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Sword Of Damocles: Unintended Consequences Of Federal Tax Reform And Monetary Policy

2018-01-02 seekingalpha
The big economic events that just took place were the passage of the Trump tax cut, the rate hike of 0.25% by the Fed with projections to make three more next year, and the ramping up of balance sheet reduction at the Fed. All will have either a dramatic new impact or will add dramatically to prior actions. On the one hand, we have added liquidity into our economy, and on the other hand we have reduced liquidity. (220-1)

Understanding Financial Instability: 'Show Me The Money! (I Mean Credit),' Part I

2017-11-21 seekingalpha
Mainstream macroeconomics gets so many things wrong, especially when it comes to credit and money -- we begin by setting the record straight.

Lloyds: Softer Brexit And Hawkish Bank Of England

2017-06-16 seekingalpha
The outcome of the UK general election is likely to have a significant impact on the eventual shape of Brexit.

Is EOG Resources Really Going To Grow As Fast As Pioneer Natural Resources?

2016-12-20 seekingalpha
Despite having similar Permian growth plans to those of Pioneer Natural Resources, EOG has lagged in showing the actual growth, limiting the stock's performance.

How To Play Higher U.K. Inflation, Rates

2016-12-14 seekingalpha
U.K. inflation climbed to 1.2% y/y in November, the highest level in more than two years.

Lloyds: Expect A 8% Dividend Post BoE Stress Tests

2016-12-06 seekingalpha
The stress test measured the trough capital ratios of seven UK banks in a severe global downturn.

Is It Earnings Growth Or The Election Causing The Current Stock Rally?

2016-12-01 seekingalpha
While attention is focused on the election as the catalyst for the current stock rally, there's more to it than that.

Inflation Overshooting: Lessons From The U.K.

2016-11-22 seekingalpha
U.S. interest rates have moved markedly higher. Some attribute this to better growth prospects, some to less foreign demand for U.S. assets, and others point to the possibility of higher inflation.

Time For A Little Harvesting Even As Tailwinds Strengthen For The British Pound

2016-11-14 seekingalpha
Faced with an inflation overshoot, the Bank of England backed down from its promise to lower rates again this year.

Central Bank Of Austria Claims To Have Audited Gold At BOE. Refuses To Release Audit Reports And Gold Bar List

2016-10-24 seekingalpha
After years of gradually securing its official gold reserves (unwinding leases), the central bank of Austria claims to have completed the audits of its 224 tonnes of gold stored at the BOE. However, it refuses to publish the audit reports and the gold bar list. What could possibly be so sensitive to hide from public eyes?

Equity CEFs: Which Option Income Funds To Buy Now - Part II

2016-09-20 seekingalpha
It's taken me over 5-years to write a Part II to an article I released in May of 2011, but its time to go full circle on that article. (0-1)

Equity CEFs: Funds To Buy, Funds To Sell From The Major Fund Sponsors - Part II

2016-09-17 seekingalpha
Moving on to the next two major sponsors of equity CEFs, let's see how the BlackRock and Voya equity CEFs performed in 2015.

The British Pound Finds Fresh Support In The U.K.'s Economic About-Face

2016-09-17 seekingalpha
A recent spate of positive economic and sentiment indicators suggest that the UK is recovering swiftly form its post-Brexit shock.

12 Months Of High-Yield Bond Reviews From Durig Capital - The Recap

2016-09-17 seekingalpha
The average indicated price gain in principle if investing in all bonds equally is currently over 9% (please see the table at the end of the article.).

Oasis Petroleum - An Optimistic Alternative To Whiting Petroleum

2016-09-15 seekingalpha
Oasis' 2016 wells have IRR of 28% at NYMEX WTI of $45 compared to Whiting's IRR of 11%.

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