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Would Gold Benefit From A Commodities Comeback?

2018-02-23 seekingalpha
The question of the hour among investors in all asset categories is whether or not global equities, with the U.S. stock market in particular, are on the brink of another panic sell-off. The resolution of this question will certainly go a long way in determining gold’s immediate-term outlook. With safe haven demand for gold in the wake of recent financial market weakness still fairly strong, gold would certainly stand to benefit from further weakness. (6-0)

A Critical Test Of Support For Gold

2018-02-22 seekingalpha
Spot gold closed lower on Wednesday after its biggest daily slide in 10 weeks the previous day. Gold struggled to rise in the face of a higher U.S. dollar index and ignored weakness in U.S. equities for a second straight day. Spot gold shed 0.40% for the day and closed at $1,324. April gold futures, however, settled slightly higher at $1,332. (12-0)

Gold Weekly: The Best Is Yet To Come

2018-02-22 seekingalpha
Speculators cut their net long positions for a 3rd week in a row, the CFTC shows. (12-0)

Will Gold's Safety Bid Remain Intact?

2018-02-21 seekingalpha
Gold remains stuck in a 4-week lateral trading range as it seeks to consolidate the gains it achieved in the run-up to late January. As we’ll discuss in this commentary, gold’s immediate-term technical underpinning isn’t as strong as it was last month, yet it does still enjoy a measure of safety-related support in the wake of the heightened volatility in the equity market. This safety bid is coming under attack, however, and we’ll look at whether gold has enough strength to maintain its intermediate-term upward trend. (4-0)

Gold Investors Have Their Cake And Eat It Too

2018-02-15 seekingalpha
Every once in a while, things go an investor’s way regardless of whether the prevailing news is bullish or bearish. This may well be one of those rare times for gold investors if recent events are any indication. In the last several days, increased fear in the wake of the stock market panic was gold’s primary catalyst for higher prices. After Wednesday’s release of the latest inflation data, however, it would also appear that the improved U. (13-0)

Gold Still Supported By Fear Factor

2018-02-14 seekingalpha
Gold prices continue to show relative strength against equities and other commodities as fear remains high among market equity participants. Although traders expect gold’s near-term gains will be muted ahead of the latest U.S. inflation data, there are reasons for believing that the “fear factor” underlying the market will not only support but eventually boost the gold price higher than most observers expect. (4-0)

Why Gold Will Benefit From Yen Strength

2018-02-12 seekingalpha
While the gold price was lower last week, it showed a surprising degree of relative strength when measured against the stock market. This improved relative price strength has been the central focus of my recent commentaries and will likely be the deciding factor in which side wins the latest tug-of-war between the gold bulls and bears. We’ll discuss the latest developments here and look at another insightful leading indicator which suggests the bulls will eventually prevail. (5-0)

Gold Weekly: It Will Shine

2018-02-12 seekingalpha
Gold sold off 2.4% last week in spite of a sharp equity sell-off. Where is the safe-haven bid? (4-0)

What's Holding Back Gold?

2018-02-09 seekingalpha
In what has been a choppy week of trading, the gold price finally benefited from some safety buying on Thursday. April gold futures rose 0.3 percent to $1,322 on Feb. 8 as global equity markets continued to show weakness. In today’s commentary we’ll look at the factors which have held the gold price back recently. We’ll also try and discern its prospects for finally breaking free of its immediate-term downward slope in view of the latest financial market developments. (4-0)

What Could Propel A Continued Gold Recovery?

2018-02-08 seekingalpha
After an impressive upside run over the last several weeks, the price of gold is showing weakness once again. This has caused participants to wonder how much lower the gold price must sink before equilibrium is restored to the market and also what could drive gold prices higher in the near term now that the dollar is strengthening. I’ll attempt to answer these questions, as well as discuss gold’s longer-term recovery, in this commentary. (4-0)

Gold Weekly: Is It A Safe-Haven, Seriously?

2018-02-08 seekingalpha
ETF investors cut their gold holdings for the first time in three weeks, according to FastMarkets’ estimates. (4-0)

Gold And Dollar Diverge As Safe-Haven Bid Dissipates

2018-02-07 seekingalpha
Almost as quickly as it began, gold’s safe-haven bid was reversed on Tuesday as the broad U.S. equity market retraced an earlier decline and closed sharply higher to snap a 6-day losing streak. A key short-term price level was broken in the gold market, which we'll discuss here, while the U.S. dollar index came closer to confirming a short-term bottom. Here we’ll look at the immediate technical developments in the gold market and discuss the prospects for gold’s continued longer-term recovery. (4-0)

Will Gold And The Dollar Rally Together?

2018-02-06 seekingalpha
For the first time in several months, gold is showing an increase in its relative strength versus the equity market. For reasons that have become abundantly clear, the metal’s attraction as a financial safe haven has risen during the stock market’s recent plunge. Here we’ll look at how much gold’s near-term prospects have improved and how this in turn has given further impetus to its longer-term recovery. (4-0)

Has Gold's Recovery Reached Its Limit?

2018-02-05 seekingalpha
There's an old saying on Wall Street to the effect that when the stock market is stricken with panic, everything suffers in the ensuing decline. This includes even commodities and other non-equity assets. This was certainly the case last week when the price of gold took a hit during the stock market rout. While many traders assume that gold as a safe haven asset is immune from such declines, that's not always the case. (4-0)

Radical Gold Underinvestment

2018-02-03 seekingalpha
Global investors are radically underinvested in gold today.  Years of relentless stock-market rallying to endless new record highs has left prudent portfolio diversification with counter-moving gold deeply out of favor. (8-0)

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