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Merck Reports Positive Phase III Liver Cancer Data on Keytruda

23h zacks
Merck & Co., Inc. (MRK - Free Report) announced data from the phase II KEYNOTE-224 study evaluating the use of its anti-PD-1 therapy, Keytruda in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)-a form of liver cancer, who were previously treated with systemic therapy (sorafenib). The data showed that treatment with Keytruda monotherapy led to an overall response rate (ORR) of 16.3%. The data also showed complete response rate of 1% and a partial response rate of 15. (79-0)

Cancer Space Update: New Regulatory Status for 3 Major Drugs

2018-01-05 zacks
There have been hardly any notable developments in the first week as the market continues to be in the holiday mood.  In fact, Trump’s $1.5 trillion gift before the New Year in the form of the tax reform is still keeping the markets buoyant.  Coming to the developments in the cancer space, Merck & Co., Inc.’s (MRK - Free Report) Keytruda received approval in Japan for urothelial carcinoma. Seattle Genetics, Inc. (81-1)

Can Merck Regain its Mojo in 2018 After an Unimpressive '17?

2018-01-03 zacks
Shares of Merck (MRK - Free Report) declined 4.4% in 2017 against the large cap pharma industry’s surge of 16.3%. (51-1)

Biotech Analysis Central Pharma News: Merck And Pfizer's Green Light, Biogen's Woes, Rxi Pharmaceuticals Scar Data

2017-12-22 seekingalpha
Biogen and Eisai receive bad news for phase 2 interim Alzheimer's data at a 12-month time point. (117-1)

Merck Won't Disappoint In 2018

2017-12-19 seekingalpha
Excessive speculation about thefuture of Keytruda clinical trials as well as competitive pressures may poserisk to Merck’s share prices. (46-0)

Merck's Keytruda Misses Primary End Point for Gastric Cancer

2017-12-15 zacks
Merck (MRK - Free Report) announced disappointing results from a pivotal phase III KEYNOTE-061 study, evaluating its anti-PD-1 therapy, Keytruda (pembrolizumab), as a second-line treatment for patients with advanced gastric or gastroesophageal junction (“GEJ”) adenocarcinoma. (75-0)

2018 Outlook: How Exxon, GE, IBM, Merck and Disney Could Be the Top Dow Stocks

2017-12-07 247wallst
It’s a raging bull market, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has enjoyed incredible gains in 2017. As 2018 gets ever closer, investors have to decide how they will invest their money in the new year. The Dow is up about 22% year to date and up about 25% over the past year, and the indexes have all rallied more than 200% from the Great Recession’s bottom, which is now nearing nine years ago. (35-0)

Merck Announces $10 Billion Buyback, Hikes Dividend by 2.1%

2017-11-29 zacks
In an effort to enhance its shareholders' value, Merck (MRK - Free Report) declared a 2.1% hike in quarterly dividend to 48 cents from 47 cents per share paid last quarter. (60-0)

Stereochemical Mysteries, Solved

2017-11-28 seekingalpha
Ask a chemist (I'll do) about optical rotation, and you'll get a confident answer about how right- and left-handed isomers of chiral compounds will rotate polarized light that shines through a solution of one of them. Ask one of us exactly how it does that, and in 99 cases out of a hundred, you'll witness a hurried change of the subject or a nervous admission that they have no actual idea. The phenomenon is well-known to us chemists, but the deeper explanation is even worse than NMR; you step off into a deep physics hole (by chemist standards) rather quickly. (4-0)

2 Large-Cap Drug Stocks Missing Out on Industry Rally in '17

2017-11-28 zacks
After the drug pricing issue crippled its performance last year, the drug/biotech industry, except for a small correction recently, has witnessed a turnaround this year. Stocks with large market cap have done particularly well. After declining 5.2% last year, the Large Cap Pharma industry has risen 15.3% this year so far with a number of things going in its favor. (59-0)

Here's Why Merck Stock Is Down in 2017 Despite a Rising Industry

2017-11-24 zacks
After a weak performance in 2016 due to drug pricing issues, the pharma industry has bounced back this year except for a minor correction recently. While Merck & Co., Inc. (MRK - Free Report) was one of the very few companies whose shares were up last year notwithstanding the industry’s decline, it’s the other way round this year. (47-0)

Gilead: Buying New Growth

2017-11-22 seekingalpha
Now it’s got to use its balance sheet to find new opportunities - which it has, but investors are still finding ‘problems’ with the bull thesis. (79-0)

Your Daily Pharma Scoop: Roche Rallies, Alnylam Granted BTD, Celsion Soars

2017-11-21 seekingalpha
This abridged “Daily Scoop” is published by Avisol Capital Partners, which runs the physician-managed Total Pharma Tracker healthcare investment research service on Seeking Alpha Marketplace. (166-1)

Merck & Co. - Blue Chip Pharmaceutical At 52-Week Lows

2017-11-20 seekingalpha
Merck & Co. (MRK) is a global healthcare company that provides prescription medicine, vaccines, biologic therapies, and animal health products. Merck operates in four segments: Pharmaceutical, Animal Health, Healthcare Services, and Alliances. Most recent trailing twelve month revenues were just over $40B. Earnings per share over the last 12 months were $1.85. Free cash flow totaled $8.5B and equated to $3. (42-0)

Merck (MRK) Gets CHMP Nod for Infection Candidate Prevymis

2017-11-14 zacks
Merck & Co., Inc. (MRK - Free Report) announced that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has given a positive opinion recommending marketing approval of Prevymis (letermovir). (41-0)