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Q1'18 MLP Distribution Recap: Several Growers Overshadowed By 2 Cuts

2018-05-23 seekingalpha
How many MLPs in the AMZ and AMZI grew, maintained, or cut their distributions for 1Q18?

Why Morgan Stanley Sold MLPs during Q1 2018

2018-05-21 marketrealist
MLPs have been on a recovery path due to improvements in their financial positions, prudent capital spending, and—most importantly—recovery in earnings growth resulting from strong US production growth and strong crude oil prices.

Tracking David Tepper's Appaloosa Management Portfolio - Q1 2018 Update

2018-05-21 seekingalpha
This article is part of a series that provides an ongoing analysis of the changes made to David Tepper’s 13F portfolio on a quarterly basis. It is based on Appaloosa Management’s regulatory 13F Form filed on 05/15/2018. Please visit our Tracking David Tepper’s Appaloosa Management Portfolio series to get an idea of his investment philosophy and our previous update for the fund’s moves during Q4 2017.

Energy Transfer Partners: Looking At Growth Projects

2018-05-21 seekingalpha
Energy Transfer Partners has been engaged in an impressive infrastructure build out over the past few years, which it will be continuing until 2020.

Readers Mentioned 47 Dividend Stocks In May Messages

2018-05-18 seekingalpha
March 15-May 15, Fredrik Arnold "followers" mentioned 41 equities and 6 funds in comments and suggestions. Some lamented bad news, so bad news stocks mixed in with their favorites.

Top MLPs: SUN, ETP, and BPL Yield above 12%

2018-05-18 marketrealist
Sunoco (SUN) is trading at a yield of ~12.3%. The company paid a distribution of $0.83 per unit for the first quarter. On May 11, RBC cut its target price for Sunoco from $36 to $34. On May 10, UBS cut its price target for Sunoco from $29 to $27.

Which Segment Drove Energy Transfer Partners’ Q1 Performance?

2018-05-17 marketrealist
Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) posted strong earnings growth in the first quarter and beat the earnings estimate. In this series, we’ll discuss Energy Transfer Partners’ first-quarter earnings growth drivers and the outlook for the rest of the year. Let’s start with an analysis of the segment-wise operating performance.

ETE and ETP Could See Distribution Growth in 2018

2018-05-17 marketrealist
Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and Energy Transfer Equity (ETE) declared a flat distribution for the first quarter. Energy Transfer Partners’ flat distribution is mainly due to its high cost of equity capital. The partnership expects to use the cash savings to fund an equity portion of the capital budget this year.

5 MLPs That Should Crush the Market in 2018 | InvestorPlace

2018-05-17 investorplace
For a collection of companies that tend to own boring, cash flowing assets, it sure has been a wild ride in master limited partnerships (MLPs).

Industry Leader Yields 11%, Major Growth Starting In Q2 2018, Industry Turnaround

2018-05-17 seekingalpha
It reported record Q1 '18 earnings and closed on a major deal at the start of Q2 '18.

50 Energy Sector Top Yield And 50 Top Wall St. Target Dividend Stocks For May

2018-05-17 seekingalpha
Energy firms with at least 0.71 broker target upside and 2% dividend yield showed midstream firms high on lists led by Blueknight Energy for upside and Sandridge for yield.

77 High Yield 10%+ Dividend Wall St. Favored Leaders For May

2018-05-15 seekingalpha
77 U.S. stocks displayed 10%+ forward yield, $2+ prices, and $100M+ market caps and positive broker targets as of 5/11/18. Yields above 12.0% narrowed the list to 30 for comparison.

Oil: U.S. Withdraws From Iran Deal, What's Next For Domestic Production?

2018-05-14 seekingalpha
With the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal, and conflict mounting between Israel and Iran, what does that mean for oil and global energy prices?

Energy Transfer Ups Permian Bet

2018-05-14 seekingalpha
Energy Transfer Partners L.P. and Energy Transfer Equity L.P. upped their Permian bet via new growth projects.

Energy Transfer Partners: Strong Q1 2018 Earnings Lead To Numerous Growth Projects

2018-05-14 seekingalpha
ETP showed strong year-over-year growth due largely to growing volumes as a result of climbing energy production in the USA.

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