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41 Of 96 MoPay Canadian All-Cap Equities Tagged 'Safer' For August Dividend Returns

2017-08-02 seekingalpha
41 of 96 Monthly Paying (MoPay) Canadian (CDN) Equities were tagged "safer" because they showed positive annual returns, and free cash-flow yield greater than their dividend yield per 7/28/17 data.

35 'Safer' MoPay Dividend Canadian All-Cap Equities Gain Traction In July

2017-07-05 seekingalpha
35 of 90 Top Monthly Paying (MoPay) Canadian (CDN) Equities showed positive annual-returns, and free cash-flow yields greater than dividend yields 6/30/17. Those 35 were tagged "safer".

58 'Safer' Dividend MoPay Canadian All-Cap Equities Blossom In May

2017-05-05 seekingalpha
130 all-cap Canadian equities pay monthly dividends (MoPay) over 3% yield. Of these, 119 showed positive returns. 55 of those had "safe" free cash-flow yield exceeding dividend-yield as of 4/27/17.

'Safer' MoPay SML Dogs Deliver High Yields For Spring

2017-03-21 seekingalpha
Of 95 Top monthly-paying (MoPay) dividend equities ranked by 1Yr. Total-Returns, 40 reported free cash flow yield greater than dividend yield. ORC, by 1yr target gains, again topped those.

35 Of 86 Canada MoPay Dividend SML Dogs Show 'Safe' Margins For February

2017-02-23 seekingalpha
86 Canadian SML equities pay monthly dividends (MoPay). Of 86, 40% were deemed "safe". Their reported free cash flow yield exceeded dividend yield February 20. Prices shown are $CAD.

BRIEF-NAREP funds to sell units of Agellan Commercial REIT

2016-10-04 feeds.reuters
* Narep funds entered into deal with third party to sell total of 3,743,846 units of Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust, about 13.4% of currently outstanding units of issuer

NAREP Funds to Sell Units of Agellan Commercial REIT

2016-10-04 marketwired
HOPKINS, MINNESOTA--(Marketwired - Oct. 3, 2016) - NAREP II Canadian REIT Holdings I L.P. ("NAREP II") announced that NAREP II, together with NAREP Canadian REIT Holdings I L.P. ("NAREP I") and certain funds affiliated with NAREP II and NAREP I (collectively with NAREP II and NAREP I, the "Sellers"), entered into an agreement on September 30, 2016 with a third party purchaser pursuant to which the Sellers have agreed to sell to the purchaser, and the purchaser has agreed to purchase from the Sellers, a total of 3,743,846 units of Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (the "Issuer"), representing approximately 13.

BRIEF-ELAD says acquires stake in Agellan Commercial REIT

2016-10-03 feeds.reuters
* Units of agellan to be acquired by elad genesis ltd partnership, subsidiary of elad, at a price of $9.82 per unit

Agellan Commercial Shares Could 'Take Off', Eh?

2016-09-18 seekingalpha
When you compare Agellan's P/FFO multiple, the value looks even better - trading at 7.7x - that screams bargain, eh?

Pure Multi-Family REIT And Agellan Commercial REIT: 8% Yields With Plenty Of Upside

2016-09-18 seekingalpha
Pure Multi-Family REIT, a Canadian-listed Residential REIT with 100% of its real estate in the US, sells at just 10x Funds From Operations and yields 8%.