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FBM KLCI up 0.47% after Hong Leong Bank, MISC spike

2018-10-16 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 16): The FBM KLCI gained 8.1 points or 0.47% to close at its intraday high after a sudden surge in the final trading hour. At a glance, the KLCI surged as prices of index-linked stocks Hong Leong Bank Bhd and MISC Bhd spiked.
3026 5819 2836

KLCI rises 0.24% as blue chips lift

2018-10-15 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 15): The FBM KLCI rose 0.24% at mid-morning today, defending its level above the 1,730-point level, lifted by gains at select blue chips.
HLFBF 7293 BRDBF MLYNF 7113 TPGVF 2089 5199 5210 3026 2836 HIPEF GEBHF HRGHY 5183 MLYBY PECGF UPBMF 1082 5681 5168 TGLVY 5436 5238 1155 0047

KLCI starts lower in line with frail regional markets

2018-10-12 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 12): The FBM KLCI fell for the eighth day running this morning, amid frail regional sentiment.
HLFBF 3026 PBLOF 3867 5819 1082 1295 BSMAF 3034 7022 GBTKF 1818

KLCI remains marginally lower, construction stocks fall

2018-10-08 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 8): The FBM KLCI remained marginally in the negative zone, having pared much of its losses in the morning session today, against the backdrop of weaker regional markets.
SPMXF 7036 5681 5263 BATS 4162 1163 5256 7123 5199 SPMXY 5225 3026 3301 3867 1899 Q0F IHHHF HIPEF GEBHF

KLCI pares loss, remains in red tracking regional markets

2018-10-08 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 8): The FBM KLCI pared some of its loss at mid-morning today, but remained in the negative zone in line with its key regional peers.
HLFBF SPMXF UPBMF 7036 1082 7113 TPGVF BATS 4162 7087 2089 9334 7123 TGLVY SPMXY 5225 3026 3301 0026 1899 Q0F IHHHF GEBHF

KLCI remains in the red, tracks regional slump

2018-10-04 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 4): The FBM KLCI retreated at the midday break, in line with slump at most regional markets.
HLFBF 5183 PECGF 1082 BATS 4162 7765 5014 9334 7123 5199 4588 3026 0026 5219 MYPRY HIPEF

KLCI down 0.36% on sustained weaker sentiment

2018-10-04 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 4): The FBM KLCI retreated at mid-morning today on sustained weaker sentiment at the domestic market.
7083 5183 5172 PECGF BATS 4162 5014 5199 4634 KLKBY 2445 5226 4456 5347 3026 0026 TNABY MYPRY 2836 TNABF HIPEF

KLCI stays shy of 1,800 as regional markets retreat

2018-10-02 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 2): The FBM KLCI was hard pressed to find a firm footing in the morning session and remained below the crucial 1,800-point level at the midday break, as regional markets retreated.
HLFBF BRDBF UPBMF 1082 5168 2089 5256 5255 9334 5199 5210 4634 5139 4456 3026 0900 0026 7108 2836 HIPEF GEBHF HRGHY

FBM KLCI pares gains, subdued in line with region

2018-10-01 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 1): The FBM KLCI pared some of its gains at mid-morning, keeping the local index subdued in line with the regional markets on the first trading day of the fourth quarter.
APEXF 7090 BATS 4162 2089 5256 9334 5199 5008 5843 1201 3026 3301 3867 2836 HIPEF PNAGF 7084 UPBMF 5681 5268 6033 PNADF 0026 1899

KLCI claws back to erase loss, Tenaga lifts

2018-09-26 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 26): The FBM KLCI clawed back to erase its earlier losses at the midday break today, powered by gains at Tenaga Nasional Bhd and other select index-linked blue chips.
7084 7060 7036 0083 BATS 4162 7765 1163 5256 9334 5199 0154 KLKBY 5029 2445 5347 5258 3026 7216 TNABY 2836 TNABF HIPEF 1929

KLCI pares loss, sentiment stays tepid

2018-09-26 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 26): The FBM KLCI pared some of its losses at mid-morning today as the local index tracked regional markets.
HLFBF 5183 PECGF 7060 8621 7036 1082 BATS 4162 5256 5199 7233 5347 3026 TNABY 2836 TNABF HIPEF 1929

KLCI falls 0.57% as China calls off trade talks with US

2018-09-24 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 24): The FBM KLCI fell 0.57% at the midday breakin line with the tumble at most regional markets after China called off the trade talks with US officials.
APEXF 7090 UPBMF 5031 5202 2089 9334 6033 7123 5199 KLKBY 2445 PNADF 5347 3026 3867 0026 TNABY 5819 2836 1902 TNABF HIPEF PNAGF

KLCI slips 0.19% on mild profit taking

2018-09-24 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 24): The FBM KLCI slipped at mid-morning and dipped 0.19% on some mild profit taking.
7052 7060 UPBMF 7036 5202 2089 6033 7123 5199 PNADF 3026 3867 0026 6645 5819 2836 1902 HIPEF PNAGF

KLCI pares gains, stays up 0.28%

2018-09-20 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 20): The FBM KLCI pared some of its gains and was up 0.28% at midday break, while remaining above the crucial 1,800-point level, in line with the advance at most regional markets.
HLFBF APEXF 7052 5183 7090 GMALF PECGF 1082 2291 0096 5256 9334 5134 7277 5199 GMALY 5436 4588 3026 4715 5819 2836 HIPEF

KLCI up 0.53%, stays above 1,800-level

2018-09-19 theedgemarkets
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 19): The FBM KLCI rose 0.53% at midday break today, tracking the broad-based uptrend at regional markets, while staying above the crucial 1,800-point level.
HLFBF 7052 PBLOF 7060 8621 1082 7113 TPGVF BATS 4162 1163 1295 6033 5199 TGLVY 4588 PNADF 3026 0026 5819 HIPEF PNAGF

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