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The Eurozone’s “Doom Loop” Re-Grips Italian Banks

2018-08-10 wolfstreet
In June, as the ECB cut back on its purchases of Italian government bonds, Italian commercial banks added to their holdings, continuing a trend that began in May, analysts at Dutch bank ABN report. Total holdings in June rose by €17 billion to €381 billion. That came on the heels of a €28 billion surge in May, which was the single largest month of Italian bank purchases of Italian bonds in history, according to Deutsche Bank

IBM Earnings: It’s Time to Bet Bearish on Big Blue

2018-07-16 investorplace
Earlier this year, I thought I saw a spark of life in IBM (NYSE:IBM). In the fourth quarter of 2017, Big Blue ended a six-quarter string of declining revenue. But those results haven’t carried forward this year, and IBM stock is down more than 5% year-to-date. Now, facing an important third-quarter report, you have to ask yourself: do you trust IBM?

Factors That Are Expected to Influence IBM's Q2 Earnings

2018-07-16 zacks
International Business Machines (IBM - Free Report) is set to report second-quarter fiscal 2018 results on Jul 18, after the closing bell.

IBM to Digitalize Banca Carige & Australian Government

2018-07-06 zacks
International Business Machines (IBM - Free Report) has collaborated with Banca Carige, an Italian bank, to introduced Dock, a $0.5 billion U.S. joint venture agreement. Based in Genoa, Italy, Banca Carige seeks to enhance financial processes by improving competitiveness across its branches and overall clientele. IBM’s innovative capabilities comprising artificial intelligence (“AI”), big data, cognitive and analytics offerings will assist Banca Carige to digitally transform its processes.

Italy - Factors to watch on March 28

2018-03-28 reuters
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RNVA: Rennova Health Analysis and Research Report

2018-08-18 - Asif

Business overview Rennova Health, Inc. (together with its subsidiaries, “Rennova”, “we” or the “Company”) is a provider of an expanding group of health care services for healthcare providers, patients and individuals. Beginning in 2018, the Company intends to focus on and operate two synergistic divisions: 1) Clinical diagnostics through its clinical laboratories; and 2) Hospital operations through its Big South Fork Medical Center, which opened on August 8, 2017, and a hospital in Jamestown Tennessee, including a doctor’s practice, the assets of which the company expect to acquire in the second quarter of 2018, pursuant to the terms of a definitive asset purchase agreement that the company entered into on January 31, 2018, as more fully discussed below. The company believe that its approach will produce a more sustainable business model and the capture of multiple revenue streams from medical providers, patients and hospital services. Management determined that because Big So...

BLDP: Ballard Power Systems Analysis and Research Report

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Core Business At Ballard, Ballard Power Systems is building a clean energy growth company. Ballard Power Systems is recognized as a world leader in proton exchange membrane (“PEM”) fuel cell power system development and commercialization. The company's principal business is the design, development, manufacture, sale and service of PEM fuel cell products for a variety of applications, focusing on its power product markets of Heavy-Duty Motive (consisting of bus, truck, rail and marine applications), Portable Power, Material Handling and Backup Power, as well as the delivery of Technology Solutions, including engineering services, technology transfer, and the license and sale of its extensive intellectual property portfolio and fundamental knowledge for a variety of fuel cell applications. A fuel cell is an environmentally clean electrochemical device that combines hydrogen fuel with oxygen (from the air) to produce electricity. The hydrogen fuel can be obtained from natural g...

MARA: Marathon Patent Group Analysis and Research Report

2018-08-13 - Asif

Overview Marathon Patent Group was incorporated in the State of Nevada on February 23, 2010 under the name Verve Ventures, Inc. On December 7, 2011, the company changed its name to American Strategic Minerals Corporation and were engaged in exploration and potential development of uranium and vanadium minerals business. In June 2012, the company discontinued its minerals business and began to invest in real estate properties in Southern California. In October 2012, the company discontinued its real estate business when its former CEO joined the firm and the company commenced its IP licensing operations, at which time the Company’s name was changed to Marathon Patent Group, Inc. On November 1, 2017, the company entered into a merger agreement with Global Bit Ventures, Inc. (“GBV”), which is focused on mining digital assets. Marathon Patent Group has since purchased its cryptocurrency mining machines and established a data center in Canada to mine digital assets. Following the me...