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Out of Shopping Choices? Here Are Pop-Ups and Trunk Shows to Solve That

As Christmas draws near, the shopping opportunities get better and better. More than the usual spots that offer up holiday treats, the season is also when unique finds and exclusives are available. That hard-to-find designer that you save up for every year? Those special edition products that you can’t find anywhere? Or even just brands that don’t usually hit your radar but turn out to be just the one you need.

Why Making a List and Checking It Twice Applies to Your Gift-Giving

There are a few things in life that are extremely hard. One of them is giving gifts. It’s a challenge every season as much as it’s a joy. There’s always a certain pressure attached to it. But in the end, there’s a rewarding feeling you get when you got just the perfect present for your friends and loved ones.

When Will Max Collins and Pancho Magno be Getting Married?

After low-key announcing their engagement last March, Max Collins and Pancho Magno have shared their prenup video.

Design Your Home for the Holidays Like Ito Kish

As the holiday season rolls in, Christmas pieces and decorations are starting to go up as well. If you’re looking for a fresh take on holiday pieces to add to your home, designer Ito Kish has carefully selected two collections to choose from. Inspired by modern minimalism and Scandinavian design, Ito has chosen home furnishings for the Cool Life and Icelandic collections for Robinsons Department Store.

Vacation Like the Obama’s at Their Summer White House

If you’re in the market for a summer house in the south of Cape Cod, look no further. The Obama’s “summer White House” is on sale for $17.75 million.

Why Won’t Gigi Hadid Be Walking at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

A few months ago, it was reported that Kendall Jenner wouldn’t be joining the Victoria’s Secret angels at the upcoming fashion show because of her new deal with La Perla. It seems like she won’t be the only one skipping out this year. Gigi Hadid tweeted this morning that she too won’t be able to make it to China for the show.