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The Risk-Reward Of Blue Chip Stocks Is To Be Exploited (Video)

2018-01-07 seekingalpha
Some companies show growth but have low valuations while some show stagnation and have extreme valuations. (70-0)

Siemens: All Change, To What Effect?

2018-01-02 seekingalpha
Siemens is asking us to take too much on faith. Important details of two major transactions – Healthineers and Alstom Siemens – have not been disclosed. (15-0)

Retirement Strategy: Dividend Growth Investing Might Be Retirement 'Alpha'

2017-12-23 seekingalpha
Don't shoot me for borrowing that little "dividends don't lie" remark from Geraldine Weiss' 1988 book of the same name. The phrase happens to fit. (235-1)

Wired News - Emerson Acquires Cooper-Atkins; Set to Expand its Cold Chain and Temperature Management Portfolio

2017-12-22 accesswire
LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2017 / has just released a free report on Emerson Electric Co. (NYSE: EMR) ("Emerson"). If you want access to this report all you need to do is sign up now by clicking the following link On December 20, 2017, the Company announced that it has agreed to acquire Cooper-Atkins, a leading manufacturer of temperature management and environmental measurement devices, along with wireless monitoring solutions for healthcare, foodservice, and industrial markets. (1-0)

Retirement Strategy: Yes, You Can Retire With Less Than You Think

2017-12-18 seekingalpha
Contrary to the scare tactics of the experts, you might not need as much as they want you to think you need to retire. (72-1)

Retirement Strategy: Applying My Simple Strategy To The Dividend King Retirement Portfolio

2017-12-13 seekingalpha
A review of my own strategy as it applies to the Dividend King Retirement Portfolio will keep us focused into the new year. (167-1)

The Market Is About Individual Stocks - Cramer's Mad Money (12/12/17)

2017-12-13 seekingalpha
Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Tuesday, December 12. (296-1)

Rockwell Automation: Great Business, But Priced Beyond Perfection

2017-12-08 seekingalpha
Rockwell Automation (NYSE:ROK) has popped by over 43% so far this year, spiked higher in part by a proposed offer from Emerson (NYSE:EMR) for $29 billion. Emerson has withdrawn its offer, so for now it looks like it may be "back to business" for Rockwell as a result. It's one of the best-run industrial businesses out there in my opinion, and I'd like to take a deeper dive into its fundamentals. (1-0)

Rockwell Automation Should Have Accepted Emerson's Bid

2017-12-08 seekingalpha
We've been shareholders of Rockwell Automation (NYSE:ROK) for a while and are a bit disappointed that it didn't accept Emerson Electric's (NYSE:EMR) final buyout offer. I say a bit disappointed because Rockwell is obviously a successful company, well positioned, and has a bright future. It's just that Emerson's offer was a wild overpayment and it would have been more financially beneficial to shareholders for Rockwell to take Emerson's deal. (41-0)

Lanny's November Dividend Income Summary

2017-12-06 seekingalpha
Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and was able to take a moment to enjoy everything that we have in our lives. Loved ones, friends, family, dividend stock portfolios... you name it - we need to be thankful. Now that November is finished and my body is heavy from eating, it's time to digest the November Dividend Income results! Let's check it out! (22-0)

Retirement Strategy: The Markets Keep Flying, And Just Might Fly For Another Year

2017-12-05 seekingalpha
As a more conservative investor, I am looking for a way to cash in on what I think might be another year or so of very strong market returns. (328-0)

Wired News – Rockwell Automation Acquires 3D Tech Company Odos Imaging

2017-12-04 accesswire
LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 04, 2017 / Active-Investors issued a free report on Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), which is readily accessible upon registration at as the Company's latest news hit the wire. On December 01, 2017, the world's largest Company working towards industrial automation and information declared that it acquired Odos Imaging, a Scottish technology Company that provides three-dimensional, time-of-flight sensing systems for industrial imaging applications. (2-0)

AI and Robotics Gain Ground: 3 Pure-Play Stocks in Focus

2017-11-29 zacks
About a month ago the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to the humanoid robot Sophia, developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. If this was not intriguing enough, in another groundbreaking move, New Zealand-based entrepreneur, Nick Gerritsen, has recently developed the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) politician, Sam, who can address local issues related to education, housing and immigration. (112-0)

Chasing McGrath RentCorp

2017-11-29 seekingalpha
This summer, a search for GRAVY in the industrial sector led my investment club to consider investing in Emerson Electric, Eaton Corporation and/or McGrath RentCorp. (2-0)

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