Under-the-Radar Dividend ETFs for Every Investor | InvestorPlace

2018-03-09 investorplace
Dividend exchange-traded funds (ETFs) represent a significant percentage of the overall ETF universe and an even bigger chunk of the smart beta space. In the U.S., there are more than 200 dividend and income ETFs available to investors, some of which are also among the largest smart beta strategies. (10-0)

GE: You Can Smell The Blood

2018-03-09 seekingalpha
We are at a point in the business cycle where a stock with a beta as high as GE's cannot be ignored. (108-0)

Internap Corporation's (INAP) CEO Pete Aquino on Q4 2017 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

2018-03-08 seekingalpha
Internap Network Services Corporation (NASDAQ:INAP) Q4 2017 Earnings Conference Call March 8, 2018 8:30 AM ET (9-0)

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