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3 Small Gold Explorers Worth Less Than Their Liquidation Value

2017-01-18 seekingalpha
The 3 companies in this article are worth less than their liquidation value, with assets ranging from cash to shares to JV and exploration properties.

Chalice Gold Mines Ltd ready to farm into West Pilbara Gold Project

Chalice Gold Mines Ltd (ASX:CHN, TSE:CXN) has entered into an agreement to farm-in to all minerals other than iron ore within Red Hill Iron Ltd’s (ASX:RHI) West Pilbara Gold Project. Chalice may spend $1 million within two years to earn a 51% interest, at which point Red Hill has a one-off opportunity to contribute to its 49% pro rata interest. If Red Hill elects not to contribute, Chalice may then spend another $2 million to earn a further 19% within no set time period, or withdraw and retain no interest.

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