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Prospects Improve For Year-End Gold Rally

20h seekingalpha
It has been a long, frustrating wait for gold bulls these last few weeks. After a seemingly interminable sideways trend, the price of gold seems finally to be ready for a breakout. Here we'll discuss gold's near-term prospects in light of the dollar's latest reversal as well as the improved outlook for commodities. (8-0)

Two Potential Breakout Catalysts For Gold

2017-11-15 seekingalpha
Gold prices remain in the narrowing trading range of the last four weeks as the impasse continues between the bulls and the bears. I’ve argued that a resolution to gold’s sideways trend is likely near, and here we’ll examine the latest evidence which points in favor of an eventual upside breakout for the gold price. We’ll focus on two factors that could catalyze a gold breakout. (56-0)

Gold Bulls Prepare To Charge As Dollar Slips

2017-11-13 seekingalpha
A weakening dollar index in the coming days would provide gold the boost it needs to breakout from its lateral trend. (4-0)

Gold Investment Stalled

2017-11-10 seekingalpha
Gold investment demand has stalled out in recent months, condemning gold to drift sideways.  American stock investors aren’t doing any differential GLD-share buying, which is essential to fuel gold uplegs. (8-0)

A Return Of The Inflation Trade For Gold

2017-11-08 seekingalpha
Gold still caught up in a tug-of-war between bulls and bears, but resolution is fast approaching. (5-0)

Important Juncture For Gold Price Imminent

2017-11-01 seekingalpha
Gold still hindered by a strengthening dollar but still manages to hold above pivotal October low. (5-0)

Gold Bulls Hanging On By A Thread

2017-10-25 seekingalpha
The internal condition of the actively traded gold mining stocks provides clues for gold’s near-term outlook. (4-0)

Gold Bulls Close To Regaining Upper Hand

2017-10-18 seekingalpha
Gold under pressure from dollar strength, interest rates but the bulls are fighting hard for control. (4-0)

Gold For The Dividend Growth Investor

2017-10-17 seekingalpha
It can be a good idea to keep cash or cash substitutes like gold around to be able to buy when a bargain comes along. (14-0)

Gold Reconfirming Intermediate-Term Uptrend

2017-10-13 seekingalpha
In recent commentaries I’ve focused on the improvement in the internal condition for many individual gold mining stocks, as well as the breakout attempt above the three-week trend line for gold. Both developments are closely related, and a successful outcome for either one is likely to determine the trend for both gold and gold stocks in the next several weeks. (4-0)

Gold Set to Sparkle in Q4: ETFs to Consider

2017-10-12 zacks
Despite the bullishness in the stock market, gold maintained its sheen this year thanks to geopolitical concerns, instability in Europe and United States as well as lofty stock valuations. This is especially true, as the bullion has risen about 9.2% while the S&P 500 Index has gained 13.2% in the year-to-date time frame.   After the fourth consecutive weekly loss, gold price rebounded to a two-week high toward $1,300 per ounce level as uptick in geopolitical uncertainty raised demand for the precious metal as a safe haven. (4-0)

Gold Teases Breakout As Geopolitical Fears Proliferate

2017-10-11 seekingalpha
Gold rose to its highest level in nearly two weeks on Tuesday, bolstered by a weaker dollar and geopolitical tensions. Gold's rally was muted, however, by the threat of a Fed funds interest rate increase in the coming weeks. In this commentary we'll discuss whether these fears are well founded and if gold can continue to push higher in spite of them. (4-0)

ETF Strategies to Benefit from North Korea Tensions

2017-10-09 zacks
North Korean tensions once again flared up after President Trump returned with his incendiary comments against the rouge nation. “Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of U.S. negotiators,” Trump said in a pair of tweets. (17-1)

Gold Stocks Heat Up Below The Surface

2017-10-09 seekingalpha
While many are still bearish on gold, October could be a turnaround month for the metal. (4-0)

Gold's Chances For October Recovery Are Strong

2017-10-04 seekingalpha
After a rough month of September, the gold price may finally be on the verge of an October rebound based on bullion demand from buyers of gold coins and bars. The key indicator to watch for clues of a gold reversal in the coming days is the PHLX Gold/Silver Index (XAU), which we’ll examine in this commentary. (4-0)

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