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Will The Yen Ride To Gold's Rescue?

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The gold price remains dangerously close to its low for the year and is vulnerable to renewed selling pressure thanks to lingering strength in the dollar. The weight of evidence also still favors a defensive position as gold's immediate-term trend is still undecided. As we'll discuss in today's report, however, an important leading indicator for gold - the yen - is still favorable for a gold turnaround attempt to be made.

Watch For Falling Daggers

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The opportunity for the bulls to regain control of gold’s immediate-term (1-4 week) trend is stronger than it has been in weeks. As we’ll discuss in today’s comments, the bulls should quickly move to push the gold price higher early this week. Otherwise, the odds are high that we’ll end up witnessing another “falling dagger” event in which the gold price falls to another new low.

Another Gold Inflection Point Is Here

2018-09-14 seekingalpha
The wait for a meaningful rally in the gold price may soon be over. In this commentary we’ll discuss the latest technical improvements in the precious metals arena, including the sudden liveliness displayed by the leading gold mining stocks. I’ll argue that the fuse for a worthwhile short-covering rally was lit this earlier week and will ignite a rally if gold’s currency component shows any additional weakness in the next couple of days.

Gold Stocks Show Signs Of Life

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If there weren't enough hurdles in gold’s path, the latest rise in U.S. Treasury yields has created yet another obstacle. In today’s report we’ll examine the interest rate outlook as it pertains to gold’s immediate-term prospects. I’ll also show that while both gold and silver are likely to remain under pressure in September, the latest developments in the gold mining stocks offer at least some encouragement for an XAU index turnaround in the coming weeks.

Focus On The Gold Mining Stocks

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The month of September has so far been a tough one for gold. The yellow metal just can’t seem to catch a break as the latest headlines -- whether positive and negative -- have failed to stimulate gold demand. Gold’s safety component has been nullified since April as investors have preferred holding cash over bullion while emerging market assets continue to be liquidated. Today we’ll look at the latest factors which point to a continued choppy, directionless market condition for gold in the immediate term.

Can China Reverse Gold's Bear Market?

2018-09-07 seekingalpha
As emerging markets fell briefly into bear market territory on Thursday, gold investors feared that the yellow metal would sell off once again in response. The gold price held firm, however, while investors pondered the metal’s immediate future. In today’s comments we’ll focus especially on China and how that nation’s fight to restore its currency, if successful, could eventually reverse gold’s bear market.

ETF Liquidations Still Weigh On Gold

2018-09-06 seekingalpha
As the search for a bottom continues for gold, the majority of gold’s most salient technical factors still weigh against a price reversal in the immediate term. However, there is at least one widely watched, significant indicator which provides a hope for the gold bulls at some in the coming weeks. We’ll review this factor, along with the other evidence, in today’s commentary.

Mining Stocks Have Some Bad News For Gold

2018-09-05 seekingalpha
Gold entered the new month on a sour note as last week's dollar rally continued on Tuesday. Although the gold price is still above its August low, there are signs that this important level will be tested and possibly even violated. In today's comments, we'll look at the weight of evidence which suggests the bears will soon attempt another raid on gold.

Gold's Critical Week Ahead

2018-09-03 seekingalpha
Just when it looked like the gold price would reverse a five-month downward trend last week, investors were quickly disappointed when the metal price stalled out and failed to confirm a reversal. Instead, the gold price spent the last few days hovering above its yearly lows as the market was met with yet another dollar rebound. In today’s comments we’ll review the evidence which suggests the bears will attempt to reassert their control over gold’s immediate-term (1-4 week) trend entering September.

Gold Bulls Finally Have An Advantage

2018-08-30 seekingalpha
As the gold price hit its highest level since Aug. 10 on Wednesday, investors are weighing the prospects for the metal’s first meaningful rally since January. As we’ll discuss in today’s comments, it’s still too early to assume with certitude a bullish resolution to gold’s latest bottoming attempt. However, the weight of evidence is now more in favor of the gold bulls’ short-term success than it has been in several months.

Gold: So Close, Yet So Far

2018-08-29 seekingalpha
The gold price made an all-too-familiar U-turn on Tuesday after an impressive rally the previous two days. Gold was unsettled by recent headline developments, causing the bulls to quickly lose heart as sellers forced the yellow metal below its pivotal breakout level from last week. In today’s report we’ll examine the prospects for another relief rally attempt for gold. I’ll make the case that while gold still has immediate-term rally potential, a couple of things are required before it’s safe to buy again.

More Relief For Gold As Dollar Weakens

2018-08-28 seekingalpha
After endless weeks of waiting, the gold bulls finally have their moment to shine. After establishing a yearly low of $1,184 on Aug. 16, the gold price has now seen its best 7-day performance in over three months. In today’s comments, we’ll look at the evidence which favors the bulls consolidating their control of the immediate-term (1-4 week) trend.

Gold's Moment In The Spotlight Arrives

2018-08-27 seekingalpha
After weeks of being relegated to the sidelines by the mainstream financial media, gold has once again commanded the attention of the investment world. Several major news outlets have put the spotlight on gold as investors hold their breaths in anticipation of the metal establishing a price low. In today’s comments we’ll review what the press is saying about gold’s near-term future and how this outburst of sentiment suggests a technical rally is imminent for the metal.

Hold Your Breath, Gold Bulls

2018-08-24 seekingalpha
The battle for control of gold’s immediate trend continues as currency traders and bullion investors alike focus on a key level in the U.S. dollar index. In today’s comments we’ll discuss the improving odds for a gold turnaround in the immediate-term in light of the latest evidence. However, the current market environment is still technically bearish and favors holding cash over gold.

Money For Nothing: When Fiscal And Monetary Policy (Didn't) Fail Simultaneously (Part III)

2018-08-24 seekingalpha
We will turn in the final part of this series to three instances where combined economic policies seemingly worked very effectively.

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