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Redflow Ltd to begin installation of advanced energy storage system

Redflow Ltd (ASX:RFX) is on track to begin installation of its ZCell energy system, after the first shipment of ZBM2 batteries arrived in Australia yesterday. ZCell is an energy storage system built by Redflow using ZBM2, the world’s smallest production zinc-bromide hybrid flow battery. The ZCell system can deliver 10 kilowatt hours of stored energy each day, harvesting energy from solar panels or lower-cost off-peak power.

Batteries At The Big End Of Town: Frequency Regulation And Management Of Solar And Wind Power Generation

2016-09-18 seekingalpha
Kokam announces 40MW Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) Oxide and 16MW Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) battery storage for utility frequency regulation.

The World In 2020 And What Companies To Own

2016-09-16 seekingalpha
Internet penetration will have almost doubled globally, coffee shops will be everywhere, as the global middle class swells.

Energy Storage - The Dams Of Our Energy Future

2016-08-15 seekingalpha
The energy storage boom has most likely already started, and we are in the very early stages, where investors can profit most.

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Redflow’s New Energy Storage System for Residential Solar Comparable on Price

2016-04-04 renewableenergyworld
Redflow Ltd's new ZCell residential energy-storage unit for solar systems can store 10 kilowatt hours (kWh) and, according to the company, can be fully discharged daily. The $17,500 to $19,500 cost is comparable to a 10.4 kWh residential energy storage system recently launched by JLM Energy that is estimated to cost $18,000.