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'Safer' Dividend Challengers Led By Pattern, Tallgrass, Schweitzer & Simon January Target Gains

2018-01-19 seekingalpha
9 of 80 Dividend Challengers (5-9 annual dividend hikes) were tagged "safer" because they showed positive annual-returns, and free cash-flow yields greater than dividend yields 1/12/18. (20-0)

'Safer' Dividend Russell 3000 Stocks: Ellington, BG Staff, And Costamare Top January's Net Gain Survey

2018-01-11 seekingalpha
30 of 100 Russell 3000 Index stocks were deemed "safer" for dividends because they showed positive one-year returns and free cash flow yields greater than their dividend yields 1/9/18. (61-1)

Hannon Armstrong: A Power REIT

2018-01-10 seekingalpha
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital (HASI) is a real estate investment trust. It lives at the intersection of real estate and power generation. Imagine a large utility selling a hydroelectric dam to a REIT and then leasing it back to the utility. Scale that down a few notches to solar panels or a wind farm and you get an idea of one aspect of HASI's business model. HASI also finances investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. (6-0)

Dividend Sensei Positions For 2018: Something Is Always On Sale

2018-01-03 seekingalpha
My goal is to generate maximum safe yield, with fast dividend growth, and buy stocks at their most undervalued. (203-3)

The Brown Bag Portfolio Year End Review

2018-01-03 seekingalpha
The Brown Bag Portfolio started July 2016 and I began writing about it a year later. There have been a number of changes throughout that time, most having to do with my philosophy of investing. I began my investing journey with predictable results: I chased stocks and lost money. I piled up commission charges. I had no plan. (17-1)

Utilities Dividend Stock Gains Led By Just Energy, Spark, And Top SCANA As Per December Broker Targets

2017-12-27 seekingalpha
JE and SPKE led the top ten Utilities pack per analyst targeted price gains with a combined 216.36%, while 8 others combined for 130.28%. (17-0)

Pattern Energy Group - Great Potential And A Great Dividend

2017-12-13 seekingalpha
Cash flow is backed by long-term contracts averaging 14 years by offtakers with favorable credit ratings. (16-0)

Dividend Sensei's Portfolio Update 12: Preparing For The Next Market Crash

2017-12-04 seekingalpha
I've been thinking about the next market downturn a lot lately, trying to formulate a plan for how to take advantage of it. (9-0)

If I Had To Build An Income Portfolio Today - Update 24

2017-12-04 seekingalpha
This article is Update 24 to my original article entitled "If I Had to Build An Income Portfolio Today". (62-0)

Turkey And Gravy: The Brown Bag Portfolio December Update

2017-12-04 seekingalpha
Before I get into the changes to the Brown Bag Portfolio in November or discuss its performance I want to thank the many readers who took the time to comment and make suggestions. One of most consistant suggestions I received from many of you was that I needed, for lack of a better word, some bedrock stocks such as JNJ, PG, or MO in my portfolio. After a lot of thought on the matter I couldn’t agree more. (10-0)

Utilities Get Most Gain From Spark Energy And Top Yield From Snam Per November Broker Targets

2017-11-29 seekingalpha
SPKE led the Utilities pack per analyst targeted price gains with 58% as remaining field combined for 51.99% as estimated 11/24/17. (17-0)

8% Yield Wind Energy Stock, Strong Growth, Pullback Presents A Buying Opportunity

2017-11-28 seekingalpha
Pattern Energy has increased its dividend every quarter since early 2014. It recently hiked its dividend, which represents its 15th consecutive quarterly dividend hike. (145-0)

Pattern Energy Rebound Still In Early Innings

2017-11-23 seekingalpha
Recent turmoil regarding the repair of the Puerto Rican power grid most likely will have no negative effects on the reconnection of Pattern Energy's (NASDAQ:PEGI) Santa Isabel wind farm, according to Investor Relations at Pattern Energy. (6-0)

BRIEF-Pattern Energy says on Nov 21, some units entered amended credit deal providing for revolving credit of $440 mln

2017-11-22 reuters
* Pattern Energy Group-‍ on Nov 21, some units entered amended credit deal providing for revolving credit of $440 million, down from prior limit of $500 million​ (4-0)

Pattern Energy: High Yielding Opportunity With Strong Growth Prospects

2017-11-13 seekingalpha
Pattern Energy Group (NASDAQ:PEGI) offers an attractive dividend yield of 8.0%, in excess of peers’ average of 5.8%. We expect the dividend growth to slow in FY2018, resulting in a lower payout ratio and corresponding higher dividend coverage. Growth is supported by PEGI’s right-of-first-refusal pipeline through Pattern Development 1.0 and 2.0, with the majority of the growth coming from outside the US, resulting in limited impact on PEGI’s growth prospects from the current tax reform discussions. (4-0)