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Parkway Minerals to benefit from German potash resource

Parkway Minerals (ASX:PWN) has a 26% stake in Davenport Resources (ASX:DAV) which owns a potash exploration project in the South Harz region of  Germany. (1-0)

Parkway Minerals defines drill targets with seismic survey

Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) has identified drill targets through passive seismic surveys at its 100% owned Lake Barlee Salt Lake Potash Project located in Western Australia. (1-0)

Parkway Minerals confirms deep paleo-channels at Lake Barlee

Parkway Minerals NL’s (ASX:PWN) initial analysis has indicated the characteristics of a paleo-valley development at its Lake Barlee sulphate of potash project in the mid-west region of Western Australia. (1-0)

Parkway Minerals prepares to drill Lake Barlee for potassium

Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) has completed the hydrological targeting exercise for “proof of concept” drilling at its Lake Barlee project, a salt lake in the mid-west region of Western Australia. (1-0)

Parkway Minerals estimates new exploration targets for fertiliser project

Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) has revealed the exploration targets for four advanced prospects within the southern portion of its Dandaragan Trough Fertiliser Project in Western Australia. (1-0)

Parkway Minerals opens Share Purchase Plan to advance sulphate projects

Parkway Minerals Ltd (ASX:PWN) has today dispatched the Share Purchase Plan (SPP) documents to shareholders, which follows a successful placement at $0.01 to raise $850,000. (1-0)

Parkway Minerals secures cash for Lake Barlee sulphate of potash exploration

Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) has received commitments to raise $850,000 via a placement of shares to new and existing shareholders at $0.01 each, to advance its Lake Barlee project. (1-0)

Parkway Minerals to boost cash for fertilizer focus

Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) is heading to market with a capital raising, and the ASX has granted the company a trading halt to prepare.

Parkway Minerals positioned to benefit from fertiliser sector M&A

Parkway Minerals (ASX:PWN) notes that mergers and acquisitions in the fertiliser feedstock industry continue with the merger of PotashCorp (TSE:POT) and Agrium (TSE:AGU) progressing.

Parkway Minerals NL samples high grade potash at Lake Barlee

Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) has received the results of its initial auger sampling program on its flagship 100% owned Lake Barlee Potash Brine Project.

Parkway Minerals NL accepts Lithium Australia's offer for Lepidico shares

Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) has outlined that it has completed the transaction foreshadowed in the ASX announcement of 6th February 2017.

Parkway Minerals NL sees potash and lithium potential in salt lakes

Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) has expanded into Western Australia’s salt lake sector with the establishment of the Lake Barlee Potash/Lithium Brine Project, northwest of Kalgoorlie.

Parkway Minerals enters agreement with Lithium Australia NL over Lepidico offer

Parkway Minerals (ASX:PWN) has this morning outlined that it has reached an agreement with Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) regarding 97 million Lepidico (ASX:LPD) shares owned by the company.

Parkway Minerals NL becomes a substantial shareholder of Davenport Resources

Patrick McManus, managing director for Parkway, commented: "The region has been a significant potash producer in the past and we believe that modern exploration and production techniques may allow a revitalization of the field."

Parkway Minerals NL's spin-out to hit ASX boards today

Davenport will have circa 33.2 million $0.20 shares on issue when it first trades, following its IPO where over $5 million was raised.