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Insider share buys hint at upside for L’Occitane International, Guangdong Investment and Shun Tak Holdings

2017-11-26 scmp
Buying rose for the third straight week as 58 companies recorded 329 purchases worth HK$580 million (US$74.29 million)

Two decades on, Hong Kong’s stock market sees China everywhere

2017-06-29 scmp
Twenty years ago, when Hong Kong waved farewell to Britain’s 156 years of colonial rule, the city’s stock market was still in a bubble fuelled by rising household wealth and inflows of hot money.

Guangdong Investment: A Good Mix Of Defensiveness And Growth

2017-05-24 seekingalpha
Guangdong Investment holds a portfolio of defensive, cash-flow generative business, including water concessions, toll roads and investment properties that protect investors' downside.

Half-year Report

2017-04-24 londonstockexchange
2 FTSE All-World Asia Pacific ex Japan Index (sterling adjusted), for comparison purposes (including dividends reinvested)

Director activity falls sharply in value and number for second straight week

2017-02-05 scmp
Bulk of the acquisitions made following the fall in share prices with purchases in Chevalier International, Guangdong Investment Limited, Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings, and Sheen Tai Holdings

Final Results

2016-11-10 londonstockexchange
The Company seeks to provide investors with a high level of dividends as well as capital appreciation over the long term, from a diversified portfolio of investments traded on the Pacific, Australasian, Japanese and Indian stock markets ('Asia Pacific region').

Water investments - How To Play $1 Trillion Indsutry Like Michael Burry

2016-10-18 valuewalk
Water investments? Michael Burry was one of the first institutional investors to bet against the US subprime mortgage market in the mid-2000s, and today he’s concentrating all of his investment efforts on one commodity: water.

3 Funds For Liquid Assets

2016-09-17 seekingalpha
Global water resources are poorly managed, if at all and population growth is creating stresses on existing water resources.

China - Invest In Getting Rid Of Pollution - ValueWalk

2016-08-18 valuewalk
China’s pollution problems are well known. A 2015 study linked pollution to nearly 1.6 million deaths each year, or approximately 4,400 deaths per day in the Asian nation. The international non-profit firm WaterAid estimates that nearly 4.5% of China’s population, or 63 million people, do not have access to safe water. When there is a problem, free market systems typically look to provide a solution.

The firms being tipped to tap into China’s quest for cleaner water

2016-08-02 scmp
A multi-billion yuan government programme to rid the country of severe water pollution and shortages, offers specialist firms massive opportunities

Half-year Report

2016-04-20 londonstockexchange
The Company does not have a formal benchmark. It uses the FTSE All-World Asia Pacific ex Japan Index (sterling adjusted) for reference purposes only.