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BRIEF-Antero Midstream Forecasts 2018 Net Income Of $435 Mln To $480 Mln

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How Do These MLPs Look in 2018?

MLPs had a strong start to the new year. The Alerian MLP Index rose 5% in the first week of 2018. For details, read MLP Weekly Roundup: Week Ended January 5. (13-0)

These MLPs May Slash Distributions In 2018

2017-12-28 seekingalpha
Since I published the first bearish articles on Archrock Partners (APLP) and Martin Midstream Partners (MMLP) in August 2017, the stocks have lost 11% and 15% respectively. Meanwhile, the Global X MLP & Energy ETF (MLPX) is unchanged. I believe that there is more downside for APLP and MMLP as they are likely to cut the distributions soon because their respective credit facilities “restrict their ability to make distributions if a default or an event of default under the corresponding credit facility is continuing at the time of such distribution”. (44-0)

The Dawning Of A New Era

2017-12-19 seekingalpha
Most days are like other days. The sun shows up, on we go, and the day turns into night. Repeat. However, there are some, quite special days, that mark a transition. They are a "Day to Remember," and I mark today as one of those instances. (186-2)

Antero Resources: An Undervalued Natural Gas And Gas Liquids Producer

2017-12-18 seekingalpha
Antero Resources is the largest NGL producer in the United States and production and prices received are increasing. (23-0)

EIA Projections for Natural Gas Processing Capacity in Appalachia

2017-12-18 marketrealist
Natural gas processing is the process of separating dry natural gas from natural gas plant liquids (or NGPL). The process involves the removal of water, carbon dioxide, sulfur, and the like because they could potentially cause mechanical issues during pipeline transit. (11-0)

Second-Half Strength

2017-12-10 seekingalpha
MLPs opened with three straight negative days again this week. By Wednesday, the MLP Index had dropped 2.6% from last Friday. MLPs rallied 2% combined Thursday and Friday to finish down 0.8% overall, but with some positive vibes into the weekend, especially with actual snowflakes falling in Houston Friday (from what I understand). (42-2)

Where EQM Stands in the Earnings Margin Lineup among Top MLPs

2017-12-07 marketrealist
EQT Midstream Partners (EQM), the midstream MLP (master limited partnership) owned by Appalachia-based EQT Corporation (EQT), has the fourth-best EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) margin among MLPs today. (20-0)

MLPs Make Bit Of Coin

2017-12-04 seekingalpha
After plumbing fresh 2017 depths each of the first three days of the week, MLPs bounced hard Thursday, with some follow-through Friday to finish the week up 3.0%. It was the best week for MLPs since the late June, when oil prices bounced from the low $40s. (71-0)

What Happened In October: For MLPs, Money Talks And BS Walks

2017-11-22 seekingalpha
There's an amazing song by Rihanna, about someone owing her money, that perfectly encapsulates investor sentiment last month. However, I won't link to that song since it's one of the most unprofessional songs to be released in recent years. Instead, please enjoy AC/DC's [1] Moneytalks-it captures the love the market has for more money (complete with great power chords). In other words: Money talks; BS walks. (19-0)

Lessons To Learn From MLP Underperformance In 2017

2017-11-21 seekingalpha
MLPs, as measured by the Alerian MLP ETF, have had a rough year, losing about one fifth of their value. (80-0)

Antero Midstream Partners Misses Earnings Estimates

2017-11-10 marketrealist
Antero Midstream Partners’ (AM) earnings took a breather in 3Q17 after five consecutive quarters of EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) growth. AM’s adjusted EBITDA fell to $128 million in 3Q17 from $139 million in 2Q17. However, YoY (year-over-year), the partnership’s EBITDA were up 15.7%. AM’s strong YoY growth in the third quarter was due to its strong gathering and compression volumes, which were driven by strong production growth from Antero Resources (AR). (23-0)

CSI Compressco Was the Top MLP Loser Last Week

2017-11-07 marketrealist
CSI Compressco (CCLP), the MLP mainly involved in natural gas compression, was the highest MLP loser last week ending November 3, 2017. USAC fell 7.8% during the week. The partnership has lost 12.6% in the past two weeks. Its recent decline could be attributed to the recent fall in drilling activity. The demand for compression service is linked to the level of drilling activity. We discussed recent US drilling activity in Part 1 of this series. (59-0)

These Energy Stocks Fell the Most Last Week

2017-11-06 marketrealist
Last week (ended November 3, 2017), upstream stocks Cobalt International Energy (CIE), Laredo Petroleum (LPI), and Gulfport Energy (GPOR) ranked first, second, and fifth, respectively, on our list of top energy losers. (29-0)

Antero Midstream Partners 2017 Q3 - Results - Earnings Call Slides

2017-11-06 seekingalpha
The following slide deck was published by Antero Midstream Partners in conjunction with their 2017 Q3 earnings call. (8-0)

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