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Are EM Stocks About To Take Another Major Leg Down?

2016-01-06 seekingalpha
By Eric Bush, CFA - Gavekal Capital BlogOur GKCI Emerging Markets Index broke down to its lowest level since July 2009. The index is already off 25% from the 20

Emerging Markets In 2016: Making Necessary Distinctions

2016-01-04 seekingalpha
(click to enlarge)A recent Neuberger Berman analysis, by Conrad A. Saldanha, makes the case that the emerging markets as an asset class have hit their bottom an

Manager Survey Flashes Warning Sign

2016-01-02 seekingalpha
By Tim MaverickThere's one piece of market-related data that I check faithfully - and I believe all serious investors should do the same.It's the monthly survey of fund managers from around the world,

U.S. Relative Strength Versus Emerging Markets At A 10-Year High

2016-01-02 seekingalpha
With the S&P 500 just barely hanging on to gains in 2015, a lot of investors would tell you that it hasn't been a great year for stocks. On a comparative basis, though, the US is holding up extrem

Can EM Debt Continue To Outperform?

2016-01-02 seekingalpha
Emerging market (EM) stocks and currencies have posted volatile and disappointing performance this year amid concerns about slowing global growth and lower commodity prices. One investing surp

Emerging Markets Facing Higher U.S. Interest Rates: Smooth Sailing Or Perfect Storm?

2016-01-02 seekingalpha
Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 26, 2015 by Carlos Arteta, M. Ayhan Kose, Franziska Ohnsorge, Marc Stocker, and Lei Sandy Ye here.In a widely anticipated move, on Dece

U.S. Rate Hike Makes Emerging Market Corporate Debt More Fragile

2016-01-02 seekingalpha
For several months now, global markets and policymakers have waited for the FOMC's periodic meetings nervously. The central bank of the world's largest economy is preparing to raise interest rates fro

Could 2016 Be The Year For Emerging Equities?

2016-01-02 seekingalpha
By Alliance BernsteinEmerging-market (EM) stocks are headed for their third straight down year, and valuations are now quite cheap versus developed-market (DM) stocks. We think 2016 co

U.S. Monetary Expectations And Emerging Market Debt Flows

2015-12-15 seekingalpha
Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 15, 2015 here.Today, we are fortunate to have a guest post written by Eric Fischer, PhD candidate at the University of California, Sant

Games Countries Play

2015-11-30 seekingalpha
Calls for International coordination of macroeconomic policy are back, after a 30-year hiatus. To some it looks anomalous that the Fed is about to raise interest rates at a time when most major centra

Emerging Markets: Where Earnings Are Holding Up Best

2015-11-28 seekingalpha
By WisdomTreeEmerging market (EM) equities have been shrouded by years of underperformance. China's transition from an investment-led economy supporting commodity prices and the performance of

Is China Behind The Emerging Market Financing Crunch?

2015-11-24 seekingalpha
By Valentin SchmidCan an economist be a celebrity? Usually not.There are a few exceptions and Carmen Reinhart is one. Certainly after her book This Time Is Different, came out in 2009.Carmen Reinhart

How Carry Trade-Fueled Debt Is Weighing Down Investment Growth

2015-11-18 seekingalpha
Original postBy Stuart BurnsPart of the reason China's economy has slowed is as a result of deliberate policy actions taken by Beijing to steer it from investment-led, export-orientated manufacturing

Are EM Stocks Finally Emerging?

2015-11-18 seekingalpha
It seems as if in every client meeting lately, I'm getting questions about emerging market (EM) stocks. Many investors are looking for that magic bottom and are wondering if it's time to step

How To Pick An Emerging Market Fund

2015-11-16 seekingalpha
By Tim MaverickIf there's one truism I've found during my years in the investing field - which date back to the 1980s - it's the fact that everything is cyclical.What runs hot will inevitably turn col