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How Miners Correlate to Gold

Gold is regarded as the most influential precious metal, and most miners follow its price trends. For our correlation analysis, we are comparing the mining stocks to gold. In this part of the series, we’ll look at Royal Gold (RGLD), Goldcorp (GG), Sibanye Gold (SBGL), and Gold Fields (GFI). (3-1)

Correlation and Mining Stocks this Month

2017-12-07 marketrealist
We’ll briefly analyze mining stocks’ correlation with gold. Gold is the most crucial of the precious metals, and mining stocks tend to increasingly take their price changes from gold. We’ll look at Kinross Gold (KGC), Eldorado Gold (EGO), Alacer Gold (ASR), and IamGold (IAG). (28-0)

Are Mining Shares’ Correlation Readings Falling?

2017-10-25 marketrealist
In the previous part, we discussed mining shares’ technicals. It’s also important to understand the shares’ correlation with gold. In this part, we’ll assess Compania de Minas Buenaventura (BVN), AngloGold Ashanti (AU), Hecla Mining (HL), and Kinross Gold (KGC). (17-0)

Analyzing Mining Shares’ Correlation in October

2017-10-23 marketrealist
Understanding mining stocks’ correlation with gold is crucial for investors in precious metal mining stocks. In this part of our series, we’ll assess First Majestic Silver (AG), B2Gold (BTG), Royal Gold (RGLD), and Goldcorp (GG). (8-0)

Bank of New York Mellon Corp ownership in DGL / PowerShares DB Gold Fund -

August 10, 2017 - Bank of New York Mellon Corp has filed a SC 13G/A form disclosing ownership of 883,007 shares of PowerShares DB Gold Fund (NYSE:DGL) corresponding to a(n) 23.24 ownership percentage.

Outlook For Gold In 2016

2016-01-04 seekingalpha
The early stage of the interest rate increase cycle is bearish for gold.There are currently no catalysts for gold to rise.The price of gold is likely to continu

Precious Metals Fourth Quarter Review And The Outlook For 2016

2016-01-04 seekingalpha
Double-digit losses across the board.Gold moved lower but remained strong relative to other precious metal prices.PGMs were the worst performers.Lower lows and

Gold loses its luster for third straight year

2015-12-31 seekingalpha
Gold's image as a safe haven asset is getting even more tarnished as the metal heads for its third-straight annual loss and its longest slump since 2000.It's down 10% this year following a 1.4% drop i

Gold Weekly: Has A Short-Covering Rally Already Started?

2015-12-30 seekingalpha
The conclusion of the FOMC meeting resulted in a wave of short covering.ETF sold some gold in the week ending December 28, suggesting that investors are not willing to sustain their buying.Macro envir

Gold Weekly: A December Liftoff Could Be Bullish

2015-12-15 seekingalpha
Money managers slightly reduced their net short fund position as of December 8.Gold ETF selling continued as of December 11, albeit at a slower pace than last week.A positive swing in sentiment in fav

Precious Metals: Capitulation Or Despair

2015-12-14 seekingalpha
Pathetic attempts at a rally.The four-year trend is your friend.Where is this sector on Rodrigue's phases of a bubble chart?How long can it stay between capitulation and despair?2016 -- More of the sa

Gold: Crowded short trade isn't necessarily wrong

2015-12-01 seekingalpha
Unsurprisingly, bearish short positions in gold jumped higher alongside the metal's 6.8% decline in November - that decline being the worst monthly performance for gold since an 11.1% plunge in June 2

Precious Metals - End Of Year Carnage

2015-12-01 seekingalpha
The bear market continues.Silver -- a new low.Platinum -- more of the same.Gold -- strength is a relative term.2008 values ahead -- 2000 values would be a disaster.

Why Gold Is Going To 1500, Not 1000

2015-12-01 seekingalpha
Most analysts and brokerages believe that gold bullion will drop to 1000 U.S. dollars per troy ounce or lower. Instead, a powerful move higher is far more likely.There are almost no upside forecasts f

Consumers Give Thanks For Lower Commodity Prices - Or Do They?

2015-12-01 seekingalpha
The bear market in commodities enters year five.The producers continue to suffer.Consumers cheer - lower prices are stimulative.There are two levels of consumers.2016 looks like more of the same.

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