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Top 10 Dividend Contenders Cast 16-22.5% January Net Gains Per Broker 1-Year Targets

20h seekingalpha
Broker target-estimated January Dividend Contender top-ten net-gains ranged 16%-22.5%, from NHI, ENB, PM, ETE, OGE, OHI, PPL, TLP, HCN, and were topped by ETP as selected 12/29/17 and gauged 1/12/18. (50-0)

Welltower Is Well Worth Buying At These Prices

2018-01-17 seekingalpha
REITs have been hammered lately due to interest rate concerns with as many as 4 hikes possible this year. (2-0)

Patience Pays: Top REIT Is A Buy After Hitting 2-Year Lows

2018-01-17 seekingalpha
Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. generates consistently favorable financial results and now yields an unusually high 4.5%. (20-0)

Stocks For 2018: Beaten Down, With Dividends, And Recession Resistant

2018-01-16 seekingalpha
After an 8-year bull run, I am looking to invest in stocks that will sustain revenues if the economic cycle turns south. (248-0)

Low Risk/High Return Dividend Growth REIT, Yields 5.4%

2018-01-13 seekingalpha
High return/low risk is a combination that rarely exists, but relatively speaking Ventas offers a very strong risk-to-return ratio. (157-2)

Top Dividend Achievers Are Omega Health By Yield And HCP By Net Gains In January

2018-01-12 seekingalpha
Dividend Achiever stocks are distinguished by 10 or more straight years of higher dividends. Some 265 Achiever equities are balanced by sector and capitalization. (28-0)

John's Portfolio - How To Wisely Use Preferred Stock To Boost Yield

2018-01-10 seekingalpha
Preferred stock can be a great tool for boosting yield and understanding how preferred shares work is the key to purchasing the right shares. (225-0)

Top Holdings Of Real Estate ETFs

2018-01-07 seekingalpha
Previously, I analyzed the top holdings of 32 dividend ETFs and presented a ranked list of the 50 top dividend growth stocks held in these ETFs. (51-0)

What To Do With Omega Healthcare In 2018

2018-01-04 seekingalpha
There are catalysts for short-term price moves (e.g., a possible short squeeze), the outlook for the long run is positive as well (due to demographics). (1-0)

As Per Brokers, 2018's S&P 500 Index Top Net Gainers Are CenturyLink, Navient, PPL Corp., And First Energy

2018-01-04 seekingalpha
Broker target-estimated December top ten net gains ranged from 14.1% to 27.85%, topped by CTL as of 12/29/17. (84-0)

Welltower to Buy Sunrise's Healthcare Communities Portfolio

2018-01-03 zacks
Healthcare real estate investment trust (REIT) Welltower (HCN - Free Report) is making pronounced efforts to strengthen its portfolio of healthcare assets. Most recently, the company announced entering into a definitive agreement for the acquisition of a portfolio of four rental continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). These communities are located in the top markets of Washington D.C., Miami and Charlottesville Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). (2-0)

January 2018 Stock Considerations

2018-01-02 seekingalpha
With a new year and a new month upon us, it is time, once again, for me to outline my potential stock picks for my dividend growth portfolio. I'll continue to preface this post with my usual rant about how important it is to ignore all the financial panic that's being spewed by the mainstream media. As we all know by now, there is never a perfect time to invest. There will always be some political, financial, economic or social worry that indicates an imminent correction or collapse. (39-0)

Welltower Rides on Growth Curve With Strategic Developments

2017-12-28 zacks
Welltower (HCN - Free Report) has been making efforts to bring together modern healthcare centers and major health systems. Through these efforts the company is also enhancing the quality of its assets. Furthermore, this industry-leading healthcare real estate investment trust (REIT) has been resorting to innovative initiatives in a bid to add value to its portfolio. (74-0)

4 No-Fee DRIP Investments For 2018

2017-12-27 seekingalpha
We all love discounts, I'm no exception. And while you won't find me waiting in line overnight for the new iphone or muscling through crowds on Black Friday, you will however catch me drooling over picking up some big name stocks below current market price. (7-0)

By How Much Will Welltower Raise Its Dividend?

2017-12-27 seekingalpha
HCN offers a generous 5.5% dividend yield and is expected to raise its dividend next month.

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