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Catalysts for gold in 2017 - Business Insider

2017-02-08 businessinsider
Women stand in front of a gold shop at al-Bzoria market in old Damascus. Reuters/Khaled Al Hariri

Hong Kong sees its first ETF that tracks global gold mining stocks

2016-11-18 scmp
Hong Kong has welcomed its first exchange traded fund (ETF) that tracks gold mining companies around the world, though investors were warned of increased volatility as gold mining stocks see trading that is typically three times sharper than gold prices.

What a long economic winter feels like - Business Insider

2016-10-29 businessinsider
Leave it to an economist living in communist Russia to find a pattern in capitalist countries’ economies – a pattern that paints a chilling picture for the global economy over the next few years.

Gold is falling because of the Fed - Business Insider

2016-06-02 businessinsider
Gold investors can stop worrying. Despite recent chatter, interest rate tinkering at the Federal Reserve is not driving the price of gold.