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BIO World Congress Agenda Shows Industrial Biotech Diversifying, Differentiating, Disrupting, Disintermediating

This July, industrial biotech returns to its largest and grandest stage at the BIO World Congress, which convenes in Montreal on July 23rd through the 26th, and the plenary program offers convincing proof that the industry is diversifying fast into chemicals, nutrition, packaging, personal care, Every day, it is touching the consumer more and more directly in a shift away from pure bulk commodities and policy chat and into differentiated end-user product and packaging experiences that speak to customers whether they are looking for more sustainable products or novel performance.

Global Bioenergies joins bio-gasoline project

2016-09-28 energyglobal
Global Bioenergies, Preem, Sekab and Sveaskog have announced joining forces to develop a high performance fuel entirely based on forest resources. The consortium has signed a collaboration agreement to carry out a conceptual scope study for a first plant in Sweden. This work will be carried out as part of the ‘bio-based gasoline project’ with support from the Swedish Energy Agency.

IBN-One selects Technip and IPSB for FEED

2016-08-31 energyglobal
IBN-One, a subsidiary of Global Bioenergies and Cristal Union, has announced it has awarded the first engineering contract for its bio-isobutene plant to Technip and IPSB.

CSW Industrials and Newtyn Management agreement

2016-07-20 energyglobal
CSW Industrials, Inc. (the company), a diversified industrial growth company with well established, scalable platforms and domain expertise across industrial products; coatings, sealants and adhesives; and specialty chemicals, has announced that the company has reached an agreement with Newtyn Management LLC and its affiliates (Newtyn) regarding the 2016 Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

Pilot Chemical acquires Liquid Minerals

2016-07-13 energyglobal
The Pilot Chemical Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has announced its purchase of the Liquid Minerals Group, Inc. (LMGI) located in New Waverly, Texas, as of 30 June.

Companies form partnership for biofuel

2016-07-12 energyglobal
Global Bioenergies, IBN-One and Lantmännen Aspen, a world market leader in alkylate gasoline for two and four stroke small engines, have announced entering into a partnership on renewable isooctane for specialty fuel applications.

Global Bioenergies obtains a grant for renewable gasoline additives

2016-07-05 energyglobal
Global Bioenergies has announced that its German subsidiary, Global Bioenergies GmbH, secured a €400 000 grant from the BMBF (the German federal ministry for research and education) to finance a 14 month project aimed at producing renewable gasoline additives.

Global Bioenergies delivers renewable isobutene to Clariant

2016-07-04 energyglobal
Global Bioenergies has announced the successful delivery of a test sample of isobutene, produced at its industrial pilot facility, to Clariant, a leading specialty chemical company.

Global Bioenergies' Leuna plant receivies purification skid

2016-06-10 energyglobal
Global Bioenergies has announced receipt of the last large unit operation, the purification skid, at its demo petrochemical/refining complex in Leuna. This unit was pre-assembled by Sulzer at its manufacturing site and was shipped as a single 10 m high skid, then craned into Global Bioenergies' facilities.