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New York tops list of most Instagrammed cities of 2017

New York, with its inimitable urban streetscapes, neon lights, iconic landmarks and beautiful, diverse locals has proven to be the world’s most photogenic city, topping Instagram’s 2017 list of most Instagrammed city of the year.

Colosseum lights to be turned off (2)

(ANSA) - Rome, May 23 - The lights of the Colosseum, like the Tour Eiffel's, will be turned off at midnight in solidarity with the Manchester terror attack victims, Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said Tuesday. The lights at the Trevi Fountain and on the Campidoglio will also be switched off, he said.    

La maison sur le lac suisse construite par la famille créatrice de la haute couture sera vendue par une maison d'enchères favorisée par les célébrités

2017-05-11 prnewswire
NEW YORK, 11 mai 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Le Château de Promenthoux, une résidence du dix-neuvième siècle construite en tant que résidence d'été pour Jean-Philippe Worth, fils du célèbre créateur de mode impérial Charles-Frederic Worth, largement reconnu comme ayant fondé le mouvement de la haute couture, et conçue par Stephen Sauvestre, l'architecte de la Tour Eiffel, arrive pour la première fois sur le marché ouvert en plus de 50 ans.

What Is #EarthHour and Why Are All the Lights Off? - SFGate

2017-03-26 sfgate
“Turn up the dark and get loud about climate action,” is the World Wildlife Fund’s motto for its annual Earth Hour, when the organization asks hundreds of millions of people around the globe to switch off their lights for one designated hour to demonstrate a commitment to fighting climate change.

Düsseldorf se prépare au Grand Départ 2017

2017-02-17 prnewswire
Düsseldorf sera la capitale du vélo de course en 2017. Trente ans après le départ du Tour de France en 1987 dans la ville encore divisée de Berlin, l'Allemagne s'apprête à accueillir de nouveau le départ du Tour de France, la plus célèbre course cycliste au monde, à Düsseldorf.

Off Duty: The Big List of 50 Lists -

2016-10-30 graphics.wsj
Andrew Kuo, Artist “The salesman at the Clarks’ store told me they were going to update the Wallabees to a new ergonomic version, so I bought three pairs of the classic suede. Then I kinda got bored of them because I have too many. But as I get older, I think I’m going to be wearing Clarks for the rest of my life.” Matthew Moneypenny, CEO of Great Bowery “In 1994, I bought a suede Ralph Lauren car coat with two layers of fringe on it.

The iShares MSCI France ETF: An Exceptional Fund

2016-09-17 seekingalpha
It simply cannot be helped. France has a certain 'ambience'. Think of France and Gustave Eiffel's 'Tour Eiffel' immediately comes to mind. The imagination strolls around Champ de Mars or perhaps Champs-Élysées gloriously crowned by the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile. The mind's eye bicycles along country roads winding along endless pastures, or through the narrow rue des villes médiévales. Then, of course, French epicure, le pain, la pâtisserie, le vin, le fromage and of course, le champagne.

Forget the armchair war, Euro 2016 on TV is all about the tables | Emma John | Football | The Guardian

2016-06-12 theguardian
“The city is looking as resplendent as ever,” said Mark Pougatch, as a camera panned across grey skies and a rather muddy-looking Seine, before discovering the ITV presenter and his guests on a roof overlooking the Île Saint-Louis. The sheets of paper on their clipboards did a Mexican wave in the wind.

Euro 2016 and the forgotten victims of Saint-Denis | Football | The Guardian

2016-06-03 theguardian
The scarring might normally go unnoticed, but Aca Pavlovic knows where to look. He shuffles over to a lamppost on the corner of Impasse de la Cokerie and twists aside an advertisement for wholesale paint supplies to expose the damage beneath. The bite marks could have been chiselled out, so deep are they cut into the metal, with whole chunks gouged from the frame. Some are instantly recognisable as the impressions of nuts and bolts.