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Groupe Eurotunnel SE: 2017 Half year results: 15th consecutive half year of revenue growth

2017-07-25 londonstockexchange
Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Eurotunnel SE (Paris:GET) , stated: “Over the past 10 years, the Group has focused its business model on value creation through the quality of service provided. The success of the partial refinancing of the debt shows the confidence of the markets in the strength of this model. The economic outlook for the next two years remains good and enables us to confirm our objectives.

Eurotunnel Celebrates 1 Millionth Flexiplus Customer and Opens a New 500m? Lounge Dedicated to Its Premium Service

2017-07-12 londonstockexchange
Eurotunnel (Paris:GET) today held an Exclusive Press Preview of its new Flexiplus lounge at the Coquelles terminal in France, as part of the celebrations for the millionth customer to use the Flexiplus service since its introduction in 2006.

Groupe Eurotunnel: Six-Monthly Return Relating to Liquidity Agreement

2017-07-07 londonstockexchange
Pursuant to the liquidity agreement entered into by Groupe Eurotunnel SE (Paris:GET) and Oddo BHF as at 30 June 2017, the following stood to the credit of the liquidity account:

Director Declaration

2017-07-03 londonstockexchange
Graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, holder of a Master’s degree in Project Finance and with fifteen years of experience in Infrastructure Finance, Romain Fournier has joined Groupe Eurotunnel as Chief Financial Officer of ElecLink Limited.

Groupe Eurotunnel: Channel Tunnel Innovation

2017-06-29 londonstockexchange
The first stone of the future Freight Train Scanner, the first of its kind in France, has been laid by Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Groupe Eurotunnel (Paris:GET) and Patrick Jeantet, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SNCF and Chairman and Chief Executive of SNCF Réseau, at a ceremony held today at Calais-Frethun freight yard.

MyFerryLink: Groupe Eurotunnel Announces the Sale of Its Ferries

2017-06-23 londonstockexchange
Groupe Eurotunnel (Paris:GET) announces that today, Friday 23 June 2017, after the expiry of the non-transfer period imposed by the Paris commercial court in 2012, its MyFerryLink business has sold its two ships Berlioz (now Côte des Flandres) and Rodin (now Côte des Dunes) to DFDS A/S on the terms agreed in the put option granted by DFDS A/S in June 2015.

European shares slip as weak oil weighs on energy, mining stocks

2017-06-20 reuters
LONDON, June 20 Stocks sensitive to the price of oil fell on Tuesday, putting pressure on European shares, with the pan-European benchmark ending lower after a strong start to the session.

Groupe Eurotunnel: Shuttle Traffic for May 2017

2017-06-12 londonstockexchange
In May 2017 Le Shuttle Freight transported 141,646 trucks, recording the best Truck Shuttle traffic for a month of May in its history, an increase of 3% compared to May 2016.

Group Eurotunnel Announces the Complete Success of Its Debt Refinancing Operation

2017-05-22 londonstockexchange
Announced on 9 May, the operation to refinance a part of the Group's floating rate debt was over-subscribed 2.5 times and the final pricing was concluded on Friday 19 May1

Groupe Eurotunnel: Shuttle Traffic for April 2017

2017-05-12 londonstockexchange
In April 2017, Le Shuttle Freight transported more than 130,000 trucks, a decrease of 6% compared to April 2016, due to an unfavourable calendar effect which this year saw the Easter weekend fall in the month of April. Since the start of the year, truck traffic has fallen slightly by 2%, heavily impacted by the exceptional weather conditions that hit southern Europe at the beginning of the year.

Groupe Eurotunnel?s Refinancing of Tranche C: Ratings Are Confirmed

2017-05-10 londonstockexchange
Moody's has assigned Baa2 ratings, outlook stable, to proposed new CLEF1 Notes and reaffirms Baa2 corporate rating to Eurotunnel, outlook stable.

Groupe Eurotunnel Launches the Refinancing of Its Floating Rate Debt

2017-05-09 londonstockexchange
As part of its ongoing strategy to optimise the structure of its debt and with a view to reducing the cost of its debt service, Groupe Eurotunnel (Paris:GET) today launched the refinancing of its floating rate debt1.

Eurotunnel Inaugurates New Freight Shuttles to Meet Traffic Growth

2017-04-28 londonstockexchange
Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Eurotunnel SE (Paris:GET), accompanied by Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts-de-France Region, today inaugurated the first of three new, third generation Freight Shuttles.

GROUPE EUROTUNNEL SE: Europorte: Unanimous Support for New Working Time Agreement

2017-04-18 londonstockexchange
Europorte France and its four unions, CGT, CFDT, SUD and CFTC, have signed a unanimous agreement on new working time arrangements in respect of the recent French Railway Reform.

Groupe Eurotunnel SE - Interview CEO - Résultats annuels 2016 (video)

2017-03-01 prnewswire
Le Groupe Eurotunnel SE publie ses résultats annuels 2016. Jacques Gounon, Président-Directeur général du Groupe Eurotunnel commente les résultats et les perspectives.

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