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Sword Of Damocles: Unintended Consequences Of Federal Tax Reform And Monetary Policy

2018-01-02 seekingalpha
The big economic events that just took place were the passage of the Trump tax cut, the rate hike of 0.25% by the Fed with projections to make three more next year, and the ramping up of balance sheet reduction at the Fed. All will have either a dramatic new impact or will add dramatically to prior actions. On the one hand, we have added liquidity into our economy, and on the other hand we have reduced liquidity. (220-1)

Generating Income With The New Put-Write ETF

2016-11-03 seekingalpha
ALPS Portfolio Solutions has launched a new exchange traded fund that provides investors with income through selling put options on the largest U.S. stocks with the highest volatility.

Insider selling surges

2015-12-01 seekingalpha
Selling by corporate insiders is nearing $8B in November, according to TrimTabs, more than the amounts sold in September ($2B) and October ($3.8B) combined.The amount of individual selling is especial

Internal Bleeding, Cheap Tech, And Falling Angels

2015-12-01 seekingalpha
Think of market internals as the blood pressure and insulin levels of the financial world. They operate below the surface, frequently unnoticed, but over time, they have a big say in the health of the

Markets Are A Reflection Of The World - Wake Up Markets

2015-11-29 seekingalpha
Another reminder - Paris.Market reaction gives reason to pause.OPEC meets at a time of real trouble.Flight to safety - what does it mean today?World volatility will breed market volatility.

Bespoke: This isn't a typical rally

2015-11-24 seekingalpha
From the intraday low on Aug. 24, the fifty stocks in the S&P 500 with the largest short interest are up just an average of 1%, according to Bespoke Investment Group. That's against an average gai

Stocks pop to session highs after FOMC minutes

2015-11-18 seekingalpha
The minutes more or less promise a rate hike next month, and stocks are adding to session gains, with all major averages now higher by 1% or more.Where there's not a lot of movement is in in

Goldman: Corporate leverage at highest level in a decade

2015-11-10 seekingalpha
Net debt as a percent of EBITDA has returned to levels from just before the financial crisis, says Goldman, and the gauge is even more stretched when excluding energy companies - easily outpacing any

Rough October for bearish hedge funder

2015-10-26 seekingalpha
Crispin Odey's $1.4B Odey European Fund had cut its year-to-date losses to nearly zero after a big September, but this month's rally has cost the fund 17% of its value in just 16 days.He remains unsha

Did The World Dodge Another Bullet?

2015-10-23 seekingalpha
A couple months ago there was concern about the possibility of a global recession. This was based on falling commodity prices, a slowing economy in China, and a weak economy in Europe and Japan. There

A Bond-Free Portfolio: Why Cash Should Replace Bonds To Reduce Risk And Improve Returns

2015-10-22 seekingalpha
Most conservative investors think that bonds should hold the largest position in their investment portfolio.Cash or “near cash” has become a major investment medium that is included in the majority of

Stock price volatility after earnings announcements on the rise

2015-10-18 seekingalpha
An academic study published by Stanford professors concludes that stock price volatility after earnings reports are published has increased sharply since 2001.The rise in earnings day price swings ha

Decline in margin debt a concern

2015-10-09 seekingalpha
While most point to surging margin debt as a sign of trouble, Leuthold's Doug Ramsey is concerned it's falling too fast.He turned bearish this summer when margin debt fell more than 6% in July and Aug

BAML: Short-covering driving rally

2015-10-09 seekingalpha
A check of fund flows finds the current rally in risk assets is being driven by short-covering, not fresh money, says BAML, citing EPFR data.Money-markets have seen a massive $53B of inflows this week

We've Seen This Picture Before - Global Markets Down $13 Trillion Already

2015-09-30 seekingalpha
The US stock market has been inflating almost continuously since Black Monday in October 1987 when the newly arrived Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, panicked and opened up the money spigots.^SPX data by

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