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Sii Poland siegt in zwei Kategorien und geht als Gewinner aus den European Business Awards hervor

2016-07-14 prnewswire
Sii, der führende IT- und Engineering-Dienstleister in Polen, hat sich zum Ende der European Business Awards zwei verschiedene Auszeichnungen sichern können. Die Veranstaltung zählt zu den prestigeträchtigsten Business-Wettbewerben zur Unterstützung europäischer Firmen. Sii wurde in der Kategorie "ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year" zum National Champion sowie zum National Public Champion Polens gekürt.

Sii Poland Emerges as Champion at the European Business Awards, Winning in Two Categories

2016-07-13 prnewswire
WARSAW, Poland, July 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sii, the leading IT and engineering services provider in Poland, has come to the end of the European Business Awards - one of the most prestigious business competitions supporting European businesses - with two titles. Sii was named National Champion, in the category of ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year, and National Public Champion for Poland.

Why Data Analytics Must Be Part Of Your Next Infrastructure Project

2016-01-22 breakingenergy
It used to be that the quality of infrastructure was measured by its lifespan. Water systems might last a century, and power plants at least half that. Those were measurements of solid assets, well worth the investment. But today, dependable infrastructure is just not enough. While it must be resilient and have an extended life cycle, now it must also be intelligent and communicate with other systems in ways that were unknown only a few years ago.

Global insurance watchdog releases rules for globally important insurers

2016-01-18 philstar
The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) has released the higher loss absorbency (HLA) requirement for global systemically important insurers (G-SIIs).