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Gold Miners Remain Under Pressure

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Gold took another spill on Thursday as dollar-related pressure continues to mount for the yellow metal. Gold still has shown no signs of being near a bottom, and as we’ll discuss in today’s commentary, a gold mining stock inverse ETF suggests there is a danger of further weakness ahead for the yellow metal.

Gold Loses Yet Another Support

2018-06-21 seekingalpha
If it wasn't bad enough that the overpower demand for dollars lately has wreaked havoc on the gold market, gold has also lost two valuable supports. The silver price reversed its recent rally attempt, thereby depriving gold of one such support. The gold and silver mining stocks have also faded in just the last few days, removing yet another potential support. This brings gold back to square one as the bulls have lost all control of the immediate-term trend, as we'll discuss in today's commentary.

The Reason Why Investors Are Shunning Gold

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Many participants are baffled as to why gold hasn’t attracted any discernible safe-haven demand lately. There has certainly been no shortage of headline fears to spark a gold rally, yet so far gold hasn’t responded to these fears at all. As I’ll argue in today’s commentary, there is a legitimate reason for gold’s failure to rally and it has to do with the unusual combination of emerging markets weakness and U.

Gold Loses Silver's Support As Dollar Dominates

2018-06-19 seekingalpha
The main headline driver for gold's recent weakness remains the ongoing strength in the U.S. dollar. Meanwhile the June rally in the silver price, which would normally have buoyed gold, turned out to be nothing more than a "head fake" as silver has given back its recent gains. Gold now finds itself back in the same position it has been stuck in for most of this spring, namely in a position of weakness.

Dollar Headwind Too Strong For Gold

2018-06-18 seekingalpha
For the last few weeks it has been my refrain that a strong dollar is the number one obstacle for the gold price being unable to make headway. Evidently the term “strong dollar” rankles many investors who for some reason view the recent strength of the U.S. currency with suspicion. As I’ll emphasize in this report, however, the dynamic which has been in place since April remains intact and for now gold remains vulnerable to the dollar’s rising value.

Can Gold Rally Despite A Strong Dollar?

2018-06-15 seekingalpha
Gold is facing what is potentially its toughest test of the year right now. Its attempt at rallying despite a strengthening dollar will test not only the buying power of the gold bulls who believe the metal can rally despite the powerful headwind from gold’s currency component, but also the belief by many investors that higher risk assets offer better value than gold right now. In today’s commentary, we’ll focus on this conflict as I’ll make the case that while gold can make some headway against a strong dollar in the immediate term, a weaker dollar is definitely needed to catalyze a sustainable rally in the intermediate-to-longer term.

The XAU Teases A Breakout

2018-06-14 seekingalpha
With the price of gold subdued by a strong dollar, most actively traded gold mining stocks are also understandably feeling that same pressure. There are, however, a few conspicuous mining companies which display relative strength in the face of the current weak market for gold. In this report we'll examine these standouts along with the technical condition of the overall mining stock market. My argument is that while gold stocks as a group aren't yet ready to experience a rally, the odds of one later this summer have increased.

A Strong Dollar Is Gold's Biggest Nemesis

2018-06-13 seekingalpha
A stubbornly strong U.S. dollar has kept the technically oversold gold price from launching a rally. While the strong dollar factor is likely to continue weighing against gold in the immediate term, we’ll discuss in this report the growing number of positive factors for gold which suggest the metal’s prospects will improve heading into summer.

Why Gold Doesn't Need A Reason To Rally

2018-06-12 seekingalpha
Are there any immediate news-related catalysts for a gold rally? That’s the question metals traders have been asking of late. While there have been no shortage of headline-driven events recently which have justified at least a little safe-haven buying, none of these events (e.g. Italy, trade tariffs, North Korea) have sufficed to really whet investors’ appetites for gold. With the absence of fear in news headlines, it may therefore be tempting to conclude that short-term prospects for a gold rally are virtually nil.

Gold Stocks: A Tale Of 2 Markets

2018-06-11 seekingalpha
Gold mining stocks as measured by the popular averages like the PHLX Gold/Silver Index (XAU) have gone nowhere since April. Yet below the surface, there are signs of promise among individual mining shares. In today’s commentary, we’ll examine this bifurcated market condition and remove the chaff from the wheat to see just where the strength is coming from. We’ll also see that while short-term conditions remain weak for the mining stock group, improvement should become visible by later this summer.

Has Gold's Moment Finally Arrived?

2018-06-08 seekingalpha
Several weeks into a corrective decline for the gold price and investors are asking the question featured in the above headline. Their hopes have been buoyed by the dollar’s latest slip, along with an impressive rally in the silver price. In today’s commentary, we’ll examine the technical evidence which suggests that gold can indeed benefit from these recent developments.

A Ray Of Light For Gold

2018-06-07 seekingalpha
After dropping to its lowest level of the year last month, gold has been relegated to the dustbin by most investors. In recent weeks, there has been a show of apathy and, in some cases, outright antipathy, toward the yellow metal after its underperformance in the face of a strong dollar and a buoyant equity market. But gold's immediate-term prospects are finally starting to show some promise, as we'll discuss in today's commentary.

Can John Paulson Save The Gold Mining Stocks?

2018-06-05 seekingalpha
Natural resource investors were excited to learn recently that an effort is underway to boost the profile of the underperforming gold mining industry. If successful, this campaign could result in higher share prices for major mining companies and may even the gold price a lift. But how likely are the combined efforts of several major stakeholders to succeed in turning things around for the industry? And even if successful, how long will this effort take before making a definite impact on gold mining companies? As I’ll argue here, investors shouldn’t hold their breath in expectation of any significant results in the foreseeable future.

An Overstretched Dollar Vs. A Precarious Gold Price

2018-06-04 seekingalpha
Gold can’t seem to catch a break. At least, that was the conclusion many investors made after last week’s poor performance for the yellow metal. Gold continued to face pressure from growing evidence of strength in both the U.S. economy and the dollar. Entering the new week, the gold bulls remain under the gun. There is, however, one specific catalyst which could change gold’s immediate-term fortunes, which we’ll discuss in today’s report.

Do Gold Stocks Have An Excuse To Rally?

2018-06-01 seekingalpha
While gold’s immediate trend remains uncertain in the face of U.S. dollar strength, the metal does have at least one important ally: the gold stocks. As I’ll argue here, recent internal improvements among several actively traded mining shares could serve to stimulate short-term demand for gold. In today’s report, we’ll look at the internal momentum structure for gold stocks and see how much rally potential exists for the XAU index in June.

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