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What's Next For Hi-Crush

2017-11-19 seekingalpha
Hi-Crush Partners' (HCLP) shares have performed terribly in 2017; that’s not debatable. What we have to do now is move on from the past and look to the future. Often times yesterday's dogs are tomorrow's stars, but that is no guarantee, which is why due diligence is required to determine if the poor performance was related to a secular change or a temporary hurdle to be worked through. In Hi-Crush’s case, the facts on the ground point to a strengthening market while more importantly guidance from not only Hi-Crush but also Fairmount Santrol's (FMSA) and U. (4-0)

Coal Glows Atop Basic Materials Per November Broker Target Gains

2017-11-13 seekingalpha
Coal, Gold, Wood Chips, and Chemicals, topped November's Basic Materials sector for gains while Synthos Chemical was top dog by yield, calculated 11/10/17. (14-0)

Select Sands Expands Its Frac Sand Market East

2017-11-10 seekingalpha
Select Sands Corp (OTCQX:SLSDF) announced on Wednesday that it completed its first sale of 10,000 tons on its Tier 1 frac sand by barge to drillers in the Utica and Marcellus shale regions. This is a significant achievement for the firm as it represents its first foray into shipping by barge. (5-0)

Are Buybacks Becoming Mainstream For Midstream?

2017-11-08 seekingalpha
When you hear MLPs and buybacks, chances are that you don't think of dynamic combinations like peanut butter and jelly or Hall and Oates. For some, the mere thought of MLPs may conjure up memories of repeated equity issuances - the exact opposite of buybacks. When I hear the word "buybacks" [1] in relation to MLPs, my first thought is of refiners dropping down assets to their MLPs and using cash proceeds from the drop downs to fund repurchases of the C-Corp stock, for example Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:MPC) and MPLX (NYSE:MPLX). (22-2)

Hi-Crush: Sky-High Expectations Create A Great Buying Opportunity

2017-11-02 seekingalpha
Hi-Crush Partners LP (HCLP) did a great job on improving performance on pretty much every key metric that investors look at for the company. Almost all of these numbers look to improve in the following quarter as the company starts to fully realize the Kermit plant's strategic advantages. The company's PropStream crews look to add growth and value added services to the company's customers other sand companies cannot match. (5-1)

Most Analysts Rated Emerge Energy Services as a ‘Hold’

2017-11-02 marketrealist
Of the analysts surveyed by Reuters, 37% rated Emerge Energy Services (EMES) as a “buy” and 63% rated it as a “hold.” None of the analysts rated Emerge Energy Services as a “sell.” The median target price for Emerge Energy Services is $12, which implies an upside of 47% in a year from its current price of $8.17. (21-0)

Emerge Energy Services: Why Its 3Q17 Earnings Rose

2017-11-02 marketrealist
Emerge Energy Services (EMES) announced its 3Q17 results on November 1, 2017. The company’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) for the quarter rose 149% sequentially to $18.7 million. Emerge Energy Services’ 3Q16 EBITDA was -$8.1 million. Its DCF (distributable cash flow) rose to $14.1 million from $2.6 million in 2Q17 due to increased sand volumes sold during the quarter. (5-0)

Hi-Crush Partners LP 2017 Q3 - Results - Earnings Call Slides

2017-11-02 seekingalpha
The following slide deck was published by Hi-Crush Partners LP in conjunction with their 2017 Q3 earnings call. (4-0)

Hi-Crush Partners’ 3Q17 Earnings: Higher Volumes and New Projects

2017-11-01 marketrealist
Hi-Crush Partners (HCLP) reported its 3Q17 results on October 31, 2017. The company’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) rose 56% from 2Q17 to $41.8 million in 3Q17. Hi-Crush Partner’s distributable cash flow rose 64% to $37.5 million in 3Q17. The earnings growth during the quarter was driven by higher sand volumes sold and newer projects placed into service. (4-0)

Hi-Crush Partners LP (HCLP) Q3 2017 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

2017-11-01 seekingalpha
Greetings and welcome to the Hi-Crush Partners Third Quarter 2017 Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. A question-and-answer session will follow the formal presentation. As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. (4-0)

Hi-Crush Partners LP to Host Earnings Call

2017-11-01 accesswire

How MLPs’ Valuation Looks after the Recent Correction

2017-10-31 marketrealist
The Alerian MLP Index (^AMZ) was trading at a yield spread of 5.34% to the ten-year Treasury yield by the end of last week. This spread is higher than the five-year and one-year averages of 4.48% and 4.95%, respectively. The spread between AMZ and the Treasury yield has widened due to the recent corrections in the MLP space while Treasury yields have remained more or less constant. (45-0)

Last Week’s Top MLP Gainers

2017-10-31 marketrealist
CVR Partners (UAN), the MLP mainly involved in the production of nitrogen fertilizers, was the top MLP gainer last week. CVR Partners rose 7.7%. Its recent gains could be due to the strengthening of ammonia prices. However, the partnership has lost 42.1% since the beginning of this year.  (101-0)

5 Battered Stocks That Can Come Back From the Grave

2017-10-23 investorplace
With the market trading at record levels, it’s hard to imagine that there are stocks to buy out there that have been battered beyond recognition. But there are. (128-2)

Hi-Crush Partners Making All The Right Moves

2017-10-19 seekingalpha
Hi-Crush Partners LP (HCLP) fulfilled its promise to re-instate its dividend and added in a bonus buyback program for good measure. With the company never having recovered from the drop in oil in late 2014, the company's prospects are significantly improving moving forward with its being the first mover in sand supply in the Permian Basin. Now, Hi-Crush is also one of the first of its peers to offer an attractive dividend again, but is it enough to draw in retail and institutional investors before the company's next expected earnings report due at the end of the month on October 31? (4-0)

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